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ZTE: investment of 3 billion yuan per year for 5G R & D team over 4500 people

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In December 27th, Yin Yimin, the chairman of ZTE, published a new year's address entitled "focus and innovation, embrace the best times".

In the speech, the company said that in 2017, the company achieved a steady development in a positive state. The main business focus, continue to increase investment in research, in the field of 5G wireless, core network bearer, chips and other core technologies, maintaining industry-leading focus; mainstream operators market and customer value, actively participate in the global network construction and technology evolution, all over the world are committed to bring interoperability more convenient; actively explore new technology, to a more open attitude and cooperation partners and close cooperation, industrial ecological chain builds win-win cooperation; adhere to compliance management, strengthen internal control, attention and protect employees and shareholders interests.

In 2018, the company will focus more on the main industry, continuous innovation, firm implementation

Focus on core technology, increase investment and lead the 5G

The company has continuously increased investment in pan 5G R & D and related fields. At present, more than 4500 5G R & D teams have been set up, with an annual investment of 3 billion yuan for 5G research and development.

Wireless , ZTE has received more than 320 LTE / EPC business contracts globally , and has entered 80 % of countries with 4G networks . The number of deployment of the Pre5G network has increased rapidly . By the end of 2017 , more than 110 G wireless access products have been deployed in more than 60 countries worldwide .

ZTE actively carries out 5G tests with operators and partners, and jointly builds the 5G commercial field test with China Mobile. In the field of 5G standard, it actively contributes, leads the 3GPP NOMA standard and takes the lead seat, gets the 3 editor seats of 5G key specification, and is elected vice chairman of RAN3. Lisbon in the just concluded 3GPP RAN session, ZTE and the other 29 major manufacturers witnessed the first version of the NR 5G freeze, will join the industry partners to jointly promote the 5G test and commercial scale based on uniform standards.

Cable, released the first 5G 5G Flexhaul carrying scheme and series 5G bearing equipment, including bearing equipment industry's first 5G Flexhaul before the return of fusion, a well-known market research firm Global Data highly recognized; the industry's first T flagship level 5G bearing platform, currently has the industry's largest capacity. Optical transmission and optical access in the field of global before two, the first industry based on the next generation 256T large capacity cross platform optical wave technology, fully meet the requirements of 5G optical communication equipment for ultra high load bearing, optical transmission equipment and Global Data core in the core optical transport products and metro optical transport in two categories of products

The terminal, launched the world's first mobile phone products.2017 5G Gigabit focus value Barcelona show, is the first download rate of 1G bits per second. Mobile phone launched two Gigabit gateway America show, with Pre5G Giga MBB wireless network solutions, to achieve Gigabit terminal full scene coverage.2017 in October to AT

Focusing on the mainstream market and accelerating the innovation cooperation of European operators 5G

ZTE is committed to becoming the 5G pioneer in the world, promoting the validation and testing of 5G technology with global operators to accelerate commercial deployment. ZTE 5G has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Mobile, Softbank, Telefonica, Tre, Italy Wind Orange in France, Belgium, South Korea Telenet KT, China China Telecom, China Unicom and many other operators, to carry out a full range of technology and industry cooperation.

ZTE Wind Tre Open, in cooperation with Italy Fiber, will build the first European 5G pre commercial network; and Orange group jointly announced the 5G innovation cooperation; to Japan's Softbank 4.5GHz band 5G substantial experiments in Tokyo; Belgium Telenet successfully finished FDD Massive combined with MIMO in Europe's first field test, for the day after the commercial foundation.

ZTE carried out 5G load carrying test with many operators around the world, and took the lead with Telefonica to complete the first phase of 5G carrying test. The test result completely reached the expectation. The first phase of the 5G SPN prototype equipment laboratory was successfully completed. In the high-precision clock time synchronization test of the 5G network organized by the Central shift Research Institute, the high-precision time synchronization within 5 ns of the single node of the equipment was obtained. In conjunction with the National time Service Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, we have completed the ultra-high precision time source test to achieve the accuracy within 10 ns in the next generation access field. In conjunction with German Netcologne, the industry's first G.fast @ 212Mhz solution has been released, and the current network implements the 1.8Gbps access rate. SDN domain. With China Mobile leading the release of tens of millions of vBRAS solutions, continue to lead the wave of virtualization of metropolitan area networks. Complete the acceptance of the world's largest private OpenStack cloud-China Mobile Hohhot SDN project. In the field of ultra 100G optical transmission. Telefonica Mexico branch to complete the Telefonica Group's first ultra-100 G optical transmission metropolitan area network commercial.

With rich experience in virtualization network deployment, ZTE is gradually implementing the 5GReady network evolution framework and signing the NFVI/vEPC global cooperation framework agreement with VEON group.

Zhongxing terminal continues to focus on the major countries and key markets, and continues to promote brand globalization, and the market share of the product is further promoted. At present, ZTE terminals continue to grow in the US market and occupy fourth place. The key powers are Russia, Mexico and Australia, ranking third, while Canada, Germany, Spain, South Africa and Britain rank the top five. Domestic focus operators cooperation and industry safety mobile phone market, secure mobile phones to scale sales in many provinces and cities, sign new strategic cooperation agreements with Jingdong, and jointly push forward the 5G era.

Actively explore new technologies and build the interconnection of 5G

In the emerging field of technology such as Internet of things, chip, cloud computing, big data, ZTE has released the first NB-IoT secure IOT chip developed by China, and its embedded real-time operating system is at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour.

NB-IoT in the first camp in the three major domestic carriers to assist the China Telecom to complete the national test, all have been opened 800M network base station upgrade, the whole network has the ability to open NB, in the three quarter of the 31 China Mobile NB-IoT market share in the province, mining projects in the forefront. Overseas, joint South Africa MTN and local Stan Lynn Bush university first completed the first African NB-IoT end to end business demonstration, and signed the three party strategic partnership agreement. Globally, we have carried out NB-IoT testing and business presentations with operators such as Belgian Telenet, Thailand AIS, Italy WindTre, Spain Telefonica, velcom and so on.

Strengthening internal control of compliance and focusing on value talents

In 2017, ZTE aims to create a legal compliance, healthy business development environment, introduce advanced IT management and control system, continue to deepen the key areas of compliance embedding, and enhance the company's compliance management system. At the same time, we should continuously improve the internal control system, establish and improve the operation mechanism and process of internal control, deepen the comprehensive management of key areas, enhance the operational risk prevention ability of all fields and subsidiaries, and ensure the healthy operation of the company.

ZTE pays attention to the development of employees.

In the future, along with the accelerated process of commercial 5G, global telecommunications infrastructure upgrades, ZTE once again stood in the top of the wave of new technology revolution, the company will further integrate internal and external resources, focus on the mainstream market and mainstream products, improve customer satisfaction and market share; adhere to the core technology innovation, continuous improvement the competitiveness of products; gather first-class talents, strengthen the compliance and internal control, and constantly improve the internal management of the company.

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