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Wang Jin responded positively to Baidu suing Jing: I was really grieved

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Photography / Deng Pan

"We are very happy and looking forward to the motherland, we are back!" & rdquo;

Wen "Chinese Entrepreneur" reporter Chen Ruiya | edit Maggie Ying

On December 28, during the group visit of King's Technology Conference, Wang Jin, founder and CEO of Kingpower Technology, responded to the prosecution of Baidu, saying that only one computer and two printers were returned at the time and was lost The computers and printers were damaged and scrapped, never seen or used again after replacing new ones.

On December 28, King Technology announced that it will move back from Silicon Valley to Guangzhou Development Zone in Huangpu District, where it will set up a global headquarters and Silicon Valley will retain its R & D center to attract high-end talent.

King Chi and Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development Zone reached a cooperation also includes:

1, King Chi technology will be in Guangzhou Development Zone for normal operation, the first unmanned car normal business operation demonstration site selection in Guangzhou International Biological Island;

2, starting from the first quarter of 2018, 500-1000 unmanned vehicles will be mass-produced throughout the year;

3, King Chi technology will be the same Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development Zone, Guangzhou Development Zone Financial Holding Group and other well-known funds around the Chi Chi to build 10 billion yuan of industrial funds to invest in unmanned upstream and downstream industries and artificial intelligence projects.

It is reported that Huangpu District, Guangzhou Economic Development Zone is the economic zone of Guangzhou, with Guangzhou Automobile Honda, Guangri special vehicles and many other vehicle companies, and focused on nearly 160 various types of automobile-related businesses. According to Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development Zone, the information provided, "this size and quantity in the province and even southern China are rare. & rdquo;

This year, Guangzhou City proposed "IAB" plan, give the city the power to develop a new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence and bio-pharmaceutical industry. Jing Chi settled in Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development Zone, it is based on this background.

Wang Jin said in his speech: "We are very happy and very much looking forward to our motherland. We are back." & rdquo;

One of the links during the conference, CTO Han Xu and CTO Yang Qingxiong respectively took a Scenery unmanned vehicle and slowly sailed to the conference from Junxiang Road of the district government. The top of the laser radar rapid rotation, the model is still Lincoln MKZ. Wang Jin said in an interview: "Today you witnessed the driver behind the steering wheel unmanned vehicles, which should be the first time in China. & rdquo;

Wang Jin media group visits, a few days ago Baidu Prosecution King Chi incident, "the last time in the media to talk about this matter". He said: "I do not want to bicker in the media." As of now, I have not received any correspondence from the court and Baidu.

As for the lost computers and printers, he explained: "I returned the only computer I had at the time, possessing the physical evidence, and returned my only two printers, all with evidence. As for the lost computers and printers, that printer has been damaged and scrapped for 3 years, the computer failed, also scrapped for two years. After they scrapped they updated me the new equipment. & rdquo;

"That two devices, called residual when I left zero. Baidu has a depreciation process, salvage value of zero over three years. I originally thought nothing happened. The result was found on the last day (before leaving Baidu). Baidu said that you still have to lose money. I am still very strange. Two of them lost 318 bucks together. "Wang Jin said," 3 years of scrapped things, but also sold me 318 dollars. & rdquo;

He joked: "I felt a little injustice in my heart at the time. I did not get it, the printer was replaced more than three years ago, and the computer was replaced more than two years ago. I have never seen it, it's useless. Suddenly told me the last day, you do not take it out I will not let you leave. But in another two or three days, I'm about to fly to a new company in the United States. What to do? So I lost money, in order to two or three years ago broken, scrapped, residual value of zero things. & rdquo;

& ldquo; I am really unjust. "He smiled and emphasized again.

In addition, he said March 31 was his last day at Baidu, April 3, the day he joined Jing-Chi, "I have not worked at both companies at any one time."

King Chi is not the first driverless company in Guangzhou. In the face of domestic competition, Wang Jin said that the driverless technology has just begun and the market can accommodate many participants and has not yet reached the level of mutual competition. At present, the United States is still leading the world in driverless technology, and the domestic should cooperate with each other to snatch championships around the world.

"No matter which team wins, we applaud it. "he said.

The following is Wang Jin media group interviewed content, there are cuts:

1, about the headquarters

Select the background of the regression?

Wang Jin: We are in the first five months to create driverless technology in Silicon Valley. The reason why in Silicon Valley, because there is more concentrated talent, over there to test the rules announced earlier.

We got the test license in California in June, at that time, we did not have more standardized vehicles and vehicles in China. So today we are all very happy that our country has introduced a lot of policies and regulations that support driverlessness. In particular, we can see that Beijing introduced the law and regulation of unmanned vehicles 10 days ago and we are very excited.

You should have talked to the governments in other regions too. What finally prompted you to settle here?

Wang Jin: Actually, Guangzhou is a first-tier city and one of the cities with the best development in Guangdong. The talent, technology and industry foundation here, especially the leading cadres here, have an open mind and strategic foresight. Let us think there is a A good opportunity for development. Of course, there are opportunities in China, and there are so many places in China that are very suitable for the development of unmanned vehicles.

Before we talked about cooperation with other provinces such as Anhui, etc.?

Wang Jin: Cooperation is very extensive. We choose to be the headquarters here, but cooperation can have many places. We think Anqing is a very good city, can help China's driverless, but also help King Chi faster to promote this technology.

How many cities told us about headquarters?

Wang Jin: In fact, it is difficult to define, when I talk to people a lot of time is to talk about cooperation. Is from the "kiss" began to count love, or "shake hands" Calculate love? Because you are not ready for this issue, so I do not know how to define, but the key is who I am "married." Today we are holding a "wedding", we will not talk about other "girlfriend" thing.

Pearl River Delta has a very strong industrial base, King Chi can find what kind of customer base here? Upstream and downstream industry chain how to convergence?

Wang Jin: Like me, everyone may have noticed the development planning and strategic opportunities of the Tai Wan District in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau. We feel that here, drone is not only a technology, it is a whole industry change and innovation. It involves a lot of businesses and directions. It includes not only the automobile manufacturing industry, the automobile travel industry, but also the smart intellectual manufacturing industry. Intelligent Manufacturing Apart from cars, the manufacture of on-board computers and the manufacture of sensors, including the manufacture of laser radar, these are not simple technologies that we need to co-cultivate and promote such industrial upgrading under the environment of Guangzhou and Tai Wan. .

Starting from the first quarter of next year, it will mass-produce 500-1000 unmanned vehicles this year. Is this all accomplished by King Chi?

Wang Jin: This is done by King Chi to see how to define. We will definitely work with the depot to make driverless cars. Today is also mainly based on existing models to transform. We start from the first quarter, and gradually implement the plan.

Currently there can be disclosed depot it?

Wang Jin: We will choose a good time to announce with everyone.

King Chi headquarters moved back to the United States over there Division Division? And how to allocate work in China's headquarters?

Wang Jin: We will always keep an advanced R & D center in the United States. There are many reasons why many high-end talents are still there. Silicon Valley is also continuously training us to develop driverless talents. At the same time, it is also a place where we attract the world's highest End, to attract top talent springboard.

We all know that artificial intelligence is a war of talent, the most important thing is talent. We need to attract talent on a global scale. Of course we also look forward to helping and nurturing talent in this fertile land of Guangzhou. We also announced that we will train 1,000 artificial intelligence and driverless people in three years. At the same time we also introduce more than 100 high-end talent. Therefore, the cooperation between China and the United States is like this.

2, the domestic competitive environment

Jing Chi how the face of unmanned aspects of competition in other teams?

Wang Jin: Driverless technology has just begun, everyone in front of the uncultivated land is still very broad, can accommodate many, many people. Therefore, in this open area today, everyone is still very weak and we are all working hard at the same level of competition. Now who can run to the front is a race. Especially today, from a certain point of view , The United States of the unmanned technology is still leading the world, we should find ways to continue beyond, to become the world leader, the country. Therefore, everyone can not talk about competition in the country, but should complement each other to snatch the world (driverless) championship.

King's driverless driver Baidu's technology before the big difference between it?

Wang Jin: Our technology and leading unmanned technologies such as Google, Uber, cruise automation and so on, there are many similar places there are many different nature, which also includes Baidu. But essentially, everyone begins with a physical principle, a mathematical principle, and each team has fundamentally different ways of achieving driverlessness; however, the basic principles for implementing functions and uses are the same.

Just like a car has four wheels, each one has a completely different car, but you say the principle, they are exactly the same.

In your opinion, who is a potential competitor?

Wang Jin: I think it's too early to talk about competitors. We should all say that we are all colleagues. We are both Chinese team. Today we are very proud to say that from the technical performance, we are the championship team in China. We hope we can represent China, winning unmanned championship for China. From another perspective, the Chinese team no matter which team won, we applaud him.

What are your experience in large companies can use King Chi venture this thing?

Wang Jin: Actually, each team is not the same. When I first started doing things in Silicon Valley, that time was still a software product. Later, I went to the internet industry and now has evolved into the artificial intelligence industry. The AI ​​industry has similarities with other industries. There is also a big difference. The importance of talent is far and far beyond any one I have previously experienced and what I have seen.

So we are a culture that encourages innovation.

Our enterprise is a very strong and innovative atmosphere. At the same time, in order to encourage innovation, we not only have a lot of autonomy, but we also create a very relaxed environment for everyone. Our office in Silicon Valley, from the very first day, CTO went to a table football, and then immediately there are two table tennis tables, as well as billiards. Billiards I can not go up easily, because I have to do push-ups and I often lose 2,300 push-ups. But I can tell you, I am very proud that, until now, no one has ever played ping-pong throughout the company.

3, King Chi's business model

In the business model, King Chi is not focused on public transport this one?

Wang Jin: Yes, public transportation, sharing trip. Our breakthrough from the beginning was Robottaxi, but not necessarily speaking a taxi in a narrow sense, but using unmanned to provide a shared trip.

Cheng Wei said that only one or two unmanned vehicles to survive as a start-up company, in the face of the drops of such a super unicorn, they have very, very much capital and personnel input, how to treat with their relationship?

Wang Jin: We travel with all the companies, including drops, including network about cars, taxis, are very perfect partnership. We do not compete with them, we can help each of them, and they can make more money if they work with us.

You will provide them with technical solutions?

Wang Jin: Our business model is discussed with many partners. They are very welcome. Because we do not just compete with them, we help them to improve their operational efficiency and increase their profit margin. Including us and the depot, we are not replacing the depot, tier1 suppliers, we are not competing.

What we did was something our predecessors did not do, so we cut in from an emerging perspective, and I will not discuss too fine.

Now there is substantive cooperation in advancing?

Wang Jin: We are talking about, met a taxi, network car, car company's leadership, are very humbly ask them to consult. Our technology company, how do you want us to cooperate? Because we hope that our most fundamental business model is to participate in one of the best ecosystems. The future development must be the development of the ecosystem. Therefore, we are looking for partners in the ecosystem. Network about cars, taxis, depots, parts suppliers, etc., we all define it as our partner.

This is the same as before to say "to drive as the core travel company" positioning, or to maintain the same?

Wang Jin: Overall, macroscopically, it is certainly the same. Because car problems must be travel problems, transport is the travel problem, we must use driverless technology to help solve travel problems.

We will start unmanned vehicles next year in Anqing, who is to operate?

Wang Jin: Specific to each city, we will announce it next year.

Then the next financing, we will consider Tencent, Ali?

Wang Jin: I do not specifically comment. I hope, within the four seas, are brothers. Chinese companies should unite to promote and build China's driverless. We compete around the world, not domestic competition. Therefore, we hope that our colleagues, upstream and downstream, and related parties will jointly promote the unmanned walk faster, go well, go safe.

You once said in your speech that the unmanned aerial vehicle business wants to do well. One is that it has industrial support and the other is that its own technology is good enough. On these two points, what are the advantages of Kingview?

Wang Jin: Our advantage is best in several aspects, the first of our best talent, the second fastest growing technology. This industry fast fish eat slow fish, the third ecosystem, we achieve win-win by building industry funds, together to build a strong, healthy ecology.

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