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Huawei handset annual shipments of 153 million units worldwide share of 10%

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Tencent "first-line" Guo Xiaofeng December 29 reports

Today, in the 2018 New Year's message, Huawei CEO Hu Hok Kun said that in 2017, Huawei's annual sales revenue is expected to be about 600 billion yuan, an increase of about 15% over the same period last year.

For operator business, Hu Houkun pointed out that the carrier business was affected by the fluctuation of the market investment cycle, but it still maintained a sound operation.

In the future, Huawei said it expedited 5G pre-commercial testing to build a fully cloud-based network with a data center as its core and a digital operation and maintenance system to provide businesses such as video, IoT, and cloud communications to individuals, home users and enterprises alike. Achieve new growth.

In terms of enterprise business, Huawei is still focusing on accelerating the digital transformation of global enterprises and constantly strengthening innovative products and solutions such as cloud computing, enterprise campus, data center and Internet of Things. In addition, Huawei is also committed to providing innovative products and solutions in smart cities, safe cities and financial, energy, transportation, Manufacturing and other industries have been widely used.

Currently, 197 Fortune 500 companies and 45 Fortune 100 companies choose Huawei as their digital transformation partner.

Particularly concerned about the mobile phone business, Hu Houkun said Huawei (including glory) smartphones shipped 153 million units throughout the year, the global share of 10%, ranking the world's top three.

For this year's newly established cloud BU, according to data provided by Huawei, since the establishment of cloud BU Huawei cloud users, the use of resources have increased three-fold. In the meantime, the public cloud partner program was launched with more than 1,000 partners throughout the year.

The following is the full text of the New Year's speech:

Dongfeng good make Yang and Feng, Fula every flower report. In 2017, the global economy recovered well. As a result, the ICT industry maintained steady growth while industrial restructuring and adjustment were under way. Huawei focused its pipeline strategy, strengthened its management of quality and maintained its value for customers. The estimated annual sales revenue About 600 billion yuan, an increase of about 15%. Here I represent the company management team, to all the staff for their hard work and dedication to extend my most sincere thanks!

Operator business was affected by the volatility of the market investment cycle, but it maintained its steady operation. Market fluctuations also allow us to more firmly explore with customers and grasp the network construction from "investment-driven" to "value-driven" transformation of the trend, Huawei helps global operators on the one hand based on reality, with a wide range of quality, Site-wide scenarios, mobile money and other innovative solutions to tap the potential of tens of trillion dollars of existing network assets; the other hand, for the future, accelerate the pre-commercial test 5G, building a data center as the core of all cloud network and digital operations O & M system for the personal, home, business users with video, IoT, cloud communications and other extreme experience of the business, to achieve new growth.

The Company's business focuses on accelerating the digital transformation of global enterprises and continuously strengthening innovative products and solutions such as cloud computing, enterprise campus, data center and Internet of Things. It is also widely used in smart cities, safe cities and industries such as finance, energy, transportation and manufacturing application. Huawei is helping customers to design top-level ICT infrastructures through its leading "end, pipe and cloud" full-stack ICT solution, and at the same time, based on its platform and eco-strategy, partners with partners in the digital transformation of enterprises Need ecological chain. Currently, 197 Fortune 500 companies and 45 Fortune 100 companies choose Huawei as their digital transformation partner. Business is showing a spurt of vitality and potential.

Consumers business in creating "world-class intelligent terminal brands" continue to break the road. In 2017, Huawei kept pace with the dual brands of glory, with the continuous improvement of customer loyalty and rapid growth of the market. Huawei (including Glory) shipped 153 million sets of smartphones in a year with a global share of 10% and ranked the top three in the world. In China The market continues to lead. Huawei's new Mate10 became the first phone to load an artificial intelligence chip, and we brought to consumers a truly intelligent smartphone that we could call AI-led. In the future, we will continuously understand the needs of consumers, explore the direction of change in the smart social industry, actively innovate in areas such as AI and AR, and lead the industry trend.

We have newly established Cloud BU, aiming to work with our partners to provide customers with cloud services that are reliable, secure, trustworthy and sustainable. The service of Huawei Cloud increased from 45 in 2016 to 45 in 1997 to 97 in 14 categories. The service includes more than 50 solutions including manufacturing, EI enterprise intelligence, e-commerce and SAP. Since the number of Huawei cloud users after the establishment of cloud BU, Resource usage has increased three times. In the meantime, the public cloud partner program was launched with more than 1,000 partners throughout the year.

Looking to the future, emerging technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are rapidly moving towards large-scale commercialization. The digital transformation of the industry is entering the deep-water area and the smart society featuring "Everything, Internet and Everything" is coming . We should not only focus on the industries and technologies that meet the long-term needs of customers, but also grasp the trends of technological innovation and business transformation. We should also pay more attention to the realistic challenges that customers face in the process of digital transformation, and continue to provide clients with the business success by helping customers solve problems. Create value. The crux of Huawei's future success lies in two points: On the one hand, the strategy should aim at the right direction but not the pursuit of precision and leave room for adjustment to adapt to the uncertainty; on the other hand, it is necessary for the ever-growing organization Always energetic. To achieve the above two points is not easy, we must have a strategic self-confidence, unswervingly move forward.

Strategically, Huawei focuses on the gateway to all things and strives to become an enabler and enabler of the smart society. We need to do something, do something, we can not consume strategic competitive forces at non-strategic opportunities, just like golf shots, only the club hit the "sweet spot" in order not to lose the energy to get the farthest The batting distance. All things interconnected We should dare to lead, continue to expand the advantages of all things we only focus on the connection and edge computing, distributed computing, continue to build and consolidate the advantages of all things is the result of a combination of industry knowledge and information technology, we focus on cloud computing And big data artificial intelligence platform, On-Device AI, enabling intelligent telecom networks and intelligent in all walks of life, but also for intelligent internal management.

Strategic thinking should be broad-field vision, long-term perspective, management should lower the center of gravity, down to earth. In the face of complex business situations, we must not only seek truth from facts, squeeze out bubbles and water, and work hard to enhance management quality through sinking the focus of work. We must also courageously challenge and dare to assault and seize the opportunities of market growth and calmly deal with the market fluctuations. Management work is hard work, tired living, work fine, is a comprehensive system of work, takes a long time to build. The representative office is the company's most basic and most important business unit. Various management actions of the company should focus on helping the representative office to improve the operation quality. From the front to the office, from the authority to the front line, the company will focus on strategy, opportunity, goal, The allocation of resources to form a consensus and together, the real work to do fine, real, to create opportunities, tap opportunities, seize the opportunity. Operators should outperform the general trend of the industry, improve the quality of the contract and actively seek growth. The business of the enterprise should continue its rapid growth to ensure that it will become the pillar of the company's business within 5 years. Consumers' business needs to lay a solid foundation and continue their good momentum of development. Profitability; public cloud business according to the established strategic investment, improve product competitiveness, focus on the pursuit of scale growth.

We will show our values ​​and contributions in a "silent," "silent," and trustworthy, continuous improvement and softening of the business environment to match the company's future size of 100 billion U.S. dollars and to support business development at a higher level. Huawei's value-recycling platform will be the value-creation and sharing of the whole industry chain. We should make the best use of resources, strengthen the layout in areas with abundant resources and good policies, and build an industrial ecosystem. At the same time, it is necessary to enhance the regulatory capabilities for risk internal control and compliance operations, establish early warning and management mechanisms for crisis and safeguard the corporate image.

We will continue to select cadres from successful practices so that more employees who have a sense of mission and responsibility, possess strategic insight and determination, are capable of battle control, advocate the will to fight, and sacrifice themselves to embark on important posts at all levels. In 2017, we completed the promotion of 4,500 outstanding employees. In 2018, we will continue to promote 6,000 employees, of whom 3,000 are at 15,16 levels, 2,000 at 17,18,19 levels and 1,000 at other ranks. The representative office is the key business unit for the company to achieve healthy and effective growth. It is necessary to speed up the selection of first-line chief officers, specialists and staff positions in the representative offices of the Company. The Company will implement the "Montgomery" plan for hard-working countries and regions, "Second-class soldiers quickly promoted to the general" smooth passage. Who said there is no general in the Sahara, Montgomery is not it? Adhere to the results of the responsibility regardless of qualifications regardless of qualifications, seeking truth from facts, according to their responsibility to enhance the ranks of these employees; the same time, to see the increasingly complex business environment for the ability of front-line chief officer put forward higher requirements, it is necessary to speed up the front line chief officer Empowerment, improve their ability to serve, so that they dare to fight and good combat. Accelerate the construction of the workforce, timely, accurate, rapid and precise management of certainty. We will speed up the all-round construction of the team of experts in the delegation and cultivate and select a batch of civilian generals who are capable of writing articles and making contributions. The chief officer of each business responsibility center should focus on operations and victories, with business success and continued success as the only yardsticks, sticking to the principle of both driving development and preventing risks, and insisting on the coordination and balance between short-term benefits and long-term development. The senior officials of the company should look more to the stars, Lead the company forward. Chief officials and experts at all levels should learn to Kun-kunshan, full of glorious, truly in-depth business scenarios to understand the business, to find and solve problems. We must dare to use advanced weapons and win complicated information warfare. We should not cover up the incapacity of the main official with the culture of sadness and culture built by Hanyang.

Talented people who work hard are the source of the company's value creation. We insist on the concept of "active, diverse and open", and establish a talent management mechanism for creating win-win cooperation between the company and the talented people. In the face of a more dynamic business environment and more complex internal business needs, we should open up organizational boundaries to foreign countries and integrate excellent resources in a variety of ways. "A cup of coffee absorbs the energy of the universe, and a barrel of paste adheres to the wisdom of the world." We must boldly promote exceptional talents and give outstanding talents more opportunities for growth. We should boldly carry out differentiated management of various types of personnel and form a talent structure that includes officials, experts and staff members who are responsible for their own affairs, Best time, best job, make the best contribution, get the best return.

In order to adapt to the more complex business structure of the Company, we shall gradually establish a distributed operating mode in which the corporate governance and the various business units are equally divided, with clear responsibilities and rights, efficient operation and effective supervision and control so that all businesses will be managed under the common values ​​of the Group And the common platform to support the autonomous growth. Our organizational formation should be flexible, from the group to the regional ministry, the state, the formation of a team able to accept; our organization should be flexible, when resources are needed, when not in need of resources released. Unswervingly continue to promote the center of gravity of the company forward, strengthen the operation of project-based organizations, real first-line command firearms, agencies support services. It is necessary to make efforts to achieve the transformation of the functions of the organs into a platform, service and marketization by combing the reverse operation after the relocation of the management responsibilities and establishing the mechanism of the first-tier evaluation agencies so as to promote the streamlining and consolidation of the organs and organizations and reduce the redundancy Inefficient management level.

Continue to adhere to the "customer-focused, striving for the people, long-term hard work" does not change the values, adhere to the "responsibility-oriented" principle of evaluation, implement "material civilization and spiritual civilization" , Combining the organization's vision mission with the employee's personal motivation to motivate organizations and staff to continuously pursue the inherent motivation for greater success. On the basis of compliance and responsibility at home and abroad, management is based on trust and promotion of the subjective initiative of employees of all kinds of organizations and cadres. To simplify the process through the KPI, enhanced collaborative assessment, etc., to reshape the "victory is toast celebrate, defeat is desperate to fight" the group spirit of struggle.

In 2018, Huawei stood thirty, flourishing. In the next two or three decades, mankind will enter a smart society. In the new era, Huawei is determined to bring the digital world into everyone, every family and every organization, and build a smart world of interconnected things. This is both an ambitious vision that inspires our unremitting efforts and the sacred mission we shoulder.

Find fragrant street flowers such as Kam, off the first branch of the east wind. A new era full of hope and vitality has arrived. I believe many years later, you and I will still be excited by this Pentium era because of being in Huawei. Here, I wish my colleagues and your family happy New Year. 2018, let us embrace more harvest and growth, to create a better future!

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