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Baidu sued in the storm, after 60 entrepreneur Wang Jin and his dream of unmanned aerial vehicles

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Text / Tencent "deep network" Han according to the people

The recent turmoil did not affect Wang Jin's good mood yesterday.

In the first three days of 2018, Jingchi's global headquarters finally settled in Guangzhou Development Zone, Huangpu District, Guangzhou. At the signing ceremony, Wang Jin always had a smile on his face.

The ceremony was apparently elaborately prepared, and although a bit rainy before the venue was a bit confusing, the scene immediately became active when Jingchi CTO Han Xu and Yang Qingxiong, vice president of research and development, took the King's unmanned vehicle to enter the venue. In his speech, Wang Jin could hardly conceal his emotion. After some review and thanks, he said: "Motherland, we are back".

Early next month, Wang Jin will move to Guangzhou with his family. "I am letting my wife learn Cantonese and she can teach me after she learns." & rdquo;

With Jingchi in the country to really settle down, Wang Jin's dream of unmanned vehicles also took another step forward.

Speed ​​up and then speed up

"Back" means not only R & D headquarters, operations headquarters and sales headquarters moved to Guangzhou, a series of actions will follow.

First, Kingco will reorganize Kingco headquarters and other related companies established in China so that 100% of the equity of other related companies will be vested in Kingco headquarters.

Secondly, Kingchem Technology will build the first large-scale pilotless industrialization company in Guangzhou. Starting from the first quarter of 2018, 500-1000 driverless vehicles will be mass-produced throughout the year. China's first unmanned aerial vehicle commercialization demonstration site selection Guangzhou International Biological Island.

At the same time, the same day, Jing Chi technology around the 100 billion industry fund also announced the establishment, will be used to lay the driverless upstream and downstream industries and artificial intelligence.

In April this year, King Chi Technology was established in Silicon Valley. Jingchi headquarters initially settled in the United States mainly because of talent pooling, laws and regulations a more sound consideration, but the return of Wang Jin has been among the things.

More than three months ago, at the sharing meeting of CRE Capital Capital, one of the investors of Kingmax Technology Angel Wheel, Wang Jin said that next year Kingview Technology will move the headquarters back to China and they are looking for a company that can help themselves faster The city where no one landed in China.

Progress has apparently accelerated.

Wang Jin did not explain the specific details of King's contact with the local government in Guangzhou, but he said the two sides hit it off at first sight.

"Guangzhou is a first-tier city in China. Here's the talent, technology, industrial base and the openness of leading cadres. The strategic foresight makes us have better opportunities for development here." "At the same time, Wang Jin said:" China is a chance everywhere. There are so many places in China that are suitable for the development of unmanned vehicles. " & rdquo;

While moving headquarters back to China, the United States will always retain its advanced research and development center. Talents are the main reason for this situation. Wang Jin said Silicon Valley will continue to cultivate driverless talents and will become the top attraction for Kingchee. Talent of the springboard.

Not only is it moving back to China, the timetable for mass production of unmanned vehicles is also accelerating.

According to the information disclosed at the signing ceremony, King Chi Technology will start mass production of 500-1000 unmanned vehicles starting from the first quarter of 2018. Wang Jin said that the production of unmanned vehicles is completed by Jingchi and the depot. At present, the production of unmanned vehicles is still mainly carried out with existing models. The plan will start from the first quarter of next year. For the specific car factory partners, Wang Jin said the temporary inconvenience.

The development planning and strategic opportunities of Guangzhou, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, Tai Wan, which gave Guangzhou great confidence, said that unmanned involvement involves a lot of changes in the industry and innovation, involving a great many enterprises and technical directions, and these are yet to be seen In Guangzhou, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Bay area environment, jointly promote industrial upgrading.

Breakthrough: sharing trip

In the media sharing in September, Wang Jin once said that the unmanned breakthrough must be shared rather than sold to private cars, a big reason for economic benefits.

"I made a calculation, the price of a taxi in Beijing is 2.3 yuan per kilometer, the average is 3.2 yuan per kilometer average, and driverless is 1.6 yuan / km. I can tell everyone, 1.6 yuan / km, I only have 30,000 cars is a very profitable travel company, how many taxis in China, not about network car, 1.5 million. In other words I just take one-fiftieth, 2% of the taxi market, I am a huge profit unmanned company. & rdquo;

In yesterday's interview, Wang Jin also "deep net" frank, public transport, sharing travel is the main direction of King's commercial cash.

Today's UAV race has been a lot of players on the track, except Jing Chi, drops, Uber and other travel companies have already made a huge investment in this business.

In an interview with Caijing in the near future, Cheng Wei said that only one or two people were driving and the third would die. At present, Google is number one in the hope that the droplet can become another eventually survived. This means that drop drops want to be the ultimate winner of the unmanned.

However, Wang Jin does not think King Chi and other travel companies such as competition exists, "we travel with all companies, including drops, including network about cars, taxis, are very perfect partnership. We do not compete with them, we can help each of them, and they can make more money if they work with us. Including us and the depot, we are not replacing OEMs or Tier 1 suppliers, we are not competing. & rdquo;

Wang Jin said that at present Jingchi has been approached by many partners, but it is temporarily inconvenient to disclose specific progress. "I hope that all quarters are brothers. & rdquo;

However, ideas can not stop the existence of competition.

Preacher Wang Jin

A week ago, Wang Jin's former owner Baidu confirmed that it had violated trade secrets on the grounds that it had sued Jingchuang, a company run by Wang Jin and Wang Jin, to Beijing Intellectual Property Court. In his interview yesterday, Wang Jin also responded to this for the first time. He said that he himself has always been getting news from the media and has never received any information from the court so far.

For Jingchi's technology line is similar to Baidu's question, Wang Jin said that King's set of driving programs with Google, Uber and other world-leading driverless technology have many similarities, there are many different places in essence, This also includes Baidu's.

"Because in essence, we are all based on the principles of physics, mathematical principles to do research and development, to achieve the same function and basic principles, but everyone's realization is fundamentally different. & rdquo;

Wang Jin refuses to talk about the dispute, "Today we are serious in creating drone. I do not want to play a very serious case in the media. I do not want to make a war of words." & rdquo;

In order to unmanned career, Wang Jin seems to have become a "preacher" tirelessly on different occasions about the trend of unmanned vehicles, technology path and the advantages of King Chi, not to mention the UAV Containing huge industry opportunities.

After starting business, many things need Wang Jin personally, during the conversation, he is also willing to talk about how the company CTO in the office area to assemble table football, and although they are not involved in the company's billiard games (because of the loss to do push-ups) , But it is already the company's first ping-pong master.

Wang Jin had previously revealed that Jing Chi work seven days a week, "everybody for seven days a week, I also dry seven days a week, every hour of the weekend I was full. I have not worked so hard in my life, and I hope that because of our efforts, it will speed up this time (the time it takes for the driver to achieve it) to come. & rdquo;

Today, King Chi still adhere to the rhythm of work seven days, Wang Jin is still no exception.

As a living after 60 people, in the eyes of some people, Wang Jin is not considered a golden age of entrepreneurship. But through contact, it is easy to feel the enthusiasm of the well-known practitioners in the field of domestic unmanned vehicles for entrepreneurship.

After the interview, before leaving the venue, Wang Jin once again said to "Deep Net" that "I really am optimistic about the opportunity for unmanned vehicles. I am optimistic about this undertaking. "Then, rushed to the next meeting.

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