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Yu Chengdong: HUAWEI terminal sales revenue is expected to increase by 30% to 236 billion yuan in 2017

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Guo Xiaofeng, the first line author of the Tencent, reported in December 29th

Today, in the 2018 New Year's address, Yu Chengdong, HUAWEI consumer CEO, said that HUAWEI consumer sales in 2017 was about 236 billion yuan, and its scale increased by 30% compared with 2016. HUAWEI and glorified brand smartphones shipped 153 million units throughout the year, China's market share remained the first, the global share was 10%, and TOP3 was stable.

Earlier, HUAWEI's CEO Hu Houkun said in her new year's address that in 2017, HUAWEI's annual sales revenue was expected to be around 600 billion yuan, an increase of about 15% over the same period last year.

In his speech, Yu Chengdong said that in 2017, HUAWEI and the glory double brands joined forces to form the super star matrix of full stalls, and user satisfaction and loyalty were improved.

Data from HUAWEI showed that HUAWEI's global brand awareness increased from 81% in 2016 to 85%, ranking seventieth in the Interbrand best brand list of the world's best brands.

Among them, Huawei's flagship product Mate

In November this year, according to Shiner data show that total sales and total sales of glory to crown the first summit of Chinese Internet mobile phone brand performance.

Six years in a row to maintain high-speed progress, Huawei consumer business today is not easy to achieve.

For the future, he said, in 2018, HUAWEI will have subversive products and innovative technologies to lead the global market.

The following is the original new year's speech by Yu Chengdong 2018:

To be the king of the age of wisdom and the way of our rise

HUAWEI consumer business 2018 CEO New Year address

Dear colleagues:

2018, when the historical ring is about to turn to a new circle, the big wave of change in the terminal industry has come on. The communications industry is in wonderful speed unbelievable to make the communication of people's life and change rapidly, is expected in the future in the new technology of AI, IoT and 5G drive, we will be two to three years officially entered the Internet era and connect all the wisdom, wisdom will be replaced by intelligent mobile phone mobile phone into the new historical period of the protagonist.

We are so lucky to be in the flood of great technological change. Let us proud of is HUAWEI consumer business as the industry leader, to breakthrough innovation, working for the hundreds of millions of consumers to create the ultimate experience on the road, we can work together to make a step by step, practical action to defend our commitment and want to dream.

It ' s not a long time ago , the first load of AI chips ? A milestone product called the 10th series of global releases , opening smartphones to smart phones and leading the smartphone industry into the era of artificial intelligence . The Porsche Design offers high - quality experience for high - end business people . It is also hailed as one of the best Android phones , one of the most beautiful phones , and the best - expected mobile phone in 2018 . In Britain , the mainstream media , Areamobile , and China Mobile Evaluation , topped the list , and picked up the highest honor in China ' s mobile phone design .


Take consumer as the center, strengthen brand marketing and double brand construction, create a full scene of wisdom to the extreme user experience, transfer HUAWEI brand temperature.

We have always stressed that the product needs both high and temperature.

We should always adhere to customer demand and technological innovation driven value creation, adhere to focus on consumers with high-quality user experience, adhere to the investment strategy in product development and technological innovation. With the terminal industry innovation accumulate steadily into the outbreak period,

In the new year, we will continue to strengthen the construction of HUAWEI and glorified double brands. Glory is dedicated to the young generation to create the ultimate favorite technology tide products, create more space in the sales of electricity providers and mobile Internet mobile phone market, young people become the most favorite Internet mobile phone brand; HUAWEI brand to the ultimate experience for the pursuit of excellence and innovation, get a higher share in the high-end market, services more widely the crowd, for consumers to create the highest quality end-to-end experience. We should ensure the consistency of user experience in every consumer's contact, such as product design, online and offline purchase, after-sales service and so on. In the future, we will focus on experience as the core, focusing on short boards such as brand marketing, and synchronize the key areas in the field of eye liner and online, and gradually enhance the user experience of HUAWEI brand consistency.

We should use the best talent team to build up the core competence in various fields and to match the characteristics of the consumer business.

Team building is the key to capacity building. We must use all the world's superior resources, all advanced tools and methods, and all the best people to become leaders. Focus on results oriented, do well to give quick promotion, inappropriate people resolutely eliminated, with excellent people to attract more excellent people. The organization of the troops is becoming more and more intrepid. Cadres who lead the army and fight must have the ability to learn and develop, have a deep understanding of the industry, and grasp the operational direction. In management, they must have clear responsibilities and fewer reporting levels. At the same time, we constantly improve the process IT support system to ensure the simple operation of the process, business efficient operation. Talent attraction, we stress that talent engineering is a top project, managers at all levels should be open mind. Enhance the pattern of vision, fully recognize the importance and urgency of talent competition, to build an excellent team and build core competencies. Facing the key areas, we should lay out the ability center in the talent highland. Focus on bringing in top talent

In the new year , we will further strengthen the construction of cultural atmosphere that matches the characteristics of 2C business on the basis of the common values of Huawei .

A generation of HUAWEI spirit passing the torch, every source of success have now, and the future of your struggle together.

In 2003, Huawei Mobile phone Business Department was established; 2011, we start 2C transition journey; In 2018, the terminal is about to open a 15-year chapter. More than ten years of wind and rain, from less than 100 people difficult start, to Huawei three parts of the world has one, to gradually become one of the main growth points of the company. Huawei's consumer business has grown through setbacks and gone up the river. It is the legacy of the struggling spirit of generations of Huawei that will sustain us to the present and will support us to the far future.

In 2017, HUAWEI and the glory double brands keep pace with each other to achieve global scale development, and work together to form the full stalls, star product super matrix, user satisfaction and loyalty. HUAWEI flagship product Mate.

The G / Y series of star models made a historic breakthrough with its super competitive power , sales revenue of $ billion . Huawei ' s flat business sales grew 40 % on a year - on - year basis and entered the world ' s top 3 . After the release of MateBook , the second generation , MateBook X has won the CES Asia ' s top prize with a stunning design . Huawei Hilink smart home ecology works with the world ' s leading auto maker and is commercially viable ; the smartwatch Watch 2 is awarded by nine international media .

This year, overseas market performance is commendable. Italy, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Russia, Malaysia, Columbia and other market share and sales increased significantly. Italy has a prominent share in the mobile phone market and Japan in the tablet market.

This year, we have been breaking through the promotion of consumer experience, cloud services and brands. EMUI 8 has gained the industry leading edge in the AI business, and the life time has increased by nearly 30%. It has won the praise from the consumers. The commercial scale of mobile U shield brings more intimate and safe use experience to consumers. The number of HUAWEI consumer cloud users is over 340 million, the user stickiness is further enhanced, the number of developers is 350 thousand, the ecosystem is gradually constructed, and the overall privacy and security capabilities have made great progress. HUAWEI's global brand popularity rose from 81% in 2016 to 85%, rising to seventieth in the Interbrand top 100 list of top 100 brands. Overseas consumers' consideration of HUAWEI brands has risen sharply, up 100% from the same year in 2016. In the Chinese market, according to IPSOS data, HUAWEI brand awareness, consideration and NPS (user net recommended value) rank the first in the country, and become the first brand of Chinese mobile phones in all directions.

In this year, nearly 30 thousand retail sales promotion and service teams have been active in a number of retail and service stores to provide consumers with the most recent partners.

Due to the hard work of everyone, it is expected that the sales of HUAWEI's consumer business in 2017 is about 236 billion RMB, the scale of which is about 30% compared with the same year in 2016. HUAWEI and glory brand smart phones are shipped 153 million times a year, China's market share remains the first, and the leading edge is further expanded. The global share is 10%, and it is stable in TOP3. It continues to narrow the gap with the top two and win the trend.

For six years, many colleagues have said that HUAWEI's consumer business has risen, but I don't think so. From the laggard, to catch up, and then strive to become a surpass, in the past few years, we have built up our capability in the long distance running, and there are still many gaps. In recent years, many business problems have been gradually improved, but the biggest disadvantage is slow progress in some countries' market management and low share share. The local team's ability to brand marketing and channel retailing is still very weak. The urgent task is to find people, find outstanding people, only the ability of the team, the level of business can be a higher level. Not only in the country, basic ability of our overall brand marketing and retail channels in areas such as construction still lags behind the rapid development of business needs, in the consumer demand to upgrade the emotional and industry trends, we need to accelerate the insight into the understanding of overseas and domestic high-end fashionable young people, not to consolidate the advantages of people at the same time, further around the new among users to optimize the tone of the brand, enhance brand appeal to the wider community. At the bottom line, we are painfully aware that in this year executives and employees are still arrested by the judiciary for corruption and corruption. Here again, the company on the issue of corruption is always zero tolerance, we must not defy the law of luck.

In 2018, we will have disruptive products and innovative technology to lead the global market. I think this year will become the first year of HUAWEI consumer business to rise. 2014-2015 to fight for survival, we survived; 2016-2017 for the rise and war, we have now basically achieved the target! I firmly believe that in 2018, we will go the way of our rise, we will go further and better, the future of HUAWEI consumer business is unstoppable!

Really can change the world, often with great dreams, vowed to continue this struggle of the people. And a pursuit of excellence team cohesion, a group full of fighting spirit, is the foundation to realize the great dream.

Is the common pursuit of faith and let us intentnesses go further, more and more feel happiness, full of positive energy. With confidence and longing, we expect to transmit this positive energy of our team to every dear employee and brother's Department colleague, to everyone who cares about us, family members, friends, pollens and consumers all over the world.

Thank you all for the strong support that has been all the time. On behalf of the HUAWEI consumer business management team, I would like to offer our sincere thanks and best wishes. Wishing you and your family good health and happiness.

Awesome 2018!


HUAWEI consumer business management team

December 29, 2017

Note 1: Kirin 970 is the world's first artificial intelligent processor for the NPU.

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