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Was your computer up Windows 10 for two years by Microsoft?

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Windows 10 implementation of the beginning, too hard

July 29, 2015, Microsoft officially released the Windows 10 system and allows Windows 7/8 and 8.1 devices free upgrade, it is estimated that nearly one billion users benefit. In China, Microsoft uniteTencentAnd 360 to provide users with an upgrade plan, pirated systems can also enjoy a free upgrade.

With the help of Windows 8, many users have not intend to accept this "good intentions", Microsoft's approach is to constantly push the upgrade notification, using various methods to force the upgrade, such as the update button on the taskbar, can not be closed, or even There are many users encountered automatic upgrade situation.

In the user's denunciation, Microsoft had to give a shield Windows 10 upgrade method. These moves seemed radical at the time, but it was not hard to understand the environment in which Microsoft was then.

Reduce fragmentation and introduce new technologies

Microsoft is a software service started, Windows OEM licensing is one of the major sources of revenue. However, with the rise of the mobile phone market, the PC market began to show signs of weakness. According to Microsoft's Q2 2015 earnings, Windows OEM revenue declined 22%.

Licensing model by the system has not adapted to new markets, coupled with Apple macOS will be provided in 2013 for free, whether it is to consider the reality or future strategy, Microsoft's positioning in the operating system market are in urgent need of restructuring.

Windows 7 and earlier versions were purely computer systems that were not designed for tablets and mobile phones until Windows 8, but Microsoft was in a hurry and Windows 8 would follow the years-long start button and disappear, turning it into a start-to-flat screen. Due to changes in operating habits are too large, users do not buy it, Windows 8 market share of only 2.8%, Microsoft discontinued Windows 8 in 2016 to become the shortest operating system.

Users do not have a new system, many new technologies can not be implemented, such as Microsoft's small Na intelligent assistant, without a large amount of data can not continue to optimize. And Android fragmentation, the lack of control over the operating system has affected the development of many businesses, such as search engines, browsers, these services can go deep into the tens of thousands of households with the Windows system, but because of the prevalence of piracy, many computer operations or even Or in 2011 on sale of Windows XP.

Various bundled software affect the user's experience, but also undermine the entire Windows ecosystem. Microsoft wants to reorganize the market, free and easy to use, cross-platform Windows 10 has become a good medicine.

Turn from selling software to selling services

In the new battlefield of mobile Internet, system fees are outdated and more platforms are profitable by providing Internet services. Free Android swept the entire market, in March 2017, Android has surpassed Windows to become the largest operating system.

In order to adapt to the changes in the mobile market, Microsoft started trying out Windows Phone in the Windows 7 era. After Nadla took over the Microsoft CEO in 2014, it shouted the slogan of "moving first and cloud first."

In an interview, he mentioned that an important goal of implementing free Windows 10 is to save the handset business. Because Windows 10 is cross-platform, expanding the entire Windows 10 ecosystem can attract more developers, nature is also paving the way for the mobile phone business.

In fact, regardless of the phone or computer, the system (software) methods of profitability are from one-time charges to service charges change. Tencent started as a communications software, but its internet service has infiltrated multiple scenes.

Microsoft itself also introduced Office 365 this "software + service" solution. In short, one of the major trends is that future systems will become mainstream for free, but service charges related to them only increase unabated.

Microsoft's Windows system, whether it is not genuine, the popularity of the market is very high, this time the introduction of free Windows 10, nature is the fastest way to harvest a large number of users. With a cross-platform, massive users of the ecological, profit-making way too much.

Bigger ambitions: Unifying the entire platform with Windows 10

Microsoft also has a bigger ambition than a unified system, which is the hardware business. From 2012'sSurfaceTablet PC began, Microsoft introduced the Tablet PC, laptop and all-in-one devices, recently came the Surface mobile phone news, which are Microsoft's move to strengthen the management of Windows ecological Windows, Windows 10 greater significance lies in the series Various platforms.

Microsoft once mentioned that Windows 10 is the most comprehensive operating system ever created and will be the last version of the Windows operating system. There will be no new version of Windows operating system and only Windows 10-based updates. In order to unify the experiences of devices of different sizes and different ways of interaction, Windows 10 introduces the UWP common application platform, and the software developed on the Windows 10 platform can run smoothly on various devices without having to be rewritten. Although Windows Phone has failed, UWP applications still play a role in the computer and tablet.

Last free ticket

Microsoft has high hopes for Windows 10, but it should be noted that Windows 10 is not always free, in fact, in July 2016, the one-year free upgrade period has ended, but Microsoft also opened a special channel to use the auxiliary Technical users. On December 31, 2017, this last channel will also be closed, while the activation of a genuine Windows 10 lowest price of 888 yuan.

If you are still using Windows 7/8 and 8.1 versions, whether you decide to use Windows 10 or not, you should upgrade to the next level, because this is the last "permanent free activation" opportunity. As long as the upgrade once, and then reinstall Windows 10, will be automatically activated network.

Windows 10 update to now, there is basically no compatibility issues, and will not be like Apple, the same as the old equipment, this free ticket, you should take it.

Windows 10 free upgrade channel:https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/accessibility/windows10upgrade

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