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Wang Jin interview: that we "copy Baidu" is the biggest compliment

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Jing Chi founder and CEO Wang Jin

Wang Jin is beer, red wine, liquor together. CTO Han Xu because of fever, but did not drink too much, after signing the contract in Guangzhou, the disease is not good, they flew back to the United States to continue their work.

All this, just before the prosecution of Baidu Wang Jin and King Chi technology founded by him just a week before the invasion of trade secrets, Baidu listed the three counts of crimes, King was the company had "no factual basis, the headquarters will move back to China" In response. And this high-profile conference on cooperation, for Wang Jin, is undoubtedly the best response to the prosecution of former owners.

Wang Jin, a native of 1964, had been removed from a number of Internet companies both at home and abroad and eventually fell into Baidu as a senior vice president and became the leader of Baidu's Automatic Driving Division. At that time, Baidu Auto Driving Division can be described as well-established: Han Xu, Yu Kai, Ni Kai, "North Tiancheng Nan Shi Xi," Wu Xia Qing. . . . . . A group of well-known names have been members of this team.

Mentioning the star lineup that year, Wang Jin is very proud, although has left, still habitually use "we" to refer to the team.

The good times are always short. The second year after the establishment of the Automatic Driving Division, these top talents have successively left their undertakings and undertakings. Baidu is therefore called "China's unmanned Whampoa Military Academy."

Wang Jin has always been to Google's successful spin-off of Waymo, advocating Baidu take the same road, the automatic driving division split into a separate company, but ultimately failed to be realized.

In the view of Wang Jin, the big company is to eat big pots, talent turnover can not be avoided. Among all the resignations, Wang Jin became the first to be "hunted down" by Baidu.

At this sensitive moment, Wang Jin in a controversial vortex accepted an exclusive interview with Sina Technology and responded to the questions of concern to the outside world.

The following is the interview record:


"My fellow travelers thought I copied Baidu, the highest compliment to us; what really happened to us, our court testified."

Wang Jin:Many of my friends are very concerned about me and Baidu this matter, all quite for me to worry about. Everyone is unknown, and see if I do not speak, there will be questions. Why did I use someone else's computer at that time, then I said lost.

Sina Technology: Yes, this thing is very strange, why a vice president took the computer and printer?

Wang Jin: In Baidu, changing equipment such as printers, computers and the like, have a dedicated person to do, I do not know who took away. By the time they left, they brought up these two things. At this time, you would not be able to find another person because it has been for years. So no way, then is that people want you to sign what, you sign what, or else can not leave.

Sina Technology: Now there is a voice, said King Chi technology so fast pace of development, let alone imagine did not take Baidu's technology.

Wang Jin: colleagues ask such questions, is our highest flatter (praise). I test 100 points, you think I must cheat.

Baidu also Google a lot later than the beginning, why can so fast? Some are still a lot later than Baidu, Baidu is now over.

Sina Technology: So for Baidu mention non-compete agreement, and court litigation, you are not worried about.

Wang Jin: I'm not worried at all.

Sina Technology: You signed a non-compete agreement?

Wang Jin: This wait until the court to prove.

Sina Technology: From the company's development direction, King Chi and Baidu What is the difference?

Wang Jin: Business model I completely different with Baidu, Baidu is doing Apollo, it and dozens of depot cooperation, Android mode, I am Apple mode. Apollo fell in love with all, I only married one or two. But I do not like the same with Apple, Apple hit the apple brand, my car hit the depot brand.

The road

"At that time we did not see these patterns, the Internet in the end can not make money, how to make money? What should we computer software engineers do?"

Sina Technology: You work every day for a long time and strength, with the original state of the work in the big company What is the difference?

Wang Jin: a lot worse. When I was in Baidu, they wrote reviews that I was a very hard worker, but now I have to work harder than that time.

Sina Technology: At that time how long a day work?

Wang Jin: At that time an average of 12 hours a day, now seven days a week, may have to work 16 to 17 hours a day. My good luck, sleep time is very small, I usually sleep 5 hours to be very happy.

My sleep is not good at all, it has always been this way. Little sleep, I can work longer hours. Many times are thinking, in considering the problem and everyone to communicate.

Sina Technology: Your work experience is very rich, in many giants Internet companies have worked, but also participated in startups.

Wang Jin: Actually, I joined a start-up company many times, for example, when it joined Ali, it is also a start-up company. (Ali is) was established in October 1999, I met with Ma in January 2000, when it joined Ali, just over six years old. There are still several, when I go to eBay, it can be considered a bit late start-up company.

Sina Technology: 2000 is an important time node, you joined Ali, the United States Nasdaq stock exchange disaster also occurred in that year. At that time is not the Internet bubble has a different feeling?

Wang Jin: Yes. For a long time, the Internet supported by three models: games, e-commerce and advertising. At that time, electricity providers have not how to make money, loss of a mess, but eBay has just begun, its days are the best, by the stock market disaster the least affected. Search and advertising are not up yet, and Google did it later.

But at that time we did not see these patterns, the Internet in the end can not make money, how to make money? What should we computer software engineers do?

Later, I think that the better (model) should be the electricity supplier, so for quite some time I was doing electricity supplier, went to Ebay, eBay. Therefore, the development of the Internet and my personal development have many overlapping points, the age determines the fate of many people, including me.

Sina Technology: At that time, there was a certain hope for the mode of e-commerce and it should be found behind it.

Wang Jin: Yes, I believed in the electricity supplier at that time because Ebay had done very well at that time and C2C model has been established in the United States. China will certainly be up, at that time copy to China. Which e-commerce most like the United States Ebay? EBay.

I did not have Taobao when I joined eBay. Ali was doing B2B at that time. We think C2C should be done because Ebay is C2C. Taobao is C2C today. Although we all feel very simple today, not everyone can make a correct judgment at this time.

Later, there are many chances, I entered the search company. When I left Ali, I went to find a good friend and a former boss of mine who later went to LinkedIn and worked as a CTO for quite some time. I asked him, I want to leave Ali, which company should go? He then recommended two companies, eBay, Google. I often joked that this guy put the order to say the opposite, he should first recommend me to Google go eBay. In my order, I went to Google first after I went to Ebay, and I said I lost a lot.

When I went to Google in 2006, Google has been listed for a long time, very successful. If I go to Google in 2001 and 2002, it would be incredible. So I said this is to reverse the order. Every time I see him, he joins this joke, saying that he is very accurate and that his vision is in place. That is, the order is not correct and the whole fate of me is delayed.

Sina Technology: If from the stage of development, you join Ali, should also be the same with Google in 2002.

Wang Jin: Yes, but when I was in Ali, there was no C2C model in Alibaba. Alibaba's original model was B2B, and that model really was a problem. So when we judge, think this future is not how good, no one thought there will be Taobao behind.

Sina Technology: So you choose to be very cautious, see it basically came out of the model, and then determine the other factors.

Wang Jin: We learn science and engineering are using logical thinking analysis, first of all choose the trend, the direction of the election industry, select the time point, the second is the election company, the election team.

Sina Technology: So tolerance of risk may be lower?

Wang Jin: In fact, these people are quite kind of us can take risks, are willing to take risks, risk is not the biggest problem, the most important is the cost of time. Any time is the most important time, life can not be repeated, each time can only choose a way to go.

When we make choices, the habit of thinking is to first judge the trend, the trend if right, we do not care about the size of the company, and the size of the risk. I joined E-Loan, an e-commerce company, when there were only five people in the team and it was a big risk. But at that time, I thought this was a general trend and the result was not bad.

Sina Technology: There are some you have left, was in the early days of the company, such as Ali, are now a big company. You touch them so early, and later left, do you feel regret?

Wang Jin: Before joining Informix, there was in my handMicrosoftOffer If I stayed with Microsoft at that time in 2000, I would make more money and development may be relatively flat, because most people in Microsoft will stay for a dozen or twenty years.

But from another point of view, if I went to Microsoft then, and will not go to Alibaba, then my life trajectory is completely different: do not go to Alibaba, will not go to Google, will not go to Baidu, also Will not come today to start a business, do my most desired work. A lot of things from two perspectives.

Sina science and technology: those competing companies, such as foreign Google domestic Baidu, foreign Ebay, the domestic eBay, Alibaba, you just have to work, what is the interesting thing?

Wang Jin: Yes, this is very interesting. At that time my best friend Wu Jiong was the CTO of Alibaba Group, I was a CTO at eBay, and both of us became competitors. We also live in the same district, where we meet.

Later, I went to Google, did not expect him to do search, became Yahoo's chief, we became competitors. He just joked with me that when you were in eBay you were going to kill you, I would kill you again, but I did not expect more than a year after he was killed looking for teeth.


"It's a dead thing to do automatic driving in a big company, with an inexperienced talent and a slowdown."

Sina science and technology: In the Internet circle fought so many years, I feel your character there are restless qualities.

Wang Jin: From a certain point of view does have, but there are factors that exist safely. For example, this time as an unmanned driver. If I had split it at the outset, I could keep this team and do my whole life until I retire.

Sina Technology: At that time, I was determined to regard this as a lifelong career.

Wang Jin: Yes, from the moment I set up my business department, I knew that my life must be made in China. Because at that time in China, this team is unique.

We need three people to do this: scientists, architects and top programmers. All three of us were top Chinese at the time, and naturally it was the best. The words borrowed from Ma are: We look backwards with the telescope and can not see our competitors.

If we do not make this incident, China will certainly be slower. This is a competition among big powers and will be judged on speed or success. At that time, we as a group of people should be regarded as first-class in the world and stronger than those in Germany and Japan. We are just catching up with the United States. So these people of ours must take this responsibility.

Sina Technology: When do you start to contact drone?

Wang Jin: I came into contact with the end of 2012, the world's first truly unmanned aerial vehicle in 2009 is Google, Baidu is the decision-making by the end of 2012, when I was the highest decision-makers in this matter, Mainly to determine the AI ​​can be up.

Sina Technology: Why did you suggest at the time must be part of the business out?

Wang Jin: There are two reasons, the first is the retention of talent. Google, for example, is a good company, but without a split, almost all of Google's executives are lost, and Tromso, the head of Google's unmanned vehicle program, walks away and reports directly to him Of the second-tier executives are almost gone, when Google blocked this, we run the same trend with the rabbit it? Is split into Waymo.

Sina Technology: So you think, as long as retained in the system of large companies, there will be a brain drain.

Wang Jin: Yes. Because to make this matter is by whom who won, not who won. What do you want to do soon? Work overtime. Big companies take big pay to eat their salaries, who will work to overtime? It must be out of business, so much money outside, the capital is not lacking. The same effort, the return is completely different. So you can not keep the talent, this is the most important reason.

The same is true. There are quite a few startups that have built this way, leaving the best LIDAR chief and leaving. Some of them are some six months earlier than us, and some seven or eight months earlier, most people start financing earlier than us.

One company was established in January and sold in August, selling $ 680 million. Then someone (employee) came running and told me: I'm a little stupid than he, I do 16 months, sell 340 million, I can always sell out. As a result, two or three of them ran out to earn the $ 340 million, what would I do? Baidu 34 million can not give you.

Sina Technology: If you split out what are you going to do?

Wang Jin: is the entrepreneurial model.

Sina Technology: You just said the first reason is to retain talent, there is a second reason?

Wang Jin: The second is the decision-making mechanism. In large companies, no matter how big or how many officials you hire, compensation structures are approved. However, artificial intelligence, especially the scarcity of people without a car, recruit a very troublesome, how do you prove that this person is what you need? Another example is to buy a car. We are a software company, why did you buy this car?

Procurement of these you have to talk with the Purchasing Department, their process is to ensure that no corruption, we must find how many home over the bidding, the search on the indiscriminate, had been secretly dry.

This slow down, coupled with inexperienced personnel, this matter will die.

Sina Technology: If Google has successfully split Waymo successful example first, why Baidu automatic driving division finally failed to split?

Wang Jin: The beginning (the company) agreed (split), I do not know why the last disagreement. I think (if) is me, I will do it.

Some leaders also said that if Wang Jin you come out, I will certainly vote for you, a team inside, a team in the outside, which horse ran out, I won.

But that isTencentThe game, Baidu is not this gameplay.


"He asked what I needed to be successful. I said that I needed a lot of people to come here, so I wanted to give me a lot of talent apartments."

Sina Technology: King Chi technology settled in Guangzhou, we are very curious behind the story, how do you reach cooperation with Guangzhou?

Wang Jin: In fact, I admire several cities. This time, I found that many officials in China are very strategic leaders. Guangzhou proposed the IAB strategy and grasped it very accurately. And it is not just saying that it is really doing it.

Sina Technology: This cooperation is how to catch the line? There is no leader?

Wang Jin: Yes, my friend and one of my investors. He led me to Guangzhou's leadership.

Sina Technology: talked about how many times on both sides down?

Wang Jin: In fact, when we talked about the first time, we basically decided to cooperate, and later some details. He asked what I needed to be successful, and I said we needed a lot of talent to come, so I wanted to give me a lot of talent.

Sina Technology: This apartment is to allow employees to stay at relatively low rent?

Wang Jin: two, one is low rent, I can rent it to my staff. The government has given Jingchi some support on the land, King Chi can build their own houses, and then sold at an early price to the core staff at low cost.

Sina Technology: So the whole matter down about how long it took?

Wang Jin: Less than two months, talking very fast. This leader is very strategic. They decided to do the IAB. They thought it was not bad before I (Information Technology) and B (Biopharmaceutical). A They needed to be strengthened.

I am also very clever. In June of this year, Forbes Magazine rated me as one of 20 Leader in Artificial Intelligence. Among these 20 people, there are 7 other people who used to be me (at Baidu time), accounting for 40%. So from a technical point of view, they think it's good to bring us in and we'll hit it on both sides.

Sina Technology: I saw you at the signing of the contract, there is unmanned technology show. In such a short period of time, how to accomplish the road test and other technical problems?

Wang Jin: Time has come to get nervous when it comes to setting up a Guangzhou and driving drone demonstration to complete the data collection and local testing of autopilot. At this time, all the staff members came to work overtime together. Some of them canceled their vacations and flew back to work in the office. I think this team's fighting spirit is the reason for the rapid development of King Chi.

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