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Chinese regulators started to withdraw bitcoin mining companies, from the power supply "surgery"

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Surging News We learned from the insiders on January 2 that on January 2, the Leading Group Office of Internet Financial Risk Remediation Leading Group Office issued documents to all localities to urge the enterprises under their jurisdiction to withdraw from the mining business of Bitcoin in an orderly manner and regularly report the progress of work .

January 3, there are market rumors that the central bank held a closed-door meeting, requiring a deadline to stop bitcoin mining. A local regulator told Surging News that the above notice was not rigorous enough to require a deadline to expire, so the myth that the mine circulated on the Internet was "deadline clearance" was inaccurate.

On the same day, Reuters reported that a source disclosed that the PBOC instructed the local government to start with the electricity supply and gradually reduce the scale of bitcoin mining.

The Reuters report said at a meeting in late 2017, the PBOC's leadership work group on Beijing's Internet finance special rectification said that although the central bank can not directly control bitcoin miner's electricity consumption, it may require local governments to implement it.

It is noteworthy that the surging news has learned that the mid-to-late November of last year has held a meeting of mutual-benefit remediation office to discuss the issue of guiding the exit of mines.

Also in this period of time on November 13, State Grid Sichuan Ganzi Prefecture Electric Power Co., Ltd. Danba County Power Supply Branch has issued a notice to the grid small hydropower, said bitcoin production is illegal business, all the grid stations to stop all bits Currency production. However, the power company later said that it was writing in a hurry to deal with the problem of large-scale curtailment. It was not the intention of the company to formally red-chip documents. The intention was not to illegally operate bitcoin mining but because some small hydropower stations failed to give priority to meeting local people's livelihood Electricity demand, in violation of the company purchase and sale of electricity contract requirements.

"Norms regulate electricity consumption is not the financial regulators need to do, the voice behind or to reasonably guide the withdrawal of bitcoin mining companies," the supervisors said surging news, "bitcoin trading platform does not exist in the country , This closed-loop is not recognized, then mining the related peripheral industries will not be recognized. & rdquo;

The supervisors also said that the main meeting of the National Financial Work Conference is to guard against risks and serve the real economy. Mining itself does not serve the real economy. Nor is it necessary to regulate the consolidation of mining and the special rectification of Internet finance.

According to the Securities Times, at the end of last year, the central bank took the lead in convening a multi-sectoral meeting. The main content of the meeting was to regulate and rectify bitcoin mines instead of market rumors, "shutting down the mines." A source close to the central bank said there are many irregularities in the current Bitcoin mine. For instance, environmental protection is not up to standard, there are potential safety problems and no registration of business people. Therefore, many departments will work together to rectify bitcoin through compliance with laws and regulations Mines, "the big direction or through consolidation to gradually guide the compression, clearing some non-standard bitcoin mines".

At present, China's mining output ranks the first in the world and occupies 80% of the total output. The surging news has learned from several mines before that although China banned the bitcoin exchange, it did not intend to withdraw from China, mainly Low prices in central and western China and low mining costs.

A western "big Bitcoin mining province" financial regulator told Surging News that bitcoin wants to enter the mainstream financial system is unlikely because most of the currency is linked to gold, the dollar, behind the country Regimes are the basis of credit, and Bitcoin is just a game rule, even if many companies, agencies and investors in the world recognize it.

The financial regulators in the western region think that the recent soaring inflation is mainly caused by the outbreak of war in some countries in the world and the unstable political power. As a result, the credit of the country is unstable and the endowment of the state is also unstable in monetary value. Under the circumstances that the U.S. dollar can not be freely exchanged, Many people choose to buy bitcoin over the Internet in search of safe havens.

"There is not a single national government that will maintain the stability and security of Bitcoin. This has led to a lot of shortcomings in Bitcoin, such as being easily stolen or laundering money through Bitcoin, causing capital outflows and risks," said the financial regulator Said.

Just January 3, People's Daily commented on the article "bitcoin, the reunification after the carnival," said the bitcoin bubble in the price bubble has become an issue not to be discussed, either from the rise or from the currency itself, the bitcoin Flooded bubble taste. Its so-called advantages: scarcity, fidelity, strong liquidity, transparency and decentralization are all speculations. It is simply impossible to support the same rally as roller coasters. The recent plunge has already explained the issue very well.

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