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Alipay annual bill angered users "stupid mistake" how to produce

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Reporter Liu Yiming / Wen Song Wei / editor

Yue Cheng, a partner of Yuecheng Law Office, said that the check of this bill was not related to "Sesame Service Agreement." Therefore, the user still could see the annual bill after canceling the agreement. However, if the user does not notice, it will directly agree to this agreement, allowing Alipay to collect user information, including information held by third parties.

Late on January 3, sesame credit apologized to the public, saying "the original intention of right but with a very sucker way, foolish."

"Caijing" reporter interviewed a number of ant gold service company, trying to restore the "annual bill" project decision-making process. The majority of respondents believed that Ant Financial did not carefully polish the product, thus losing the balance between Internet product thinking and financial compliance contradiction.

"Stupid mistake" is if born

Before launching the product, Ant Financial's product team believed that most of the users who have more billing information dimensions are already registered users of sesame credit. In this case, an additional protocol for collecting and displaying user information should be adopted. The user acceptance level should not be problem. According to an ant service company introduced sesame credit users accounted for more than 50% of the overall number of Alipay users, Alipay deep active users have been basically fully covered, so the annual bill is not to sesame credit is new, is to increase active Degree of consideration.

However, it is noteworthy that the lawyer Yueshan Shan announced on Weibo is an initial registration agreement for unregistered users, rather than the content of registered users. Registered users display a brief line of text similar to: To reflect credit-related information on the bill, you authorize your personal bill to look up the credit history and show it on your bill.

But it turns out that the product team's judgment is wrong.

According to "Caijing" reporter understands that similar to the ant gold clothing, Jingdong financial and other financial technology companies, as it involves the financial business, there will be financial compliance department. Financial compliance required steady, low fault tolerance, and high-speed iteration of Internet products, there is a contradiction between trial and error. An ant gold clothes executives told "Caijing" reporter, ant gold clothes new products on the line, all need to join the compliance.

However, Ant Financial's product team believes that as most of the target user groups in this bill are registered users, from the product design level, they initially did not want to "overdo it" to join the agreement. Because of past experience in designing Internet products, as long as the choice and click on, it will cause many users to drain, but the compliance department insisted on the need to add.

"At the time, the entire team was focused on finding a balance between compliance and user fluency, and ignoring the average user when it came to product logic," said Ant Financial Services, a product designer. After a back-flip, one of the points the team is discussing is whether to put this agreement on the home page or on the page where sesame credit data needs to be called.

The bill has a total of 12 pages, the need to use sesame credit data of a total of 2 pages, respectively, on page 7 of the number of compliance, the amount of free deposits, the use of high frequency of credit services show, and penultimate pages of sesame Credit points show.

Subsequent reprisal, the team that made a wrong decision at the beginning, if the authorization on the middle of the bill, although the user in addition to the slide also need more than one action, will disrupt the browsing experience, but to check the link of the agreement On the front page, users have generated questions and caused a series of troubles, "said the source.

After the public opinion turmoil was detonated, the ant clothes were later revised to move the user authorization to check and display the information from the home page to page 7 and indicate that the user information was used for the inquiry and display of this bill.

Increase sensitivity and rethink values

An entrepreneur in the mobile payment field told Caijing reporters that Alipay bills are misleading to obtain user authorization. In China, many Internet companies are doing similar things. Personal information data is collected or even sold. The parties may not know situation. Once the user error agreement, this data is used in what place, is over-used, there is no useful life, how to terminate the data user authorization, there are loopholes in many details.

At the middle of the night of January 3, Sesame Credit released the "Sesame Service Agreement" on the home page of Alipay. It apologized to the public and adjusted the page to cancel the default check. It promised to "not over-collect data and never abuse it Data. "If you want to cancel the authorization, you can" Alipay client - My - Sesame Credit - Credit Management - Authorized Management "find the" Alipay "option, and then cancel the authorization.

Ant gold service last fall into the issue of reputation, is November 2016 Alipay "circle" incident. The Circle is a social product, with many vulgar photographs filled with communities such as Campus Diary and White Collar Diary. The part of sesame credit participation is that Alipay divides the men who view the contents of the circle into two groups based on the male users' credit on sesame credit, and the group with high scores can leave a message on the contents of the "circle" and the scores are low Of user groups only give photos praise, you can also pay cash gifts for female users.

Sesame credit is not under the Alipay business lines, but Ant's gold credit personal credit products, is an independent business unit. In January 2015, it obtained the Pilot Credit Business Pilot Certificate issued by the Central Bank. This time, there were 8 pilot credit companies, of which Ant Financial launched the credit rating system for individuals at first. Based on the accumulation of its own rich data within the Ali system, Ant Financial takes this business very seriously.

At present the entire Internet credit is still in the initial stage of the market, but great potential. According to Chuan CaiSecuritiesIn the sesame credit rating model, the calculation basis mainly includes user credit history (35%), behavioral preference (25%), performance ability (20%), identity characteristics (15%), personal connection (5% Five dimensions. Credit history accounted for the primary position, the main factors affecting this are credit card repayment, micro-loan repayment, utilities payment, ticket payment, etc .; behavioral preferences include account activity, consumption level, payment level, consumer preferences and other factors . The advantage of Internet credit lies in its scoring system, which has a wealth of data sources, compared to the more single-sourced data from traditional credit lending companies, so Sesame Credit has been expanding its use case.

"How to prevent such a thing from happening again in the future? The institutional change is only one aspect of the implementation of the values ​​may be more important." An Ant Financial service company who said that Alipay in the "circle" incident after the establishment of the class system, The "annual bill" incident, as the team that has been processed according to the requirements of legal compliance department, so there is no inquiry on this point to ask the class appoint opinion, if come up to discuss, the result may be pass away, or the authorization Links on the back.

However, it is not possible for class officials to discuss all the product details and to strike a balance between caution and innovation. This person thinks, after all, needs the whole company staff, all knows their product because the user base big, any error will be magnified, therefore needs to raise the sensitivity.


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