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Samsung mobile phone battery problem again Eight battery safety testing into the display?

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Last year, Samsung's Note Note 7 Samsung's global recalls are still vividly recorded, but now the Korean giants have begun to urgently deal with Note 8 serious battery problems.

Specifically, some Samsung Note 8 users reported online that their devices became unusable, fully charged, and restarted when their battery was completely depleted.


Subsequently, Samsung Electronics responded to the failure, the company said it is seriously to deal with the battery failure report, they only received a small number of consumers may charge management consulting, only if the masters of the affected equipment more Detailed information is required to make further comments on this matter.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics revealed that China has not found the above situation.

Judging from the current situation, Samsung's "8-Point Battery Safety Check" formulated after "Note 7" did not seem to have played a role. So, this year, Samsung Prince Li Zaixin face many years of jail, the company actually appeared in the passive vacuum of power and the environment, this company can rely on their own crises, public relations risk management?


Note 7 tragedy vividly

Everyone knows that in 2016 Samsung's flagship mobile Note 7 release after the release of multiple battery spontaneous combustion events. In January last year, Samsung Electronics announced the Samsung Note 7 explosion survey results, the battery cause of the problem is Note 7 battery size does not match the battery compartment, there are manufacturing defects, resulting in overheating of the battery, resulting in a fire explosion.

It should be said that the explosion of Note 7 that year negative impact on Samsung is devastating. After the incident, the aviation administrations of various countries and various airlines issued warnings. They strongly advise passengers not to use the device while flying, not to charge them and not to check in baggage. This high-end positioning of the phone, transformed into "the most unsafe" mobile phone.

After reluctantly announced the global recall, some outsiders estimated the cost of Samsung's recall would be about 1 billion U.S. dollars. The company's share price has also been stagnant. The market value has evaporated 19 billion U.S. dollars in two days. The direct economic losses are not serious.

Of course, compared with the economic losses, the incident brought Samsung's strategic loss even more shameful.

A market analysis company said that Note 7's explosion not only blew Samsung's chances of attacking iPhone 7, so that Samsung's accumulated momentum disappeared, but also to make the Korean oligopoly brand lost.

Eight heavy battery safety testing

In Note 7 major security incidents, Samsung soon introduced a number of measures, including the urgent development of the "eight battery safety inspection measures" to ensure safe and reliable battery. Sources said the so-called "eight battery safety measures" include the following inspection links:

First, the durability test, Samsung will charge the battery test, piercing test and limit temperature test.

Second, visual inspection, Samsung will follow the standard objective of each battery to be checked.

Third, X-ray scanning, in-depth analysis of the internal battery failure.

Fourth, high-intensity charge / discharge test.

Fifth, the TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) test, testing the battery for volatile organic compound leakage problems.

Sixth, the battery disassembly test, testing the status of the battery welding point and the insulating tape.

Seventh, heavy use test, Samsung will simulate the user heavy use of the environment to stress test the battery.

Eighth, OCV test, from the component to the device assembly, Samsung will carry on the voltage detection to the whole production flow, in order to guarantee the battery safety.

In addition to these eight tests, Samsung is also promoting battery safety in three other areas, including improving battery material standards and improving hardware design to protect the battery. In addition Samsung will also improve the battery management software algorithms to better control the charging temperature, current and charging time limit.

In response, Sangkyu Lee, senior vice president of Samsung's mobile services reliability group, vowed in an interview: "All of the above are just some examples of Samsung's ongoing efforts to make product security a top priority. & rdquo;

At the time, everyone thought that after the Note 7 incident, Samsung would play an exemplary role in battery-safe cellphone production, driving the entire mobile phone industry to a comfortable and reliable mobile experience.

Unfortunately, Samsung quickly gave us a look.

Crisis PR

As we all know, in August last year, the Seoul Central District Court ruled that South Korea's Samsung Electronics Vice President, the actual controller Li Zha Rong bribery, misappropriation of public funds, illegal transfer of assets, concealment of criminal proceeds and perjury all five charges, sentenced to 5 years in prison. Lee Jae-rong himself complained about the length of his sentence and filed an appeal.

South Korea's Internet has rumored such a passage: "To know how the future situation in South Korea, just look at Samsung's chairman is still in South Korea. "Although this does have a slightly exaggerated composition, it is enough to see how much Korea relies on Samsung.

Every year, in order to participate in the Samsung Group's "stepping stone" SSAT exams record highs, in the South Korean youth experience "the hardest job in history" in recent years, this figure increased only unabated. This exam with the same name as "U.S. secondary school entrance exams" is mainly intended to break the notion that "diplomas are lifelong" and whether or not they have the ability to enter the various subsidiaries of Samsung.

However, despite Samsung's huge influence in South Korea, Samsung Crisp PR can work globally as well, with Note 8 once again encountering a battery problem and a power vacuum at the company's top management level.

Looking Back At Samsung's public relations strategy at Note 7, it's simply the opposite of public relations, with almost every node making the worst choice.

Indeed, the brand crisis PR is most like to use "drag tactic", that is, time to dilute the noise, but this strategy in many cases not on the security issues. Safety is the most basic, once the problem is very dangerous, when there are potential safety hazards, you should do a comprehensive inspection to ensure product safety, do everything we can to make consumers believe it is safe, and the problem models and other models to cut Prove that this is an individual event. And if the inspection found that there are indeed design safety issues, but also absolutely can not be lucky, sincere apology, instant recall is the best way.

But Samsung is completely in Note 7 on the opposite. In the course of the investigation, the company constantly denied that there was a problem with the product itself. As a result, it denied that the explosion was continuing. Samsung is even more wrong step is to replace the so-called security version of the battery, the result was a series of explosions, which not only allows consumers to have doubts about the company's products and capabilities, but also questioned its integrity, that deliberately deceive. To this step is not only a problem of losing money, but the entire brand has been dragged down.

Samsung is currently the first to do is to thoroughly investigate the reasons for the battery of Note 8 and fully transparent to consumers of the findings of the investigation, whether free replacement of batteries, firmware upgrades, full recall Note 8, or even completely discontinued this model Do not hesitate. Because if Samsung in the incident on the PR crisis any further loss, the company may not be lost more than the entire Note brand so simple, the entire group reputation will be affected.

Perhaps, over the same period Apple's "deceleration gate" event handling can give Samsung some inspiration.

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