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Rapid development of e-sports industry to play games is no longer a "business"

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Foreign media recently published an article saying that with the rapid development of the global e-sports industry, and now play the game is no longer synonymous with "business." Play games not only become a legitimate occupation, players can get a lot of money income.

Currently, about 191 million people watch e-sports competitions around the world. In 2019, the industry will receive $ 1 billion in revenue from corporate sponsors, media copyrights, tickets and more.

Play "League of Legends" fortune

When JD Higginbotham saw his son Matthew play games all day, unplugged his computer from the wall. When Matthew said "the PC was his personal property," Higkibodam pulled the network cable off the wall again.

Higginbotham recalled that Matthew was still a teenage boy. He said to his son: "How do you support a family? I'm almost 60 years old. In our time, it was impossible to live without labor. & rdquo;

But in the end, Matthew stood out in the "League of Legends" e-sports game run by Tencent. Higginbotham later said: "I have been working for 40 years. But now he is earning more than me. & rdquo;

Since then, Higginbotham has seen hope. He also began to realize that the "League of Legends" tactic was somewhat similar to his experience with the U.S. Army. He said: "That's a virtual war. & rdquo;

This shift in thinking is an endorsement of Matthew. Matthew said: "Everyone says that's not a good business, but when I make a lot of money, their ideas have changed. "Last year, 21-year-old Matthew also bought a Toyota 86 sports car with his own money.

Currently, about 191 million people worldwide watch e-sports competitions at least once a month. This size is equivalent to twice the amount in 2012. Research firm Newzoo BV predicts that in 2019 the industry will receive $ 1 billion in revenue from corporate sponsors, media copyrights, tickets and more.

Students drop out of school to play "Watch Pioneer"

The rapid rise of organized e-sports contests has left many confused and unprepared, especially those who previously blamed their children for "playing the computer a waste of life."

Selene Meschino has also tried to control her son's habit of playing video games. Once, when her son was playing the game, she held up her son's panties in front of the camera. On another occasion, she even fired a fire and forced her son out of the house.

But none of this worked. His son, Stefano Disalvo, still gave up the game and eventually dropped out of school and devoted himself to professional eSports competitions.

Later this month, 18-year-old DiSavo will represent "Blizzard's OverWatch" tournament at Blizzard's Blizzard Team Los Angeles Regiment on behalf of "Los Angeles Valiant." Di Savo's annual salary of at least 50,000 US dollars, plus medical insurance and retirement insurance.

Moschino said: "Obviously, some of my strengths he did not inherit. "Moschino also said that his son had recently always shouted" Reinhardt ", the name of the characters in the game, which confused her because a pastor in the local church was also called This name

Play "Tower 2" fame overnight

Joe Dager is a freelance Indiana Indian who first discovered years ago that 22-year-old son Peter was obsessed with the Dota 2 game , I feel very confused.

Dagle recalled: "It's like a bunch of people playing with sticks. "To stop his son playing games, Dagel often open the computer chassis, unplug some of the core hardware. Dagger said: "I would not object if he used to play football for playing video games. & rdquo;

Today, Peter has become a good e-sports professional, salary is very high. Dagel therefore fame, Peter's fans often take a photo with him.

Dagger said: "When the fans know you are Peter's father, they will ask for a photo with you. "For all this, Dargah is still adapting.

Play "Call of Duty" to win 200,000 US dollars

Paul & middot; Paul Garland, 50, is the manager of a company. After discovering his son Cuyler was tired of school, he had to bring his Xbox console to the company.

Even so, the 18-year-old son eventually opted out of school to participate in Activision Blizzard's Call of Duty game contest. Eventually, Keller won more than 200,000 US dollars in prize money.

Nonetheless, industry analysts point out that eSports has one thing in common with the traditional game industry: only a small percentage of players earn enough to support their use of the game as their full time job. The annual salaries and bonuses of these people may exceed $ 100,000 a year, even higher to millions of dollars.

A cultural subversion

Ryan Morrison (Ryan Morrison) industry said: "This is a cultural subversion. The day before, children hiding at home playing games or home disappointment. The next day, he became the highest paid member of the family. & rdquo;

Barney, of Wales, England, is a professional eSports player with Penny Morris' son, but Maurice thought it was absurd to see her son playing games. Barney, 18, is a member of the European eSports team and will join the League of Legends this month.

Morris said: "After I graduated from college, my first job earned me a few thousand pounds a year. Today, my son earns more than me a month. & rdquo;

Parents change their perspectives

Maurizio and Andrea DeLisi saddened their 17-year-old son to play games at school until late at night. Delis said: "We think he is wasting time. & rdquo;

And now, the Delis couple chooses to have their sons finish high school through NetEase, giving him time to represent the "San Francisco Shock" at the "Watch the Pacers" tournament.

Delis said: "In hindsight, it was probably a good thing he was obsessed with the game. Delis also said his son could go to college later, and he might pay his tuition fees for his own money.

He said it is a blessing to have the opportunity to do something we enjoy while we have an economic return in our lives.

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