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Baidu's response to App peeping privacy: inability to "listen to the phone"

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In view of Baidu App's "permission without user consent" and "monitor call", Baidu said that no matter Apple or Android system, it is impossible to provide software developers with interfaces or permissions to monitor user calls. Baidu's App has neither the ability nor the so-called "listener call".

At the same time, Baidu said in a statement that some netizens received marketing calls after a few minutes with Baidu, because the web page visited by netizens was wronged by illegality, rather than Baidu selling your phone number to someone else.

Baidu said the follow-up is still willing to continue to communicate actively with the relevant departments and actively cooperate with the court's investigation and forensics to restore the truth at the legal and factual level.

The full text of the statement:

On Friday, the Jiangsu Consumer Rights Protection Commission launched a lawsuit against Baidu.

Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee believes that the "mobile phone Baidu", "Baidu browser two App mobile phone consumers in the installation, all kinds of authority and purpose did not inform it obtained, without obtaining the consent of the user, such as the" phone, positioning, read short message, read contacts, modify system settings etc. all right.

On the same day, we have responded in detail to the misreading of Baidu products in this lawsuit:

1, whether it is an apple or a Android system, it is impossible to provide a software developer with an interface or authority to monitor a user's call.

2, Baidu's App has neither the ability nor the so-called "listener call".

3, when obtaining any user privileges in Baidu's related applications, it will be prompted by the pop-up window to prompt users whether to agree to authorize them in order to get corresponding services within the proper scope of Android system.

But there are still many people who have questioned this matter, and we are fully aware of this concern.

Today, we restored a Android mobile phone to the factory settings, photographed the whole process from boot to install and use Baidu mobile Baidu App, and asked the students to explain all kinds of questions about user permissions and applications.

On "access permission without the consent of the user"

In fact, when you see the so-called allegations, you just pick up the phone and reload the two App, the truth is exactly what it is. The following is the demo video:

The following is a screenshot of the permission of the mobile phone page to pop up when the mobile Baidu App is installed.

And when you use the Baidu browser App, you'll see:

The early Android system, because of the design of the system, will only list the required permissions to the user at one time, without the ability to control a single authority. And now 6 and more versions of the Android operating system, more stringent on the application of permission, will apply to the application of the individual rights. The latest Android operating system has evolved to more than 8, and users who still use less than 6 systems have been very limited.

In a word, our basic principle is that this authority will be applied only when the user is used to the relevant functions.

On "listening to the call"

The products of the product tell us that, whether it is an apple or a Android system, it is impossible to provide an application developer with an interface or authority to monitor the user's call.


First, the platform is not allowed. The Android system itself is absolutely impossible to open or design such a API interface for App from the secrecy user privacy point of view.

Second, Baidu does not have the ability. Baidu's mobile phone application is incapable and will never apply for the so-called "call monitor".

Imagine how much data will be uploaded in the background even if the mobile Baidu App can monitor the call? Now you can pick up the mobile phone to check the traffic usage, there is no abnormal at a glance.

This is a screenshot of the App traffic use of your own handset

Of course, we also note that many users in the message Tucao to a search on Baidu, often in what a few minutes later received a telephone marketing, and they will tell you "is Baidu to tell me your mobile phone no.".

Here again, I want to clarify again that your personal information is leaked because the web page you visited is wronged by criminals, rather than Baidu selling your phone number to someone else.

Just last month, Baidu security technology team co operated with the Haidian branch of Beijing Public Security Bureau to break the first domestic case of a new black gang that infringed on user privacy. It was "Black Mail" of mobile phone visitor marketing, and dozens of criminal gangs were captured.

"Listening to others, if"

In the protection of personal information of citizens, we are in accordance with the position and fundamental starting point of the Jiangsu Security Commission. In fact, in a few months of communication with the Jiangsu Security Commission, Baidu has already detailed and repeatedly introduced the use of various rights.

Again, access location, messages, mail list and other authorized Baidu related applications, are in a reasonable range, and all users to obtain weather information, login authentication, social scene, the first pop prompt the user whether to authorize the use of the authority to obtain the corresponding service, if the user is not authorized. Baidu does not use this permission. In addition, even after authorization, the user can choose to close the appropriate permissions at any time.

Follow up, we are still willing to continue to actively communicate with the relevant departments, and actively cooperate with the court's investigation and forensics, looking forward to the truth in the legal and factual level.

At the same time, we will also, as always, according to the relevant national policies and laws and regulations to protect the security of personal information.

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