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Hanging, physical hanging, human flesh hang, why the game is so fierce?

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Compared to "Jedi survival" plug-in, in fact, a lot of jokes about the game plug-in, but also very cruel. A joke often with friends is that your home game, is the first few days after the plug-in appeared on the line.

Sometimes my friend's answer is that on the line there, but I always feel that people plug-in ready, just waiting for our game on the line.

Such as jumping, as the first version of the first micro-channel in the first small program on the line, with WeChat high-weight recommended and easy to understand gameplay, instantly brush burst friends circle. As a result, hands-on players even developed artificial plug-ins, becoming a joke on the Internet.


Of course, a physical plug-in skills, then programmers to develop the kind of game plug it? The same can be prepared in advance.

Do not think this is a joke, just in the early morning of January 12, 2017, Nintendo released on Android system, instantly become phenomenal mobile games "Super Mario Run," just landed on the iOS platform, only to have noon Plug-in team released a video plug-in to successfully use the plug-in business; and anecdotes have also said that in 2016 a Tencent mobile game has not yet come out, the plug has been well prepared.

Is the technical capabilities of plug-in R & D team cattle to non-ordinary? Or the source code of these games have been leaked? The answer may be different on each game and the corresponding plug-in, but there is a circle of friends to give me an explanation that seems a bit outrageous, but very much afraid of thinking - mdash; & mdash;Many games itself is just a skinning game, the same type of old game is about to change the packaging, add some play to throw it out to make money, naturally before the plug will be universal, this is not difficult.

Whether such remarks really fly, has yet to be verified. However, the game manufacturers and plug-in tug of war, indeed there have been many interesting situations.

More classic is the agent of Tencent's "Dungeon and Warriors", then plug-in and operators in a period of time, entered a state of technical competition, allegedly plug-in data is plugged into the plug, then find Another loophole "input method", and then be blocked, and then injected into the data through the Thunder White list Specific combat I was not fortunate enough to observe, but some people say that some plug-ins based on Tencent cheating detection means Iteration, updated 6 times a day, truly reached the zero-hour response in Internet thinking, rapid iterative effect.

Saying, this rapid iteration of the frequency, even the giants such as BAT, seem to have few such product cases.

How to break? Often in the state of the game makers do nothing, the players will choose the only two ways, one is to quit the game, let the game suffocate suffocate and death; the other is universal plug-in, such as the old "running kart" , In the final stage of madness, even reached the state of no plug-in games, of course, the subsequent result is also dead.

Interestingly, most of the shadow of death is enveloped in the typical Korean flavor (most domestic game makers started from the imitation of the Korean wave) in the game, but also in the terminal era, it was ranked top ten games destroyed by plug-in, One of the "Adventure Island", "Miracle", "Paradise 2", "Aion" seven series of games impressively in the column.

In addition to Korean games like the main game program on the client, leading to plug-in can be modified, but also from the Korean wave evolved from this series of games, most of them adhering to the continuous rebound according to the story of rapid profit logic .

As for the game in Europe and the United States, the reason why less plug-in, there is a reason. Such as "World of Warcraft," before the advent of "Endless Tasks" (2003 produced), known for its complexity, variety and professionalism, is not a non-plug-in, but the plug-in can only serve the crowd and the support task is too limited, Lead to the production of targeted plug-in has become a "endless task", and too vertical subdivision of the game, so plug-in vulnerabilities once they are made up, the entire plug-in will also be scrapped.

Not worth the candle to break the direction of the background, there is no utilitarian plug-in team to boring attempts. Perhaps, such a technical war, but also a mode of economic war, so that the audience pressed press offensive, but difficult to score (earn money).

However, under the premise of the current mobile game, limited by the server, the bandwidth carrying capacity, and the player fragmented entertainment, the more the pursuit of simple, fast gaming experience, the game manufacturers themselves are not willing to choose such a path to go Do games - Might not have to plug-in, because they engage in too complicated, spend too much and no one wants to play, self-sleepy.

When I asked if the plug-in team was really hacking, would it be possible to crack a local client, sort out the source code instead of just finding the vulnerability? Encounters in the circle quite consistent answer - that it can be a change of skin for their own products, and then wait for the peer to toss it.

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