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The revelation of the Intel UAV show: how to make the UAV "blooming" the most brilliant fireworks

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Yu Lei, the first line author of the Tencent

In January 8th, Las Vegas, CES 2018 before the official opening speech, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich emphasized that the data are changing the world around us, driven by the wave of technological innovation, automatic driving, artificial intelligence, VR let sports more personally on the scene behind a series of key words, speech is the scene of cool demo, the man-machine Shooting Star fleet once again become the focus in the indoor theater performances of Intel.

From the beginning of 2015, Intel's Shooting Star UAV show time and time again to refresh the world record, from 100 units to 300 units and 500 units, the show scene has also expanded to the Super Bowl events and Disney in the CES during the night is dancing at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas with its most famous musical fountain gate.


What is the future of the UAV business? How does Intel run a large commercial UAV show? During CES, the Tencent science and technology line author exchanged with the general manager of the Intel unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) light show Natalie Cheung. The following is the content of communication:

Q: since 2015, you have used more UAVs in different scenes. For example, in Sydney, in a concert, like today in a large fountain. Do you think about the use of UAVs in addition to the performance of some other commercial application scenarios?

Natalie: let me try to answer it. We are in the Coachella Music Festival, the super bowl and the National Day celebrations in Singapore and Indonesia do, is a full set of services provided by Intel. We are working with them and performing a light show in our activities. That's what my team is going to do. I think this is our business, because we can show a new form of technology and combine art with technology. The audience did not see that. They only saw the magic in the air, and the technology was behind it. We think this is very important for Intel, because a pilot's technology of controlling multiple UAVs will help our business career and help us understand management regulation. The application of UAV is not only for aerial photography and monitoring, but also for entertainment. In order to realize the vision of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) continuously expanding its application field, it will continuously promote its wider commercial application.

Q: when it comes to business applications, can you describe in detail how to implement a project like the Super Bowl UAV show?

Natalie: the first thing we have to do when we first meet a customer is to understand the content of the activity. There are several different stages of the process. The first stage is that people in my team will go to the scene to find out where the UAVs are flying, what they are like there, whether there are obstacles or tall buildings in the air. Then we worked with the creative team to find out what they wanted to play, how many UAVs they wanted to use, and where to set up the apron. Then we also have to figure out what flight regulations are. For example, the activity of the super bowl is authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States to fly at a height of over 400 feet. At last, we flew to a height of 700 feet. Then we also need to get the authorization of the B airspace flight. It depends on the country, and in Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and Mexico, we have to get local authorization and proof of flight.

Then we negotiate animation with our customers. We ask how long the song is and how long the light show will last, usually five to seven minutes. We also have to figure out what themes or images they want to appear in the air. In the super bowl, they want the American flag. In Singapore's National Day celebration, they want some of the features of Singapore. We try to ensure that the theme is consistent with the activity, and the animated animation is in line with the customer's needs. We will do story scripts, and we will also imitate them again and again. All this is not done on the spot, and we can do it in a virtual way.

Then five to seven days before the light show begins, we will go to the scene to test some unmanned aerial vehicles. We are there to calibrate UAVs and let 12 to 10 UAVs fly to the sky, only a few UAVs, just to make sure that our assessment is correct. Then we are ready to start the total number of UAVs for all 300, 500, or customers. We don't have to make every UAV take off. We can get the test results from the simulation and show it in the system. We will know the flight situation by testing, and we are very confident about the last technology.

Q: who is the team made up of?

Natalie: our entire team includes the construction of the UAVs, the development of software, the operation, and the animation team. This is a complete Intel UAV team.

Q: at present, the UAV is still mainly performing. For a company like Intel, will its commercial potential be a little bit small?

Natalie: we hope that the Intel UAVs light show can flourish. You can see in our development that two years ago, we performed four UAV lights show. Last year, we performed in many private and public performances. But in 2018 we hope to have a bigger stage, and we will take part in the Olympics and carry out the unmanned aerial light show. Please look forward to 2018.

Q: so, do you have the main goal of doing more large and larger performance opportunities or to promote Intel UAVs solutions?

Natalie: I think the answer is different. Our biggest goal is to bring the UAV light to the world, so that more viewers can see it. A lot of people have seen a video of the UAV lighting, which does not show all the beauty of the light show, and we want to let individuals have that immersion experience. The beauty of the UAV light show is that it is a 3D show. You can see different landscapes at different angles. The technology we can show is very important for us, because no one knows that these are Intel's UAV and Intel UAV light show, so this is my personal goal in 2018.

At present, we do not sell Intel UAV products, more to let you know that Intel is doing the same innovation, technology and experience. Because no one used UAVs to do such a thing before. Technology is very important for Intel, and now we are hoping to bring the unmanned aerial vehicle, such an innovative experience all over the world.

Q: to put it in a larger market range, almost all UAVs or start-up companies are not very good except the big Xinjiang. How do we see the change of the UAV market?

Natalie: This is a very good question. We think especially for the UAV light show industry, we only touch the surface, the potential of this market is huge. A lot of people, including our clients, are also applying to us to perform, not just in the United States, but in all parts of the world. At present, we are only working with some specific customers. We find many strategic values, and there are still so many people who need us, which means we haven't completely solved this problem yet. There is a lot of demand in the future.

It has unlimited potential. It's a way to display the future air brands. This can be used in theme parks, for celebrations, weddings, and courtship scenes, as digital fireworks. I don't think the light show will disappear, and I think it has a big market waiting for us to develop. I just realized that we're talking about the UAV itself today, so we can talk about it, such as its features.

Intel Shooting Star UAV, you can see how light it is. Made of plastic and foam, it is as light as volleyball and weighs about 330 grams. It's cool that its built-in LED lights can create 4 billion combinations of colors.

Intel Shooting Star Mini UAV is as light and light as tennis and can take off from your palms only for interior design.

Q: how long does it continue to fly?

Natalie: we haven't announced it yet. It has been performed for five to seven minutes. But it does not include the time from the starting point to the place of the performance. It also depends on the specific flight regulations. I can still answer your question, as you can see in the keynote speech yesterday, you can see that it can fly at least for a long time.

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