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From the post factory village road to the non night city in the United States, Baidu is rolling forward on behalf of the Chinese autopilot

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At six o'clock in the morning in Beijing, a group of Baidu colleagues in Baidu village in Beijing are preparing to connect Lu Qi, who is based on the 2 conference of Apollo, Las Vegas, Nevada.

A person in charge of Baidu in Beijing has access to the video. At the temperature of six degrees below zero, his face is cold. This scene has touched some of the CES media in China.

The person in charge seems to be early on waiting for Qi Lu line, a few people waiting for their instructions to Qi Lu, Las Vegas is located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at noon, reporters from around the world to show their self driving cars, they define themselves as "China power".

Baidu has set out the strongest auto motorcade in Beijing. There is a car before we take a lot of time in the Baidu Beijing Lincoln MKZ automatic driving vehicle automatic driving car, facing the rising sun run ten different type and different functions. Baidu defines it as "self driving car parade". They say that the answer to create AI speed is hidden in the AI building around the unmanned motorcade.


Lincoln MKZ this car, we located in Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, Baidu Research Institute of America once, the car uses the latest Apollo 2 open.

In the roof placed a 64 line laser radar, added a new focal length camera on both sides for the detection of traffic lights, the car was pulled out in artificial Baidu Park, into the U.S. open road engineer click intermediate was the transformation of the huge iPad Pro on a few buttons on vehicle to start the automatic driving.

The MKZ runs slowly and looks very relaxed, just as it feels for a person to drive. The whole process was even boring.

The United States Pacific time on January 8th at noon, at CES, this was once in the downhill with the Baidu group called the Baidu group president and chief operating officer, vice chairman of the board of directors Lu Qi, he began to speak of Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas. Before this, he is the Microsoft Group Global Executive Vice President, is the Chinese pride, is one of the Chinese birth, the most famous professional managers.

As early as the end of 2011, Microsoft officially announced its withdrawal from CES. The official announcement is that the rhythm of product release is inconsistent with the pace of CES, but basically it is more like that they do not need to announce their new products with the help of this transmission channel. Interestingly, Lu Qi came to CES in a new identity, where he first introduced Baidu to the world for the first time.

In the field of technology, China's Baidu may not have to prove itself.

In China, Baidu's AI is developing at a very fast speed. Baidu first created a Institute for deep learning in 2013. Baidu established a laboratory in Silicon Valley in 2014, called Baidu Research. In 2015, Baidu released the first version of DuerOS. Baidu made it the Alexa of China. In 2016, Baidu released the technology of automatic driving and Baidu brain. In 2017, Baidu launched a series of new AI product drivers, released the Apollo automatic driving platform, defined the company's AI development direction, and Apollo looks like the version of Google Waymo.


The pictures from the departing technicians and their startup projects are: AI

Financial press reporter / April Hou Dijing

Baidu has quite a lot of talents in Chinese technology, especially in the field of autopilot.

According to incomplete statistics, from the beginning of entrepreneurship and investment to get Baidu out of the field of automatic driving start-up companies reached 13, while the outflow of talent including former Baidu automatic driving division general manager Wang Jin, a former Baidu automatic driving division chief scientist Han Xu, a former Baidu unmanned vehicle chief architect Lou Tiancheng and former Baidu unmanned driving a car team leader Kai Ni and so on, they all flew into the autopilot in the tide of entrepreneurship.

Most of the self driving start-ups in the area have applied for road test in the US. "Baidu Department" represents the top technology power of Chinese automatic driving to some extent.

When it comes to how the former employees compete with them, Baidu is not shy. A staff member at Baidu North America told us


In July 5, 2017, Baidu held a very large developer conference in Beijing. Lu Qi acted as guest host to introduce Apollo plan in a comprehensive way, and connected Baidu CEO Robin Li who was on the Fifth Ring Road.

At the conference, which was almost one-man led by Lu Qi, his position also appeared to have "overshadowed CEO Li Yanhong".

In just six months, under the guidance of Lu Qi, Apollo has been updated from 1 and 1.5 to the strongest version 2 so far, and the four modules of the platform are all open to support the automatic driving of simple urban roads.

Wang Jingao , head of Baidu ' s American Research Institute , told us that Apollo platforms maintained a new version of iteration and overall capacity every 4 - 5 months . Mr . Wang said today that the new version supports four aspects of updates

At present, the Apollo 2 version has a total of 165 thousand lines of code. AutonomouStuff company announced only a week's time, the 1 version will be before the upgrade to the latest version of the 2 self driving cars, greatly reducing the development cost, and each developer can AutonomouStuff as easy to transform their automatic driving vehicle.

On the 2018 CES, the world's Baidu was in need of Lu Qi to introduce it.

Lu Qi said that Baidu is an AI technology company, it is China's Google. "AI is at the heart of everything we do in Baidu. First of all. We use AI to change and innovate Baidu's current core business

In addition, we also have to build a number of new AI - enabled services, especially the Apollo for autopilot and the DuerOS for conversational human-computer interaction. These are great business opportunities for Baidu. "

It was hard to hide his personal excitement when he officially launched the Apollo program in China. And to this day, it seems to be happening again in Las Vegas, the American city of all night.

Compared to the AI power between China and the United States. Lu Qi mentioned that China has a structured advantage of population, data, industrial clusters and policies. Although the United States is still leading from high-end technology and talent, the gap between China and the United States is shrinking rapidly.

And China has a favorable overall environment with sufficient data and a considerable number of talents. "Baidu is born for all this, and we are working hard to advance all these innovations. "Lu Qi told the people on the scene."


On the second day after CES, Lu Qi was invited by CES to a round table dialogue. Lu Qi mentioned in the round table: "we are the top three Internet Co in China, which is parallel to the global competition. We hope to extend the boundaries of the network to user terminals. Our development is similar to Google, which starts with search, but now the transformation of AI, at the CES conference, our pavilion uses the latest video effects to introduce. "

"You can see that the Chinese government has this boldness to do network construction. Xiong an will be the next big city in China. It will be bigger than Dubai. It will be the future city. Network WiFi and foundation design are the most innovative and sophisticated. They will do best in business possibilities, technology possibilities and infrastructure. So our view is: the family, the car and the people join together. "

As media, we were in Beijing's Wuhuan, Beijing's post factory village, Wuzhen and Xiong an on Baidu's driverless car. We feel the Apollo version of the first edition of the iteration of the substantive upgrade.

At the beginning of the January 2018 Baidu Beauty Institute, we take a hybrid car in the use of 2 Apollo technology Lincoln in MKZ, it is more and more like a real driver driving a car, more and more gentle, the scene of the media who once thought this experience quite boring, they missed the first time to bring us the kind of autopilot sudden emergency brake, suddenly feeling over the artificial intervention.

After boredom, we find that this feeling is right.

At the end of the video conference of the Las Vegas conference, the Baidu Beijing technician took the scarves from Baidu's L4 level self driving car and said, "too cold, just around the wall", playing with lots of live foreign media. They also warmly whistled for Baidu when they saw an unmanned motorcade touring the Baidu park.

Only when it was introduced that Baidu is China's Google and Iqiyi is China's Netflix, some Chinese media people can't help smiling.

However, we are happy to see Baidu become China's Google, that Houchang Village Road's yards can change the world, and that Lu Qi can lead Baidu to the world stage on behalf of China's driving force. We would like to see a company representing Chinese technology and Chinese power coming to the world stage. But

"Baidu, is not unusual." one netizen in the comment area, skillfully wrote this kind of message.

"this is only the beginning! "at the press conference, Luqi's skinny body was still wearing a long-sleeved shirt, with a waistless pair of jeans, the speech was sonorous and forceful, and from time to time he made a gesture with a sense of strength.

From Beijing's back village road to the non night city of the United States, the Chinese auto driving force on behalf of Baidu is rolling forward.


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