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No longer just talking about the phone's Qualcomm and the future of its future 100 billion US dollars market

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Release of communications technology, the sword means 150 billion US dollars market

As the undisputed leader in mobile communications technology, Qualcomm also released a series of advances in communications technologies beyond Cellular. In the first day of Qualcomm's announcement, Christianiano Armon, Qualcomm's president, went straight to the point that connection technology would bring about $ 150 billion in market opportunities.

There is no question that all market opportunities related to connectivity and communication technologies should be Qualcomm's goals. This staggering estimate comes from a specialist market advisory body that accounts for $ 32 billion in mobile cores, $ 19 billion in data centers, $ 20 billion in front-end radios, $ 77 billion in industrial connections, $ 16 billion in autonomous drives and $ 7 billion in mobile PCs , IoT and security 43 billion US dollars, and network connectivity 11 billion US dollars.

Although the fields and market characteristics are not the same, because they are all applications of basic communication technologies, they are in fact Qualcomm's "dishes," and the attitude given by Qualcomm is equally straightforward: not only are these "dishes" interesting, but we also Eat in your mouth. This led to the Qualcomm CES during the five main actions.

Action one: operators continue to accelerate 5G to promote

As a major contributor and promoter of 5G technology, Qualcomm has been doing all sorts of efforts. However, in terms of mobile communication technology, the maturity of technology itself is not the only factor for its development. At the same time, it must take into account a series of complicated factors such as the overall market strategy and the overall ecological development stage.

The good news is that the time has come to push 5G technology at full speed. According to the EGPP's plan, the commercialization of 5G NR will come true in 2019. At present, proud of the pass has actually come up with their own 5G Modem - Snapdragon X50 Modem design, and in the experiment achieved beyond 4G LTE networking performance. At the same time, domestic operators and Qualcomm have also carried out experiments on the deployment of Xia Conden Tube in the future 5G network. The overall progress is steadily accelerating.

Qualcomm also showed at the press conference operators for the popularity of 5G technology voice:

  • AT & T: Expected to be itself the first carrier in the United States to support 5G. By the end of 2018, mobile 5G services will be launched in more than a dozen markets. ;

  • Verizon: Launches Wireless Residential Broadband Services in Three to Five Areas in the United States by 2018;

  • China Mobile: In 2019, a large-scale commercial 5G trial was launched in China. ;

  • KT: The fastest 5G standard in the early 2019 to fully serve the commercial market.

Action 2: Cooperation with mobile device manufacturers to promote 5G RF front-end design

Qualcomm in the mobile communications 5G technology has been the accumulation and breakthrough. Last November, Qualcomm announced its Snapdragon X50 Modem to achieve the world's first 5G actual connection test at the same time, the external said it has also completed the recommended recommended 5G terminal equipment design program in this CES, Qualcomm announced again : Work with customers such as Google, HTC, LG, Samsung and Sony Mobile to advance the design of advanced RF front-end solutions.

What does this mean? Because 5G technology has applied a series of brand-new wireless communication frequency bands, the detail technology, the complexity of its terminal apparatus has greatly improved. At the same time terminal equipment manufacturers are still trying to achieve higher levels of miniaturization, integration and performance, Qualcomm deep technical foundation in this regard will undoubtedly help.

Qualcomm's RF front-end product portfolio complements leading modem technology for next-generation mobile devices by providing industry-leading mobile solutions that support ground-breaking technologies such as Gigabit LTE, 4x4 MIMO and LTE Advanced that address the evolution of 5G and 2019 Commercial is crucial.

Action three: "Always connect to the PC," meaning far-reaching test of the water

Qualcomm Xiaolong Technology Summit held in December 2017 in Hawaii, Qualcomm officially announced its Snapdragon 835 processor-based "always connected PC" brand notebook products. By using the Snapdragon 835 platform in a notebook platform, the always-connected PC notebook product has two new core competencies: up to 20 hours of battery life and excellent mobile networking capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that, at the Hawaii Summit did not announce the association of related products, this CES also brought its own "always connected PC" notebook product - theMiix 630. Used withMicrosoftSurfaceSimilar 2in1 design.

There are also many consumers think long life and mobile networking is very important, but the current performance of Snapdragon 835 is still relatively inadequate. For this feedback, the head of Gerovac-related products also answered in a subsequent technical detail Q & amp; A:

The introduction of the 835 series is Qualcomm's hope that the entire market will see the new features and potential benefits of using the ARM processor on the mobile PC platform, and Qualcomm plans for higher performance requirements. One is in 2019, the more powerful Snapdragon 845 platform will also be applied to the new "always connected PC" products. At the same time Qualcomm may also be targeted in the future to launch some more powerful than the phone SoC chip ASIC dedicated to such products.

Action Four: Promote the V2X technology required for autonomous driving

At last year's CES, Qualcomm released its reference platform for the car networking with the Snapdragon X16 LTE Modem, as well as with FAW-Volkswagen, Audi, Ericsson, Panasonic and others. This year, this figure is directly extended to almost all the major automotive manufacturers in the world.

At this CES, Qualcomm official said: At present, more than 30 mainstream depot have adopted Qualcomm technology, has been in this CES in 2017, Qualcomm official said: At present, more than 30 mainstream depot have adopted the Qualcomm Technology, has collaborated in 2017 to achieve more than 25 new reference designs. At the same time also will launch the new Xiaolong 820A / 820Am car platform products.

Among them, from 2019, BYD plans to adopt an integrated infotainment and electronic instrumentation system powered by the Snapdragon 820A automotive platform. At the same time Xiaolong 820A will also be completed to a certain extent, the original responsibility of automotive ECU control unit.

820Am side is to work with Jaguar Land Rover to reach cooperation, in addition to having excellent performance and energy efficiency 820A, 820Am also has a strong 4G LTE Internet access.

Action Five: IoT market to create a series of products

Taking Qualcomm's Snapdragon SoC as an example, it also includes communication modules such as mobile network Modem, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, which also have excellent CPU and GPU computing power as well as excellent networking capabilities. Different from the mobile phone market "one step", IoT chip market demand is actually more complicated.

To this end, Qualcomm chose to regroup itself in the performance, communication module advantages in both directions. For the IoT scene out of both computing and communications, emphasis on computing, emphasis on communication, the ultimate low-power features such as a series of products. Which includes Qualcomm SDA624, SDA212 Qualcomm SDH612, which Qualcomm launched during the CES period and supports Google Android Things. Both platforms feature QUALCOMM's QCA9379 chipset for robust Wi-Fi 802.11ac 2x2 MU-MIMO and Bluetooth connectivity.

Qualcomm Home Hub platform devices based on Android Things can leverage other Google directlycloud service, Such as Google Cast, TensorFlow, Google Maps and more. At the same time high-pass home hub platform also supports a variety of mainstream voice service system, including Alibaba AI voice services,AmazonAlexa voice service, Baidu's DuerOS open platform, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana Virtual Assistant and so on.

Qualcomm = "World Connector"?

"Connection" is undoubtedly valuable, its value in the core terminal of the cell phone is the secret of success of Qualcomm all the way.

With the further development of communication technology, the processing capability of semiconductor chips will continue to increase, and more devices, people and even the entire social environment will be "connected" to the network. This is definitely a huge opportunity for Qualcomm, which has the core technology of mobile communications. And obviously, Qualcomm itself is also aware of and begin to layout these new opportunities.If successful, Qualcomm will also become a tremendous "world connector."

Of course, with this "world connector" status, there is a greater market return.

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