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A game to pry IP new ecology, Ali game "Civic Activities Qian Kun" program come from?

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Since the birth of mobile games, never the same things like IP, can have a dramatic impact on the market structure. Until today, there is hardly any popular fantasy theme game to get rid of the dependence on IP. IP, has become the current mobile games products, especially the most revenue-generating MMO standard category.


Since 2015, as the most closely linked IP and mobile games products, the heat of the tour linkage slightest no cooling, all kinds of linkage projects endless. In a fanatical, many products only remain in the adaptation mode for the skin, without no real depth value of expanding IP.

Faced with this phenomenon, backed by Ali huge entertainment treasure this huge resource, Ali games calmly put forward their own thinking: Drama linkage should get rid of the past a single resource to the operation, to integrate, including literature, film and television, games, Music and other dimensions of resources. To this end Ali games main theme of "cultural activities universe" exploration program, from the content creation, depth integration and diversification of direction, and seek the entire entertaining ecological chain opened.

As a leading vanguard of Ali's entertainment industry chain, the much-talked-about MMO mobile game "Action Martial World" recently officially launched its IP official website, and the 2018 summer is about to join Youku on the line of the same name TV series , Explore the new ecological IP play, all-round IP-enabled.


"Cultural activities heaven and earth" plan to start, multi-dimensional exploration of new forms of entertainment

"Action martial arts universe" is a series of oriental fantasy MMORPG mobile game with a deep linkage between the drama and the game, the snail game and Ali game joint research and development production.

Benefit from deep research and development strength, "martial arts universe" performance in product quality is quite amazing, the most prominent part is the game's art style. As a mobile game product, "Vanguard universe" is the first time using self-developed third-generation Flexi terminal touring engine, generously put PBR material rendering, global dynamic light and shadow, ultra-clear particle effects, real physical collision and many other times Generation technology, and strive to create a beautiful world of games.

From the official IP station exposure of the first several games the actual running screenshots and world view video point of view, "martial arts universe" screen performance is rated as a movie-level, real machine screenshots are even comparable to the original effect. The most common corner of the game is like a paradise, the sky is clear and bright, the light is soft and true, and the green vegetation is matched with just a few red flowers. Even the "martial arts universe" as a simulated travel game treatise, there is no nonsense.



Art shine at the same time, "martial arts universe" and did not forget the game should be fun part. For the majority of MMO battle system on the market a single defect, "martial arts universe" to listen to the players generally feedback, bold in the game to join the sectarian martial arts, advanced martial arts, Lingbao skills, symbols, such as gift of natural environment and other systems, Together to form a combat system.

It is true that the most direct impact of the multi-lane battle system is the increase in development costs and the difficulty in grasping the balance of the game. However, such a system gives the player full freedom of choice, tailored to individual needs, or research, or a combination of both, to create the most suitable combination for himself. Players play their own, is to enhance the experience of the most intuitive and effective way to play. In the end is by market flow, or playing a way out of their own way, "martial arts universe" has made its own choice.


As Ali entertainment to explore the ecological chain of the highlight of the integration of resources, "martial arts universe," hand-travel movies and television shows also the depth of linkage, in addition to a substantial inheritance in the game drama content, but also to create a more rich and varied plot line, through Celebrity endorsements and art scene into the multi-dimensional linkage to explore new forms of entertainment play. Ali games for this exploration is also given a new code name & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; & mdquo;

Simultaneous production of film and television drama games to create a smooth and unified user experience

"The main purpose of cultural and entertaining heaven and earth" is to better serve and build core products with market acceptance. However, the one-way product linkage effect is actually very limited, therefore, Ali Game also set up a Ali Grand Courier Group within the linkage line, the formation of the linkage between the company within the group. Rely on the resources of all parties of Ali Grand Courier Group to gather all the leaders and build up their advantages. With the unprecedented stance, we can restore the original kernel and spirit of IP to the greatest extent and give users the closest experience and experience.


"Avant-garde heaven and earth" series of products is actually the first executive project of "Cultural Activities", with three major concurrent ways of making dramas, games and literary works twice and diving into the deep-water area explored by the new IP ecosystem.

In addition to the above-mentioned next generation of art quality, a number of line training system, "Wu Dongqiankun" also strive to show users the charm of IP itself, to a deeper level of IP influence.

In fact, in order to allow players in different forms of products, can get a smooth and unified style experience, "martial arts universe" hand-game development cycle with the same name as the film and television synchronization. During the game's entire screen and character costume design, the team enters the filming base and performs 3D scanning on the costumes of the actors. Therefore, in the game, the players can also see highly imitated figure shapes of Yang Yang and Zhang Tianyai and ensure the consistent IP image Sex.


In order to create a game world that matches the needs of users and conforms to the IP world view, Ali Games has also organized a series of discussions with literary creators to explain the core of the story to developers and enhance the understanding of IP for R & D personnel. To provide close to the spirit of IP core experience, Ali games have to say that painstaking efforts.

In addition to restoring the essence of IP, "Vanguard" also seeks to present fans with more diverse storylines to meet the needs of the original readership. Ali game will be combined with Ali literature four "fantasy god" author, the story of the game to make reasonable extra works. From the new episodes outside the story of the formation of a new main line, as the original plot once again luster Tim.

For example, "martial arts heaven and earth," one of the characteristics of hand-travel tour is an innovative drama linked AVG plot gameplay, game player through the different options that make the plot to a variety of outcomes, to fill the shortcomings of the drama has only one outcome. The main line of the game there are even men and women of the two lines of points to IP fans bring a new way to enjoy the game.


Multi-carrier fully open up, series shape new IP ecological chain

In the 1960s, experimental psychologist DG Treichler used a large number of experimental data to prove that 83% of the information obtained by humans from the outside world comes from vision and 11% comes from hearing and the two add up to the information obtained by humans 94% of the total. As a result, films and games tend to bring more immersiveness to users than literary works, and a more convenient experience also enables the audience of films and television and games to be larger than literary works.

From this perspective, the more in-depth interaction between civic and entertainment carriers can increase IP traffic and reach more user groups.


However, all kinds of art forms and vectors can not be simply and completely immersed as the only criterion. In fact, the experience that each vector can provide can not be replaced by each other. Compared to games and TV dramas, the texts can often grasp the blink of an eye from the details and analyze them at different levels. The elements and emotions that make the drama and the game difficult to be meticulously appear to the readers and touch the deep feelings of the users.

"Cultural Movement" is proposed in the drama linkage, based on the various forms of art, carrier relative fragmented experience effectively blend, no longer rely solely on the subsequent carrier form of the original IP resources vampire development, and Let literary works, film and television drama, the game of the three main interdisciplinary, complementary advantages, fit and create IP content ecology. While providing a brand new experience to IP fans, we will finalize the long-term health development direction for the IP ecosystem.

"The significance of cultural activities" is that in the future, IP will no longer be a Gulf Stream flowing linearly in time, but will be brought together into a living pool that is effectively inside Huitong. IP will truly be fragmented in literary works, films, and games Carrier series together to form an irresistible cluster advantage.

IP authorizing party, the authorized party, adaptation party will also be a high degree of unity in the form of internal friction will be reduced to a minimum, to play the real potential of IP. It is not hard to believe that before the game in Ali, I am afraid there are people or companies want to create such a set of utopian big entertainment ecosystem, but the multi-stakeholder reconciliation is an unspeakable mountain.

Perhaps only like Ali games like this, with great cultural background of the Ali Grand Courier advantages, have the ability, but also the courage to put forward such a grand plan, and really put into practice. IP Entertainment Ecology to the great changes in integration, perhaps in the Ali game "cultural activities heaven and earth" landing in 2018, will come to our side.

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