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[observation] let the Meizu return to the Meizu

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Now when the Meizu needs to change, Yang Zhe has opened the "book of history", [] to find out thoroughly engrossed in four words, is in front of the Yellow chapter and the public.

Who's going for the Pro 7 back?

Yang Zhe joined the Meizu in May 2017, although the news was officially announced in June 1st. Yang Zhe's position in Meizu is senior vice president and general manager of Meizu company. He is responsible for marketing related business and team management of Meizu business department, and reports directly to Chairman and CEO Huang Zhang.

Such a high rank shows that yhuang attaches great importance to the mobile marketing veterans; but more importantly,Yang Zhe came to the Meizu and was responsible for the marketing of the Meizu's most important high-end mobile phone business, the Meizu business department.

The Meizu division here is exactly from the restructuring of Meizu Company in May 2017. In this adjustment, Meizu established Meizu, Meizu Flyme three major business departments; Among them, Meizu division is responsible for Pro and MX series of high-end flagship products, Meizu business department is responsible for the low end of the walk; In personnel, Li Nan, promoted to senior vice president, is in charge of Mei Lan, while Huang Zhang personally heads Meizu's division.

Huang Zhang straight, Yang Zhe to join, the impact of the high-end mobile phone market Meizu revealed ambition.

So in July 2017, Meizu released its flagship Pro 7, the mobile phone does not follow the market has gradually become the mainstream of the full screen design, but choose to create new styles in the back of the fuselage with a small screen, and calling "huaping". On the processor, although an agreement has been reached with Qualcomm in early 2017, the Pro 7 uses the Helio X30 processor of the Federation. And just joined Meizu Yang Zhe, also designed for the Pro 7 -- a poem, such as window, good landscape lili.

However, the Pro 7, which does not take the ordinary road, is not successful.

It is difficult to specify specifically what Pro 7 has lost to competitors, but from the perspective of the second half of Meizu, the Pro 7, which sells for 2880 yuan, has not won the recognition of consumers. 5 days after the conference, only 250 thousand of the reservation amount of Jingdong platform; then from September 25th until now, the official website of Pro 7 prices fell to 1999 yuan, more during the closing price of 1699 yuan; in December 11, which also came one after another to cancel the Pro screen 7 orders, the closure of more than 500 line store news.

It was associated with the poor sales of Pro 7, a change in personnel caused by it. In September 2017, Yang zhe joined Meizu former HUAWEI colleague, vice president Meizu division Pan Yikuan left office, he was responsible for Meizu overseas marketing business; in November, the general manager of the Sales Department of Meizu Zhu Chunmin to leave, to leave with him, and most of the employees in the sales team. In addition, in November 20th, the Meizu also announced the adjustment of advertising and marketing related personnel in Beijing to Zhuhai.

By December 2017, the Meizu had made the biggest structural adjustment in recent years. In addition to Bai Yongxiang, Qi Weimin Yang Yan cut authority was entrusted with the task, Yang zhe authority also changed; it was his title of senior vice president, but the authority is served as CMO and President of strategic adjustment, the sales department is no longer responsible for meizu.

A product is not sold well, and there is always a man to pay for it.Obviously, Pro 7's pot was finally thrown to the sales department, though its problems seem to be more on the products that Huang Zhang is personally responsible for.

The full screen age of the Meizu

For the full screen, the Meizu may be the most complex of all domestic mobile phone manufacturers.

On the one hand, the emergence of Xiaomi MIX and Samsung Galaxy S8 has made Meizu realize that the full screen is already a product development trend of the smart phone industry, and this trend must be followed.On the other hand, the Meizu has its own insistence and characteristics at the product level, which is exactly contrary to the comprehensive screen.

All the stars were also from the start key mobile phone meizu.

In 2014, to keep up with the then rising wave of fingerprint identification, Meizu, which has been using small dots Smart Bar solutions. At the end of the year, a Home key was placed on the MX4 Pro, which could realize the function of fingerprint identification. The Home button was improved in subsequent products in 2015. In June 2nd 2015, Meizu Note 2 added mBack function and changed its shape to waist circle.

Frankly, the key is the set of product innovation in 2015 Meizu mobile phone industry a rare bright spot; this solution was ZUK, hammers and other manufacturers to follow. Of course, the most satisfaction is of course the Meizu themselves in the next two years, the product, whether it is high-end products, but also whether it is Android or YunOS, the keys were never absent, it seems to have become a sign of Meizu product features.

Although Meizu pride and dedication to this round key, but when the industry in 2017 comprehensive knowledge of mobile phone screen gradually clear, strong bond has become a hindrance to the full screen meizu.Because a basic requirement of full screen is no buttons. Therefore, many manufacturers choose the fingerprint identification module on the back of the fuselage while the virtual navigation key is adopted at the system level.

This comprehensive screen solution is easy to achieve for many vendors, such as millet, HUAWEI, and Samsung. But Meizu is different. It has never used the post fingerprint identification scheme. It also can't accept three navigation keys of the original Android from the continuity of products, and mBack has become a product characteristic of Meizu.The Meizu people want to achieve a comprehensive screen, in fact, is a time and a huge cost of work, both at the hardware level or in the software level.

Therefore, although Li Nan has repeatedly expressed disdain for millet MIX and expressed his approval of Samsung S8, he actually knows the difficulties of Meizu on the overall screen problem. The objective existence of such difficulties, and the subjective attitude to the overall trend of Meizu screen, let Pro 7 and missed the full screen; but as a supplement to the lack of full screen, Meizu Pro 7 designed a later proved the users do not buy it huaping.

So, after nearly half a year's release of Pro 7, Meizu finally displayed its comprehensive screen solution on the magic blue S6: fingerprint identification is placed on the right side of the fuselage, and the virtual dot has the function of Super mBack.This is a huge combination of software and hardware solutions, but it is consistent with the characteristics of Meizu's insisting: resolutely do not use fingerprint identification post, and resolutely does not adopt three virtual navigation keys.

For this comprehensive screen solution, the Meizu name is named as the full screen 0.1, and claims it may be the best comprehensive screen solution in the current market.

Let the Meizu [return] the Meizu

From the point of view of the product, the S6 is a passing thousand yuan machine. But it did not implement well before the conference two days Yang zhe proposed [] thoroughly engrossed in Meizu brand idea, and even a little draw further apart.

The two main versions of this release are S6, MEIZU and mblu, but the mblu version is on sale at the early stage, which is obviously against the common sense of logo. Although the Meizu people claim that the mblu version "buys one less", the truth may be:

In the early stage of enchanland S6 development, it was intended to adopt mblu logo on the back cover and has been put into production. But for some reason, the plan was cancelled temporarily, and the logo word of MEIZU was reunified. In order to clean up the stock of the back cover of the mblu, it is not necessary to adopt the above scheme.

The product has entered the production stage of the case, also temporarily adjust the logo program - in addition to reflect some time ago in the Meizu product strategy and brand strategy on the ground of confusion, no other way to explain.While after the mess, Meizu finally decided to play [the] thoroughly engrossed in feelings cards, although it also have to bite the bullet and sell the mblu version of the charm blue S6.

In addition to [] and thoroughly engrossed in another card, Meizu yellow chapter coming out.

In recent years, the development history of Meizu, Meizu yellow chapter coming out seems to be necessary in the state of low attitude. The chapter on a mountain in February 2014 Huang Zhang in the company announced the return to earth from Mars []; and in the analysis of the success of millet, Meizu has expanded the brand and product line, the introduction of external financing, launched a series of changes such as employee stock ownership.

After the completion of the $650 million in financing Meizu yellow chapter, seems to be the mountain []. In the next two years, Meizu again toward the other extreme, frequently held a press conference, sales of 20 million units from about 4000000 units in 2014 soared to 350% in 2015. In 2016, Meizu held 13 mobile phone conferences frantically, with 22 million mobile phone sales to achieve annual profit.

However,The outside impression of the Meizu is that the Meizu has changed.

Chapter second from the February 2017 incident, he said he was going to build 15 years dream machine - Meizu Meizu 15; since 2018 is the Meizu yellow chapter was founded 15 years, give yourself a year. But now, this time of year is coming to an end.

The 15 of the Meizu, which is worn by the Huang Zhang, will naturally be a flagship of the flagship under the Meizu's flag, and is also expected by a lot of Meizu friends. However, the existing form and market structure of smart phones have stabilized. The only product highlight -- full screen -- is also rapidly popularizing and improving, and the entire mobile phone industry is welcoming the changes brought by the underlying technology.If not from the underlying technology (e.g. AI chip) to achieve real or full screen, but only in difference product details even maneuvers, pay attention to product grinding such as yellow chapter, I am afraid it is difficult to bring the change Meizu 15.

But for Huang Zhang, the Meizu 15, in addition to the meaning of the 15 years of the establishment of the Meizu, also carries the IPO plan and the future of the Meizu. You know, the chapter in the early 2016 years will have set over [IPO] into the plan, then Meizu began to pursue profits and sales; by April 2017, Li Nan said in an interview with [the] must be listed -- but obviously, Pro 7 defeat, let IPO Meizu again after the extension.

Anyway, compared to [] and [let Meizu thoroughly engrossed in return to this position by Meizu], return what can give Meizu yellow Chapter 15 and 15 year old Meizu company itself brings substantial specific what kind of change, is the focus of the real concern.After all, a loud and delicate slogan is really nothing in an age that has not been believed.

What's more, the time left for the Huang Zhang and the Meizu is not much.

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