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Interview with Microsoft Vice President: Why we make Surface, we make Surface?

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When Microsoft saw the face of Surface products now face the praise and expectations, and then think about this product line five years ago the challenge faced, there will be some sad feeling.

Inside Microsoft, large and small products like the carp across the river, and some started with a golden key was born all the way to hang up, and some began to be questioned, but eventually can be dived, and some hard support or cut. Surface products probably belong to the second.

Especially 5 years ago, when the Surface product line just came out, the PC industry has entered a decline channel, so why Microsoft resolutely entered this market is no longer growing, why the Surface product positioning higher and higher end, after all, Microsoft wants to Surface Who to sell?

With such a problem, Ai Fan children and friends together at Microsoft China headquarters interviewed Microsoft vice president, marketing and consumer division, equipment and mixed reality marketing director Elizabeth? Middot; Hamulun.


(Front right third for Elizabeth & Hamd)

Why create Surface?

The general trend under the industry recession, in fact, also contains opportunities.

Microsoft and Elizabeth & middot; Hamlen's focus is that PC is still a huge market, in this large market has many different market segments. She noted that the segment of high-end or high-performance devices still has strong demand and is a healthy market:

Therefore, in these market segments, Microsoft is also sparing no effort to continue innovating to create the next generation of high-end PCs. In this regard, we work hard on the masterpiece is a two-in-one type of product.

Although the Surface is the beginning of the form of combo products, but the performance of the first generation Surface, it is hard to say very successful. At that time, Intel's processor power consumption is not good enough than the control, Windows RT is not easy to use, poor cruising life is not conducive to the mobile office.


(Surface Pro 3)

The entire Surface series inflection point appeared in the Surface Pro 3, this thickness of only 9.1 mm, lighter than rival MacBook Air, life to meet most of the office products finally like a complete body.

Former posterity planting shade, experiencing the loss of the previous two generations of Surface business, so that the public are familiar with and recognize Combo products, Microsoft said "hard work of the masterpiece is a two-in-one type of product" is not excessive.

More specifically, Elizabeth & middot; Hamulen thought:

Microsoft will carefully analyze what types or segments of the entire PC market, we think there is still a good chance. For example, we think that combo is a niche market with opportunities.

As another example, we will find that some users have specific requirements of design or performance, they also represent a part of the growth opportunities for the market segment.

For another example, some users to buy a PC is used to play the game, and PC equipment for gaming purposes is also very good sales. Therefore, in the entire PC market, there will still be some segments of the market performance is very eye-catching.

When we did Surface, we carefully selected market segments that we believe will have growth opportunities and are healthy. In these segments there is still strong customer demand. These customers want a new, better experience, and a more powerful experience.


(Surface Studio)

Who made Surface?

As Elizabeth & Hamlet is actually more responsible for marketing, the answer is not focused on the product planning level, so in answer to my question about "Microsoft will upgrade Surface Studio and iMac Pro battle" problem, In fact is to answer another question, that is, Microsoft made Surface?

Elizabeth & middot; Hamlen said:

What we usually do with the new product or product roadmap is that if we find that the specific needs of users in the market are not being met, we will find ways to meet these needs by providing them with new products through continuous innovation Satisfied use needs.

For example, we found that there are some Surface customers who want to use Surface Laptop, we made Surface laptop this laptop.

For another example, when we find that customers have more demand for the Surface Book family of products, we have updated our Surface Book family of products.

Therefore, Microsoft's approach is that we will be in accordance with the needs of consumers in the market to determine the direction of our next step to do to meet their unmet needs, and in accordance with this direction for innovation.


Although previously in the Surface Pro 3 conference, Microsoft put the MacBook Air and Surface Pro 3 on both ends of the balance to prove the Surface Pro 3 light; released in the Surface Laptop and other products, MacBook Pro 13 has also been released many times Under the knife will show innocent people. However, in an interview, Elizabeth did not comment too much on Friends Apple, but said that the needs of the market and consumers are the starting point for Microsoft-made computers.


In order to further explain this starting point, Elizabeth & middot; Hamlen take their own needs to illustrate:

Why do I use Surface Laptop myself? Because I like to put this thing on my lap, I can use my posture anywhere to access my hardware. There may be some consumers who like me, hoping to have some nice features on the Surface Pro, such as touchscreens, ink writing, and crafting, which can be laptop-based, so we later did a Surface Laptop.

Therefore, we pay close attention to the users. We will continue to expand and enrich our product line based on the user's usage scenarios, such as in daily life, work use, user usage and usage habits. Including some of the nice features I mentioned earlier, bringing in features like craft making, touch screen, ink writing.


(Surface Laptop)

Of course, there are similarities between why computers are made and computers made for them:

Although the Surface product in the PC market, but the audience for the Surface is very clear, taking into account its price of 800 US dollars and above, it is clear that the Surface is mainly facing the high-end market.


After Surface, is MR

PC is still a big market, Microsoft has invested a lot of troops here, from Windows 10 to Surface; mobile hardware and systems have nothing to do with Microsoft, Microsoft is now focused on doing "the best iOS developers" then the future of computing devices Microsoft has already begun preparations.

If the Surface Pro series is a sample from Microsoft for 2-in-1 devices, then HoloLens is another device sample for mixed reality (MR).

However, the price of HoloLens up to 20,000 yuan is obviously not for the average consumer, and Microsoft, HP, Dell, Lenovo and Samsung have introduced three or four thousand yuan of mixed reality devices to be more close to the people.

So how much emphasis on Microsoft MR business it? Elizabeth & middot; Hamlen said:

In the smart business, MR will be a very critical point of contact, to enter the market a point. Therefore, we can still spend a great deal of effort in this regard because we think MR represents a direction for future calculations.

A book written by our company CEO Satya also mentions Microsoft's most valued platform for the future three core, one is MR, the second is artificial intelligence, and the third is quantum computing. So it is clear that in the future of Microsoft's vision, MR occupies a very important part.


(Lenovo Star Wars theme MR equipment)

From the point of view of ordinary consumers, HP's Dell Samsung Samsung MR equipment is not available for a long time and the sales volume is still limited. HoloLens is more focused on the industrial application level. It looks like HoloLens has not updated the hardware since it was released in 2015, but Microsoft and its partners have not stopped working at the application and software level.

Jared Andersen, Surface and HoloLens China Strategy Director, said:

When I went to 301 People's Liberation Army General Hospital in Beijing last November, the two experts explained to me in great detail how they used HoloLens for back, hip and knee surgery.

The reason I feel very excited, there are two reasons.

First, HoloLens gives Chinese doctors the ability to provide higher-quality, higher quality medical services and care to their patients.

On the other hand, HoloLens enables them to provide remote medical consultation and surgical guidance, which means that these professional doctors in big cities can provide highly specialized medical services to patients in remote areas through HoloLens Without HoloLens this remote medical service is impossible.

Jared Andersen sees the potential of devices like HoloLens right here, and the open class on the Internet gives people who do not have access to the best education at institutions like Harvard Yale and others, to a degree that HoloLens does.

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