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What is worth buying? Microsoft Xbox One X game console experience

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Performance parameters

XBOX ONE X uses a custom AMD processor, using 8 2.3GHz "Jaguar" architecture core. Graphics used in the Polaris graphics card, with 6TFLOPS computing power, theoretical performance and desktop version of the RX480 similar. Support 720P, 1080P and 4K three resolution, and support for oversampling technology.

Appearance details

Measurements reached 299.97mm x 239.77mm x 59.94mm. The weight also reached 3.81 kg. Exterior design is different from the previous XBOX series, using the splicing structure of the upper and lower two layers.

The front of the machine is equipped with a USB port for the connection of the handle and other devices, and the left button for handle matching in wireless mode. The top of the XBOX LOGO take into account the power button and the power indicator, switch the machine will have the corresponding key tone.

Although the digital age of games in the Internet age has long been the norm, XBOX also provides a digital version of the direct purchase and installation channels. However, the XBOX ONE X still retains the Blu-ray drive, in addition to the normal gaming disc reading ability to upgrade to 4K HDR decoding capabilities. This XBOX has always been the "living room entertainment center" positioning, and a common 4K BD player also reached a four-digit number, XBOX for the living room to provide players with the strongest audio and video playback capability means more cost-effective and use.

Back part of the interface is equipped with two HDMI2.0 interfaces, one responsible for audio and video output, one responsible for the input. Two USB ports provide scalability. Audio output layout 3.5mm audio and optical output interface. RJ45 network cable interface is also essential.

Overall changes in the handle is very limited, an increase of Bluetooth, PC support is also better. For more information, see our previous article"A new version of XBOX One Handheld for Windows Games hands-on experience".

System related

XBOX ONE X user interface compared to the previous generation has a larger change, the design style is very similar to the previous Windows Phone and windows10 design style. The layout and system hierarchy and interaction design logic are a bit confusing. For example, the screenshot upload interface contains all the features selected, but not all the buttons for the full upload are provided after the selection. In the past XBOX external hard drive game backup function has not been found. The completion of XBOX this new system is evident.

State Bank version is still the default lock, but can be unlocked in a very simple way to install some uniforms before the game, the specific way to crack you can easily find, we will not go into details.

Video settings we can see XBOX ONE X support 720P, 1080P and 4K resolution. It is noteworthy that currently does not support the common 2K resolution of PC monitors, resolution of 2K resolution monitor will be set to 1080P by default.

Game content

Games and apps can be viewed and purchased in XBOX apps with built-in stores and PCs. Due to the review of the reasons for the country, the number of games to be less, after unlocking can get more games to download and install permissions. Due to the overseas area of ​​the purchase is too much trouble, so by directly buying game redemption code is clearly a better choice.

As for the game content, as always, in addition to the advantages of traditional sports games, the number of exclusive titles still has a certain disadvantage over the PS platform. However, the quality level of these major titles has obvious advantages over its rivals. With 4K HDR blessing Not to mention the next. However, for XBOX, the problem can never be hidden is the high degree of overlap with the PC game player diversion. But coming to this generation is less terrible. After all, for PC gamers, you want a smooth running 4K game

Computer, you have to pay the price of at least GTX 1080Ti graphics, the overall investment will be 3999 yuan XBOX ONE X several times. Obviously this appeal to PC gamers is self-evident.

Part of the game experience

The following are 4K resolution screenshots, click the picture to view the original image

Assassin's Creed: Origin: 4K 30FPS

Ubisoft Assassin's Creed: Origins is the latest 2017 masterpiece, the overall picture quality is very good, but in the XBOX ONE X games only 4KPSFPS run under the sharpness of the screen compared to the PC version of a certain degree of weakening. In addition, as an action game, the experience of using the handle is very comfortable. The overall gaming experience is quite good.

Middle-earth: Shadow Battle 4K 30FPS

This game is the author I experience these games in the relatively weak quality of a paragraph, is also the only priority to provide priority and resolution resolution game of the game. Unfortunately, 4K resolution is only able to run at 30FPS, which is slightly awkward for an action game.

Aura 5: Keeper: 4K 60FPS

As a signature XBOX platform, Xbox ONE X can support 4K 60FPS and HDR. The quality of the game is very good, plot, quality, sound have reached a similar level of excellence in the game. But without automatic targeting, playing FPS games with the handle still takes some time to adapt. butMicrosoftLast year was promised to make XBOX fully compatible

Although the operation of the mouse and keyboard has not yet been realized, it is still worth the wait.

"Destiny 2" 4K 60FPS

In the author's experience for a few days, "Destiny 2" is the best experience in the author's mind a game. The high fidelity of 60 FPS at 4K resolution complements the high picture quality, and the physical effects are impressive, in particular.

"Star Wars: Front 2" 4K 60FPS

Frost engine blessing under the "front line 2" is undoubtedly the most powerful game in the recent masterpiece works. Still maintains the ability to run at 60FPS at 4K resolution at photo quality. If EA does not put much content into the DLC, the experience of this game will be better.

to sum up

Overall, the XBOX ONE X is one of the strongest game consoles for smooth running of 4K games and worth considering for PC creators like I. As mentioned earlier, from the perspective of cost-effective PC platform undoubtedly has a great advantage. Of course, this is only from the hardware to consider, but if you consider the software, it is worth considering some.

But the same is true: the first is whether the number and quality of the game, especially the few exclusive monuments, are sufficiently attractive. Whether or not there will be enough good-quality games to continue producing in the future will determine if it will avert the fate of eating after players feel fresh.

Followed by the operation of the problem, XBOX currently hold the facade of the game dominated by FPS, FPS game is not friendly to the handle of the handle. This requires a lot of learning costs for non-host players.

If the above two points are acceptable, XBOX ONE X is definitely worth the investment.

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