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Multi-point content distribution against Baidu's headwind behind the radical and dilemma

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Except, expected. Today's headlines and Baidu spate of war of words, last week upgraded to courtesy, headlines today announced on January 29 Baidu will unfair competition filed a lawsuit. Behind this is actually the defensive battle of the first entry in the content today, as well as the continuing deepening damage to the headlines today by the giant encirclement and suppression. The industry believes that in addition to the lawsuit, strict policy control and crazy expansion has also brought a crisis to the headlines today, and Baidu in the commercialization of AI before the urgent need to consolidate the PC era has been established content dominance.

Belated confrontation

January 29 evening, today announced the headlines, "Baidu unfair competition" filed a lawsuit. Baidu believes that today's headlines deliberately fabricated false statements, retaining the right to legal action to protect rights. February 1, today's headlines continue to accuse Baidu "blatantly lying" and additional litigation.

Prior to this, the war between the two sides has lasted a few days, the fuse is Baidu set up "rogue" rumors. After you come to me several times, today's headlines indicate that the search results in Baidu search "Today's headlines" are ranked first in mid-December 2017. Today's headlines are required to rectify the article; the second ranked search results Is "the official website of today's headline", but the red word marked a warning "Reminder: The page may not be able to access due to unstable service". Accordingly, today's headlines that Baidu "unfair competition" litigation opened.

In fact, as early as today's headlines in 2012 soon after the launch, the industry had predicted that today's headlines and Baidu will have a war. However, such a positive showdown is several years behind prophecy. Today when the headlines are introduced, Baidu is immersed in the mobile business, fully run in the field of life services. From the perspective of content, WeChat, which launched the public platform in the same period, has become the biggest competitor in the top of the list today. However, the top of the list relies on the algorithm recommendation mode to make it become a phenomenal product in a short period of time.

Baidu action in the field of content is not fast. December 2013 Baidu launched its first online platform Baidu Baidu, Baidu News original section, by the end of September 2016, Baidu online content products, open registration for all users, Baidu opened the core distribution channels , Including mobile Baidu, Baidu search results and other information flow Baidu system. By the end of May 2017, Baidu's 100 platforms merged with No. 100, and since then, No. 100 has officially become the most important product of the content system of Baidu, and has also become the main force in the battle for today's headlines.

Information flow dispute

Although the industry has long been a proponent of the positive competition between the two sides, why the clashes between headlines today and Baidu broke out in the near future? Big thinker Big Data analyst Liu Dawei that the most important reason is that mobile traffic dividends exhausted.

According to the annual report of China Mobile Internet released by Questmobile, the total number of monthly active devices in China's mobile Internet stabilized at over 1 billion in 2017, showing a very slow increase; the year-on-year growth rate has also been decreasing month by month, and the mobile traffic bonus has been verified.

In the overall negative case, the status of news information as a traffic entrance is still strong. The report pointed out that in December 2017, the news and information industry average monthly duration of 980 minutes, the industry penetration rate of 55.7%, ranking fourth in the industry, the news has become a new important traffic entrance.

Landing to the enterprise side, Baidu's competitive impact on today's headlines are on the rise. Questmobile data show that in December 2017 Baidu mobile phone and today overlap headcount size increased from 78.47 million to 91.89 million people, the same month users of mobile phones Baidu per capita single day was 39.1 minutes, an increase of 10 minutes from December 2016 . For the same month, the daily average daily headline usage of coincident users was 75.3 minutes, down 5 minutes from December 2016. Baidu mobile phone users using mobile phone Baidu average per-day length increased 10 minutes to 45.3 minutes, today's top users today use today's headline per capita single-day duration is reduced by 3.6 minutes to 75.5 minutes.

The secret battle for traffic flow, in fact, is the level of competition in the flow of information flow. With today's head start on the flow of information, there has been no one looking back. After Baidu launched the information flow business in the third quarter of 2016, the competition pattern has undergone a subtle change.

For Baidu, the flow of information and search through passive and active help users to obtain information, the former Baidu can provide the traditional search business to supplement. "Baidu does not have to do all the resources AI, most of the capital or Baidu search, Baidu's information flow. "Not long ago, Baidu founder and CEO Robin Li said publicly. Earlier, he also stressed that information flow will be Baidu's next growth point. And currently in the information flow of the track, the top headlines today the most prominent representatives of Baidu Group and COO Lu Qi even blatantly against today's headlines, "hit a year to lie on it".

Coincidentally, this hundred war from Lu Qi said just a year. According to Baidu Finance, in the second quarter of 2017, the number of mobile phone users Baidu daily live more than 100 million. Based on the Baidu information flow performance in the third quarter of 2017, the annualized revenue surpassed 1 billion U.S. dollars, while the headline today is said to have a revenue of around 15 billion yuan in 2017.

Content distribution multi-point confrontation

In addition to the information flow business, today's headlines and Baidu in other products continue to fight. In the past year or so, headlines today also hatch out volcanoes, watermelon videos, wukong quizzes and shuffles in an attempt to verticalize content, expand product matrix, enhance user stickiness and enhance corporate valuation .

Today's headline crazy attack made a result that can not be ignored. QuestMobile data show that volcano video and watermelon video for more than 50 million users the strongest growth rate top two list, volcano video in December 2017 on the active user scale of 7789.55 million, an increase of 5381.4% over the same period watermelon video Of daily active users of 8205.97 million, an increase of 332.7%. Watermelon video for short video App users sticky first, in December 2017 per capita single-day length of 74.45 minutes.

Baidu is also starting to exert pressure on today's Q & A with an over-coded layout, short videos and knowledge-based payment. Take for example the short video put heavily in today's headlines. Baidu launched its short video convergence platform at Baidu World Congress in 2017 and is one of the key products for Baidu's development of its information flow business. According to the data provided by Baidu, at present the good-looking video one-day distribution volume reached 1 billion orders of magnitude, including sources of content such as Ai Qi Yi, video for everyone, Baidu also Baidu mobile phone Baidu Home and other places to watch the video set the entrance, the former hope Good-looking video, mobile Baidu to enrich the content form, enhance user base, the use of Baidu platform content to achieve user accumulation and retention, thus tamping Baidu in the field of content distribution advantages.

In addition to Baidu, the headlines of today's headlines are still in close contact with other head enterprises. In the competition with today's headlines, the news client, although not expressly occupied every day, absolute superiority, but WeChat public number gathered a large number of the author of the head, once the Daily Express + Tencent News + WeChat public number matrix offensive, Tencent In the content area will further enhance the status. "At the same time, Ali's UC is also a super App, which has never given up its exploration of content entrance and can link up with multiple Brother products in the big entertainment system. Weibo, Zhihuo, and Secondhand This type of vertical rival such a fast hand has also been on the verge of breaking business boundaries. & rdquo;

Content-based products for the striker, all the way to today's headline radical is facing unprecedented face-to-face competition, transformation AI, force of information flow Baidu also urgently needed rapid suppression after the first arrival.

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