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Director Peter Chan teaches you how to shoot a cell phone blockbuster with the iPhone X.

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Recently, Peter Chan appeared in Beijing's Sanlitun short story "Three Minutes" premiere of the scene, but this is not the introduction of the traditional cinema movie, but a full use of iPhone X shot short pieces.

It is understood that the short story tells the story of an ordinary female train attendant in the Spring Festival this year with families, children's station a brief reunion story. For them, the meaning of the Spring Festival is completely condensed. During the three-minute reunion, emotions such as expectation, excitement and joy permeate the majority of Chinese and represent the definition of family, age, reunion and happiness in most Chinese people. Warm touch.

The commentary states that although the volume is small, the subtlety of this short piece of work is impressive. Its visual effects, lens design and light and shadow are comparable to those of film-level works. It is reported that after the conference Youku online shooting a small 5 video skills, director Peter Chan from the sports camera, special perspective, portrait light effect, time-lapse photography, slow motion of these five angles, to tell ordinary users how to use the iPhone X better Shoot video.

Skills First, to achieve "sports camera" full control

Compared to the bulky big camera, cell phone compactness, portability advantage for ordinary users, especially the iPhone X body lightweight, one-handed operation is also no pressure, more conducive to try sports camera shooting. Director Peter Chan also said: "Some lenses in the end, such as directly from the train compartment to the platform outside the window, the phone is much more flexible than large cameras. & rdquo ;?

In addition, the iPhone X's 12 million pairs of cameras (28mm f / 1.8 wide-angle lens and 52mm f / 2.4 telephoto lens, respectively) support optical image stabilization and hand-held image stabilization for a smoother and smoother image. Even the camera is white, but also with the iPhone X, shoot a wonderful long shot, long emotional guidance and rendering, with a show off of the capital.

Second, bold attempt "special perspective"

Small iPhone X, with accessories such as common market peripherals, you can try a lot of unique perspectives, such as high altitude, the polar perspective of the ground, the fixed follow-up perspective of moving objects, panoramic view of the small space, bringing more novelty sense. Daring to try different angles when shooting, maybe it will become the biggest highlight of the video.

Among the short films directed by Peter Chan, three lenses fully embody the rich imagination of the iPhone X & ldquo; special perspective & rdquo; One is installed in front of the train through the tunnel mountains, changes in the number of light and shadow, iPhone X's response is fast and accurate, the focus is stable, there is no virtual focus; the other is the train from the top of the lens, the compact body remained Enough imaging space and depth of field; the third is through the small stabilizer placed in the subjective niche of small performers, in order to see the child's desire to see the perspective of the mother in the crowd through the picture very contagious.

Third, how to shoot the most beautiful portrait?

"Light" is essential in any film and television shooting, good lighting can even play the finishing touch effect. iPhone X Excellent portraits of light effects, portrait effects of shallow depth of field by blurring the background, highlighting characters and lines, and focusing on the main stage light effects. At a glance, you can freely switch between different portrait lighting effects, to achieve the reduction of light and dark details, to express the different emotions of the characters and to help create character.

Tip Four: Time-lapse photography with iPhone X "Change" "Restructure" Time

I believe many people want to shoot "delay photography" This large-scale works, such as the beautiful sky, the flow of people, etc., in just a few seconds you can express a few hours, and even days, Bring a more intense visual impact.

Director Chen Xuxin also said at the premiere event: "The reason why movies are interesting may be because we can record time, change time and even reorganize time through movies. "This is where the director thinks the charm of time-lapse photography lies, showing an accelerated shift in time and latitude.

Skills Five, clever use of "slow motion" visual illusion brought emotional communication

Many people think that the use of special effects in the video is not true, is intentional control of the audience's emotions, it is not. Director Chen's "Three Minutes" opening is a slow-motion shot of a child shaking his fireworks. With the children's versatile recitation of multiplication formulas, the child lonesomely and waits to feel his heart and perfectly captures the emotions of the characters.

For the average user, with the iPhone X can easily master more professional video shooting techniques, but no matter what shooting techniques, the important thing is to have real emotions, this is the key to impress people.

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