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Eager to embrace the Chinese AI boom, 404 did not block the pace of Google

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In recent years, the presence of Google in the Chinese market has multiplied. Whether in December 2017, the establishment of Google China Developers Conference and Google AI China Center, or the Google Shenzhen office announced recently, all people feel that this technology giant is closer to China.

But this is not enough. Tenth days before the Spring Festival, Google has a sense of existence in China.


Google is in love with Chinese culture

A well-known fact is that if AlphaGo is not playing in the field of weiqi, the accumulation of Google on AI will be hard to get today's world fame. Similarly, if AlphaGo hadn't been in the hometown of weiqi in May 2017, the speed of Google and China's going to each other will be difficult to accelerate.

No one can think of helping Google close to China, which is the game of weiqi.


The story of Google and Chinese go go to the end of December 2017's "go go small pioneer" national youth go promotion campaign. It came to an end. The Google CEO Sundar Pichai who came to China to participate in the world Internet Conference also attended the event in person. After the Sundar Pichai has gone, the exploration of the Chinese culture by Google is still continuing.

This time, it's Google Arts.

Lei Feng once reported that not long ago, Google Arts


In February 6th 2018, at the Think With Google brainstorming conference, Google said

In addition, in order to protect the Chinese rich are at risk of disappearing crafts cultural heritage, Google cooperation with 6 partners, the use of Google VR, Art Camera, machine learning technology will be the essence of Chinese crafts and folk custom in the digital, generating more than 40 exhibitions and 1800 new crafts, involving cultural heritage including paper cutting, stone carving art and peach blossom fan.


Admittedly, although Google Arts

Democratization of AI

In this Think With Google Google Cloud AI Innovation Conference, research director Li Jia also attended the meeting and made a speech, but she also a Title now is the president of Google AI China center.

In his speech, Li Jia mainly discussed the issue of enabling AI. She said that AI has been very popular in recent years, but there is still a process to go from AI research to product development, and Google Cloud plays this role. It can help product development and AI integration in various industries, such as AI education and AI medicine.


To achieve this, Google Cloud AI platform provides tools such as TensorFlow, ML Engine, KubeFlow, etc. KubeFlow can help users transform algorithms on different platforms. For general developers, Google also provides all kinds of ML API, including seven categories: cloud translation, cloud image, cloud Natural Language Processing, cloud job search, cloud voice and so on.

At this point, Li Jia referred to the AutoML released by Google in January. She said that AutoML uses advanced technologies such as Google's learning to learn and transfer learning. Organizations that want to help ML/AI with limited expertise and capabilities can also use AI technology to build customized AI models, lowering the barriers to ML development and enabling as many developers, businesses and researchers as possible to use Aix; so far, More than 10,000 users have signed up to use AutoML.

In his speech, Li Jia mentioned the specific case of AutoML. For example, Disney uses it to create custom models to identify commodity pictures, while the Zoological Society in London uses AutoML to identify wildlife. In addition, AutoML can also effectively identify clouds for meteorological purposes. Li Jia stressed that the model generated by AutoML is better than the model that some experts build on its own.


It is understood that the first project launched by AutoML is the image based AutoML Vision. Li Jia said this, the first launch of the AutoML Vision, or considering the demand for more than a year before the investigation and found the whole image edge, machine learning application needs the highest field; AutoML future will be extended to speech, dialogue, Natural Language Processing etc..

In the interview, Li Jia told Lei Feng, AutoML is the development of product demand and technology combined with products based on Google AI is the product of the results, the purpose of which is to make AI the cost as low as possible; and like AutoML AI full blessing, it is also the Google Cloud relative to the Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure other competitors.

However, in the eyes of Lei Feng, AutoML has been able to highlight in the Innovation Conference, in addition to its own Google AI can show the strength of Google but also to take this opportunity to attract more enterprises to understand and use China to Google Cloud cloud services, which is for some dedicated to the realization of AI transformation, and the internationalization of the sea the Chinese enterprise is particularly important.


In addition, as president of Google AI China Center, Li Jia also emphasized that the Google AI China Center is still committed to basic technology research, which is not very relevant to AutoML.

Of course, in addition to AutoML, Google's TensorFlow can not be seen. On the Google side, TensorFlow has gained about 10000000 downloads and users in more than 1800 countries and regions. Among them, there are also a large number of Chinese enterprises, including Jingdong, millet, NetEase, 360, know and so on.


Help Chinese companies go to sea

All the time, even if the search business cannot be used in Chinese, Google, in Chinese business has always been there, but most people do not know; specifically, is the use of Google's YouTube, Search and a series of products to help enterprises do China channels, overseas promotion and marketing. It was only in 2018 that the business was packed more quietly and more attractive.

Yes, in the Innovation Conference, Google BrandZ released the 2018 Chinese sea top 50 brands, the top ten were Lenovo, HUAWEI, Alibaba, millet, Elex, Anker, China airlines, Haier, Hisense, cheetah mobile and other enterprises. From the specific ranking, China's sea going brands are stronger in the areas of consumer electronics, online games, electricity providers, home appliances and so on. Australia and the United States have the most recognition of Chinese brands, and Japan is the smallest.


Of course, the ranking is based on a survey of the Google search index and the Google Surveys questionnaire. But if we want to find out the reasons behind it, Lei Feng net believes that Google still hopes that more Chinese brands will be able to adopt Google's advertising marketing plan. After all, the advertising revenue of the latest quarter's Alphabet accounts for 84.23% of the total revenue.

There is no doubt that with the development of Chinese technology and enterprises, the importance of China to Google is increasing. 在开场环节,Google 大中华区总裁石博盟用了【幸之在华,亲历前沿】这样言语来表达他对中国发展的赞叹;也许这八个字有些许恭维的成分,但也能够反映出 Google 在发展过程中对自身与中国市场之关系的重新定位。

Another question is AI. in the 2016 Google I/O conference, Google claims to have AI Frist from Google company; trends in recent years, this is not a slogan, in fact almost all of Google's products are marked by the stigma of AI, including AutoML, including the the public nature of the Google Arts


So it's really simple. If you don't have China, AI for EVERYONE is a pseudo - proposition.

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