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GREE mobile phone for three years Dong Mingzhu forced to buy a mobile phone channels owe

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Text / Dong Jun

As the saying goes, debt is not new year. New Year approaching, all businesses want to be as soon as the bills cleared this year, happily go home New Year. However, I am afraid Gree suppliers suppliers are not so happy, because they have encountered once embarrassed.

Recently a number of media reports, some Gree suppliers broke the news that Gree had asked them to purchase some of the original Gree cell phones, or will not receive the due payment. It is reported that suppliers were asked to purchase the model for "Gree mobile phone 2 generations," its official retail price of 3599 yuan. To say that these suppliers encountered such a thing before the year, is really bad enough. If you buy one or two, it is estimated Gree side will certainly not give a good face, if you buy ten twenty units, who took to send who you? Or, to stroll a fish second-hand goods platform?

For these reports, Gree naturally come forward to clarify. When interviewed by the media, Chen Zili, Minister of Marketing of Gree Electric Appliances, emphasized that there is no "coercion" and only mutually beneficial cooperation. Also said that "buy a cell phone is not normal Well," not just with the mortgage, but also cash and transfer. "

Anyway, is a sentence, I did not buy strong selling ah.

As you can imagine, the vast majority of suppliers in order to keep their own and Gree contract, can only choose to buy. Some individual suppliers disclosed: "We also consider the cost, if the purchase of mobile phones relatively small amount of the order, we generally will not refuse. After all, not because of this small money, lost a big cooperation. The purchase of mobile phones as a company sales Cost calculation. "

In fact, to say that this little trick in the mall really is not a big deal, but this attitude has highlighted the confidence of Miss Dong on their own cell phone products. This attitude to really make a year fifty million or even 100 million yuan in sales, is tantamount to nonsense.

This is not the first time

In fact, this is not Gree for the first time in the sale of their own cell phone use tough.

As early as the eve of the Spring Festival last year, Gree cell phone was used as a payment paid to partners news. At that time, microblogging users have sun drying out the picture shows that a manufacturer of electric vehicles (Gree partner) and Gree in the process of cooperation, suffered Gree proposed use of mobile phones as payment for payment, and the manufacturers to 3,600 yuan each will be the price The phone arrived to other partners.

I do not know how many cooperation partners involved in these cooperative manufacturers, but also with many second-hand merchandise platform last year, a large number of emerging Gree mobile phone has much to do with the phone.

In addition, when Gree was also exposed the news that all employees must buy their own cell phones. This requirement naturally makes those second-hand platform add a fire. Dong Mingzhu very angry about this, and after the request made clear, Gree employees must brush (Gree) mobile phone to work after the year.

Gree has 70,000 employees, when netizens quipped: "This 70,000 mobile phone sales may be a great Gree cell phone."

You know, we say these things happen in 2016 ~ 2017 period. What are the times, this trend of the counter-market, against the laws of business initiatives, on the nineties of last century can be, on the present, can only be sad!

Dong Mingzhu's "solo dance"

There are many niche businesses in the domestic smart phone market, but Gree mobile phones are definitely a "alien" among them.

From March 18, 2015, Dong Mingzhu has announced the first mass production of Gree mobile phones in Sun Yat-sen University Lecture Hall for nearly three years now. And these three years, the outside world in the smartphone market almost did not see any sales information on the Gree mobile phone. In addition, the first two generations of Gree cell phone has not opened up third-party sales channels, only in the official website sales.

Mobile phone products in order to do a good job, need products, marketing, marketing, channels and other fields to form a concerted effort to achieve the goal. While convinced that "wine is not afraid of deep alley," Miss Dong, but only happy to continue in various public places for its platform, release all kinds of rhetoric. Although Gree mobile phone market has not come up with decent results, but its volume is not small. In Miss Dong's personal show, including the first-generation mobile phone set itself as the boot screen, shouting out spike millet, surpassing Huawei's slogan, as well as the quality of proof of public mobile phones, the statement only to buy cell phones Gree can take a photo with ...

If blindly confident and shouting slogans can make a mobile phone products, that Apple, Samsung should have long disappeared in the global market.

Miss Dong, who is still living in her own world, saved a lot of expenses for the group in terms of the announcement of Gree mobile phones. However, today's 80, after 90 still eat this one? Once the Gree air-conditioning fans 60, 70, will love house and Ukraine, switch to Geli phone embrace it?

The so-called current situation makes a hero, not Miss Dong Lian quite old, but this age really can not use the old set to pressure, to influence.

Today, the outside world has always been unable to get a clear Gree mobile phone sales, only Miss Dong himself blurted out a few accurate numbers: "Gree second-generation release less than a month, the order has 350,000, capacity simply can not keep up. The goal is to sell 100,000 units a day, 36 million units a year. The goal is not high. "

Well, let's calculate the phone for Gree mobile phone. For example, on the Gree mobile phones released by Gree on June 13, 2017, the sales volume of its Gree official website is only 6,962. This sales, flat to the market after eight months, less than 1,000 units per month. The second generation of Gree mobile phones that have been listed for nearly two years now have not sold more than 30,000 units on the official website.

In the domestic mobile phone circle, it is hard to find a niche brand with a lower sales volume.

So conscientious people found that in the Gree cell phone official sales channels almost stagnant circumstances, the major second-hand e-commerce platform can find a lot of Gree phones sold in the sale, and the vast majority are new unopened state.

According to some media analysis, these second-hand platform for the sale of new Gree mobile phone users, the vast majority of Gree dealers in all parts. There are articles that Gree each month will require these dealers to buy a certain number of Gree mobile phones. Under pressure, dealers had to take as little as possible, while the vast majority of mobile phones are finally placed at a very low price of second-hand platform.

It now appears that Gree mobile phones sold far from Taiwan's goal of 100,000 units a day far. More than two years, the personal show eventually failed to achieve the birth of a star product.

Mobile's best "remote control"

By 2018, when it comes to Dong Mingzhu and Gree mobile phones, many people think of Lei Jun and Xiaomi. The five-year billion-dollar bet at the 2013 China Economic Year Awards will be officially unveiled in the second half of the year.

Five years, Dong Mingzhu Gree Gree in the stability of the industry, while also constantly seeking expansion. From mobile phones to new energy vehicles, Dong Mingzhu are involved. Of course, these projects in the eyes of Dong Mingzhu is the best one - the phone to be sold 100,000 units, electric cars can not change the battery for ten years. However, in reality, they are not successful, and not long ago, Zhuhai Silver Dragon also owed suppliers money, was a number of suppliers come to collect debt.

In fact, Miss Tung should not fight this tone with millet. Because, this is the original two parallel modes of thinking. Can not follow the pace of the times, always use the "I have never missed" the idea to operate mobile phones, new energy vehicles, will only repeat the following these companies the outcome: such as the mobile phone industry MOTO, Nokia; PC industry, HP Compaq ; Internet industry, AOL, Yahoo ......

Of course, Gree cell phones, while difficult to become a successful mobile phone products, but may be glowing in other areas.

Gree in the 2014 annual report stated the original intention of making mobile phones: Gree will be the first to compete for smart home entrance, Gree mobile phone as a carrier to link and control smart home appliances, will be connected to various appliances and collect data platform. It now appears that Gree mobile phones do a good job of linking and controlling their home appliances, but it does just that. Borrow a comment from a netizen: "The performance monster of the remote control community should not be of any kind within 3 years."

Living materials for this phone ring, it is worth more people calm thinking.

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