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Men save this picture in the phone results 100,000 sweat gone

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"My cellphone is lost, the money is stolen!"

When you see their hard-earned 100,000 hard-earned money

Was a pen to go away

Ruan's heart seems to be bleeding

(Police and victim statements)

The reason for all this

In addition to their own cell phone lost outside

Also because of a picture in the phone album ...

Payment software saved 100,000 hard-earned money

Money lost after the phone was a pen out

After finding that the cellphone was lost, Mr. Nguyen rushed to the business hall to make up the new phone card. after thatSuddenly he remembered that there were about 100,000 yuan in payment software in his lost cellphone, So hurriedly use his wife's phone to log in their own payment software account.

The results just log in, he willReceived a phone prompts have money out, A moment to remind the account has been logged in other devices, they were forced to go offline. When Mr. Nguyen logged in again,Finding money in payment software is constantly being removed, Before the payment software to bind the phone number is replaced by another strange number. Mr. Nguyen found the situation is not immediately to the police.

Police arrested suspects hiding under the bed

Money has been used by him to pay off foreign debt and play games

After receiving the alarm, Zhang Zeyan and Jing Jian, police investigators who dealt with the case by the lake, immediately started an investigation according to the clues provided by the police and retrieved the cities nearby at that timevideoMonitoring, there may be no valuable clues found, the case was at a standstill. On the 29th, police carried out investigation and judgment according to the strange phone number bound by the payment software and found that the owner of this phone number was in Huangpi District. Police handling the race with time, and immediately drove to a village Bay Huangpi, willHiding in the bedroom of a private bedroom loft suspects captured.

After trial, the suspect Hsiao Hsuan (a pseudonym), male, 29 years old, Wuhan, there are many drug abuse. After accounting for their use of payment software to bind the phone number changes to their own number,Will be more than 90,000 yuan transferred to multiple accounts in batches, used to pay off the foreign debt, the excess money all recharge to the game account.

I saw the album photo ID card

He changed his password to transfer the money

Police further investigation revealed that, as early as 27 o'clock on the 27th, Xiaoxuan claimed that the road through the village of dripping Lake found in the roadside snow there is a cell phone, so pick up the phone and go home by car. Back home picked up the phone to play (the phone is not locked on the slippery phone screen you can directly enter the phone interface), found that there are payment software in the phone, click into the automatic login into, check the account balance inside and found 10 million , Immediately started to think that the money inside out.

(Web picture)

Later, he obtained the name of the real-name account in the "e-driver's license" in the payment software,Also read through the phone album to see the owner's ID card, After verification code and name by mobile phone, ID number verification, payment password will be changed, the money will be promptly rolled out in many times.

At present, the suspect Xuan Hin has been criminal detention Jiang'an police, the case is still under investigation.

Police solemnly reminded:

Do not keep your ID card or bank card photo on your mobile phone

Jiang Weinan Public Security Bureau Economic Investigation Brigade police Liu Weining introduction, smart phones to facilitate people's lives at the same time, the need to raise awareness of prevention, especially in mobile payment software, but also need to strengthen fortification. Victim in the caseMobile phone does not have a power-on password, Which makes the suspect boring.

At the same time, Liu Weining also reminded people in the cell phoneDo not set the power-on password, payment password is too simple, do not set to a personal birthdayOtherwise, criminals may obtain the correct password once they have obtained the identity information of the owner.Do not easily personal information such as personal identification card, bank card and other important information stored in the phone.

Reminder: These habits must be changed with the phone!

1, the phone does not set the lock screen password;

2, lock screen password is too simple;

3, mobile payment software automatically login;

4, there is a copy of the phone according to the photo (now the phone also has backup capabilities, network disk backup photos have to delete);

5, mobile chatting records contain personal information related to the content.

After losing the phone, we must do these five things!

When you find the pocket suddenly empty, leaving only headphone cable, do not panic, do not worry, because not much time left for you.Next you need to complete the following five things in 10 minutes, it may not help you find the phone, but it is an effective way to stop you.

The first piece:Call yourself to see if your phone is lost or not, and if you have not gone too far, you can also find the thief's trail. This prerequisite isYou have spares or you can quickly borrow a cell phone from your side, So to develop the habit of using spare machine, or try to choose when accompanied by shopping, go home and so on.

the second one:Notify the family easily deceived groups. The premise is that you have to remember your parents / friends phone, if you really can not remember the phone back up the cloud in time to restore.

Third piece:To play 95188 Alipay report the loss, login 110.qq.com freeze WeChat account.

Fourth piece:Report. Many people think that the report is of no use. This is in fact a misinterpretation. The report merely exerts no immediate effect on the individual. However, since thieves generally belong to gangs in a certain area and committing crimes, the increase in the number of reported cases allows the police to pay more attention to the law and order of the region and to reinforce law and order so as to suppress the frequency of cases to some extent.

On the other hand, once you choose to report the case, your article information will be reported to the Interpol team, Interpol team task is to catch the thief,Many caught thieves will find other victims of the items. The police will restore these items, check, once you are lucky, you can find your cell phone.In fact, because many victims do not choose to report the case, many recovered cell phones have no way to find the owner.

In addition, many resources can be dispatched to dispatch, such as the camera on the street, you can obtain the stolen scenes by retrieving the camera information, combined with the "cell phone retrieve function", it will increase the chance of cell phone recovery, so Must not give up every possible.As the camera also has dead ends, it also reminds us not to hide too much when walking, otherwise the camera can not help you either.

Fifth piece:Operators to re-submit the phone card.

Modern people have more and more inseparable from the phone

The phone also stores a lot of private information

For mobile phone security

Everyone must be long hearted

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