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Terminating 11 or stop music video welcome 41 billion transactions

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Beijing News (Reporter Zhu Xing) 11 consecutive limit-down, the music open the daily limit to open the network, ushered in the red. Yesterday, the music video open the board early in the morning, a lot of money to enter, the music video quickly dazzled, as of the close, music as up 5.39%, reported 5.08 yuan, the transaction amount of 4.1 billion yuan, turnover rate of 29.06%.

Music Watch yesterday's amplitude of nearly 20%

Data show that at 9:35 on February 8, 233,000 hand buying forced the daily limit, and lead to the rapid rise in music stock prices. Amplitude of 19%.

After-hours data show, music video yesterday, the total volume of about 40 billion yuan, 29.06% change hands. For the fundraising on Feb. 7 at BDO, if it can be sold at its highest level yesterday, it will have a profit of 9.54%.

Data show that the top five largest buying department yesterday bought a total of 340 million yuan, from the geographical point of view, unlike February 7, as many sales department in Hangzhou, but located in Texas, Shenzhen, Lishui, Guangzhou, only one business is located in Hangzhou.

In addition, the music opens the net limit daily limit, the two agencies yesterday sold 206 million music video.

Earlier, the music valuation of the stock valuation by a number of funds down to 3.91 yuan / share. There have been fund insiders said that if investors think Music Watch's share price will not fall to the valuation of the fund down, or Shigekura can buy in advance Shigekura fund arbitrage.

According to the Quarterly Bulletin of the Fund, as of the end of 2017, the funds of Shigekura Music Watch include the hybridization of China Post Strategic Emerging Industries, the flexible configuration of China Post Information Industry, the E Fund ETF, the Hua An Growth Index 50 Index, and the Jiashi Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 ETF.

As of February 8, the closing price of 12 trading days since the music resumption resumed, the cumulative decline rate was 67%, with the market value of over 40 billion yuan evaporated.

For the purchase of music, there are agencies that, music Watch consecutive lower limit for the first time after opening the bottom is not the real bottom, investors should be judicious to buy the bar to stay rational.

Music Watch issued a statement to reiterate the risk

Fundamentally, the music network does not have any good news.

On the evening of February 7, LeTV released an announcement on the unusual fluctuation of stock transactions. The stock price of the Company dropped 20% on the closing price of the three consecutive trading days of February 5, February 6 and February 7, 2018, Above, once again reiterated the company's nine major risks exist.

LeTV February 8 evening notice that, confirmed by the company, more than 5% of the company's shareholders in the abnormal stock trading during the trading company stocks. In the meantime, LeTV has once again revealed the risk of a huge annual loss in 2017: the company expects a loss of 11.6 billion yuan in 2017 to 11.61 billion yuan. As of the end of 2017, there existed a total of 9.288 billion yuan of financing loans and loan-type liabilities of Music Watch, of which 56.19 billion yuan will expire in 2018.

On Jiayinting pledge of shares fell below the open line continues to lead the industry concern, after the view has forecast its open line 6 yuan / share to 8 yuan / share, but LeTV and Jiayue Ting has not made any statement on this.

February 6, LeTV also received notice of termination of the first phase of the company's shareholding program, the employee stock ownership plan manager CSMC announced early termination of the trust plan, and the original trust plan assets assigned to the beneficiaries Preferred agent beneficiary Pudong Bank Shenzhen Branch.

In September 2016, Lotte first phase employee stock ownership plan purchased 10,953,000 shares through the secondary market bidding transaction with a transaction value of 510 million yuan and an average transaction price of 46.64 yuan per share.

January 25, 2018, the employee stock ownership plan has triggered an early warning and underwriting mechanism, as the first phase of employee shareholding plan to make up for the difference between the obligor, LeTV Holdings should perform additional financial obligations. However, music TV Holdings failed to perform additional financial obligations, eventually leading to the employee stock ownership plan terminated early.


Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a circular suggesting hype risk

February 8, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a notice on the effective implementation of "music Watch" stock-related risks prompted work.

According to the notice, since the resumption of trading of LeTV shares on January 24, 2018, the company has released notices of anticipated loss of about 11.6 billion in 2017 and unusual fluctuations in stock transactions. On the morning of February 8, the music website opened its limit and rose rapidly with more than 768 million shares traded and a turnover rate of over 25% with an amplitude of 19%.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange said that members should proceed from the perspective of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of investors and maintaining market stability. They should fully recognize the importance of doing a good job in reminding the risks associated with the music stock market and take practical and effective measures to put the music risk warning work in place, Effectively prompt customers through a variety of channels promptly check the listed companies issued a risk alert and disclosure of information bulletin to remind customers to attach importance to the relevant risks and prudent investment. (Chen Peng)


Five hot money total buy 344 million yuan

Behind the surge in stock prices, music video yesterday's turnover reached 4.1 billion, some "rescue" hot money has become the object of much concern. East Fortune Dragon list shows that the Securities Department of Texas Securities Co., Texas Sancha Road bought 136 million yuan, accounting for 3.32% of the total turnover, won the day to buy the top of the amount.

China Securities Investment Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Shennan Road securities business department bought 8858.47 million yuan, accounting for 2.16% of the total turnover. Haitong Securities Co., Ltd., Lishui City, East Road, securities business department, Huaxin Securities Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Guangzhou Avenue Securities Sales Department, Great Wall Securities Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Wenyi West Road, respectively, the securities business bought 47,319,800 yuan, 39,722,900 yuan And 31.9496 million yuan. In other words, the five branches of the total purchase amount reached 344 million yuan.

Sell, GF Securities Shennan Road East Sales Department topped 132 million yuan, Haitong Securities Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jianguo West Securities Sales Department sold 116 million.

It is noteworthy that, in the previous trading day before the jump, LeTV net ushered in the capital bargain-hunting. February 7 opening, the music network usher in the resumption of trading after a continuous 11th trading day limit, a few funds from the previous forecast of 13 lower limit only two limit-down, but the day suddenly heavy volume transactions, turnover of nearly 400 million yuan. (Chen Peng)


Letv will hold an extraordinary general meeting in Shidu

On the evening of February 7, LeTV said the company will hold the first extraordinary general meeting of 2018 in Fangshan Shidu World Geopark, Beijing on February 23.

The announcement shows that the EGM will consider six proposals, including the Proposal on Changing the Registered Capital of the Company, the Proposal on Amendment (August 2017), the Proposal on Providing Guarantee for Holding Subsidiaries of the Company Proposal on Engaging Ms. Yang Qing as Supervisor of the Third Supervisory Committee, Proposal on Changing Certified Public Accountants, Proposal on Nomination of Mr. Wang Leirang as Candidate for Independent Director of the Third Board of Directors of the Company.

The industry believes that February 23 this extraordinary general meeting deserves attention. Earlier, LeTV bulletin said Jiayinting pledged to the financial institutions of the shares due to the failure to timely additional security risk by the relevant agencies, which may result in changes in the actual controller of the company.

In July 2017, when LeTV held its general meeting of shareholders, the debtors encircled the meeting room and sought redemption for music. At that time, Jia Yunting has been away from the United States, music as the controlling Zhao Lei said at the meeting, Jia Yunting will return home, but the time is undetermined.

At the general meeting of shareholders, Sun Hongbin once said that the business of LeTV, LeTV and LeTV is good and the fund is not a problem. (Zhu star)

Stock investors voice

"The stock has dropped very low, not ready to sell" rdquo;

Zhang Yu (alias), a shareholder who works in Beijing, has been watching the trend of the music video stock price. "I bought a total of tens of thousands of dollars, holding 263 days, a loss of 71%. "February 8 when interviewed by reporters, Zhang Yu said," the current stock has dropped very low, not ready to sell, to judge Sun Hongbin will be injected into the good. & rdquo;

Zhang Yu believes that Sun Hongbin to control the music as good as before investing in the transformation of music, and if you want to control music, you need to absorb.

On the evening of February 7, LeTV stopped for the 11th consecutive trading day in a row, and Liu Jun (not his real name) decided to buy some. Liu Jun also think that the music network will usher in some good. February 8 morning, Liu Jun buy a small amount of music video "test water".

However, some shareholders said that from the feelings of shareholders to consider, certainly hope that the music Watch continued to rise, but fundamentals, that there is still room for music Watch, so ready to lower positions. (Jiang Bo)

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