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Tencent Open Letter: Growth Guardian platform will focus on exploring the first anniversary of the interactive features

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February 9 evening news, launched by mincent healthy Internet protection system engineering "growth guardian platform", released today an open letter on the 1st anniversary of "We have been on the road."

At the beginning of 2017, Tencent launched the Growth Guardian Platform under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture. Its main service functions include: real-name authentication and binding of minors game accounts, real-time reminders of children's log-in games and consumption, spending quota settings, game login period settings, and A key to ban play and other parents and their children need to cooperate with the guardian function. In addition, it also includes suggestions for entrance and invites parents to participate in the platform building.

The open letter pointed out that the growth guardianship platform is a strategic service product independent of the game business of Tencent. The growth guardian platform has now bound nearly 4 million game accounts for minors and covers more than 100 games under its jurisdiction. WeChat and QQ dual-platform have launched an online service, adding support for multiple children's game account binding and other functions.

Tencent said it has long been concerned about the "network of people" the trend of continued sinking, and continue to carry out healthy Internet minors attention and research. Under the guidance of the competent department, anti-indulgence system, real name registration, health game announcement and parental guardianship system in the field of online games have been successively established.

The open letter also disclosed the future planning of the growth guardian platform. Next, it will focus on exploring interactive features, adding interactive tasks on the Internet, family accounts, and interactive quiz platforms to encourage parents and children to enhance exchanges and share happiness. (Night cold)

The following is an open letter:

The first anniversary of the growth guardianship platform: We have been on the road

All concerned about the growth of guardian platform friends:

February 16, 2017, Tencent game growth guard platform formally launched to help parents of minor children's game account health behavior monitoring. Today, it is about to celebrate its first birthday. In the past year, together with the vast majority of parents and children, we have started the attempt and exploration of the health protection project for the first minors in the internet industry in China. Here, please allow us to express our heartfelt thanks to all who trust and support the growth guardian.

The advent of the Internet era has changed the way of life of a generation. For the children of this age, the way to reach the world has been transformed from passive acceptance to active interaction and exploration. Games as the best digital interactive experience content, in many cases, has become an important way for children to recognize the world.

Many of our colleagues are parents by our side. Like thousands of parents, we care for the children's heart that they are willing to explore. Likewise, they have been thinking about how to better guide their children's health online. At this point, our attitude and determination are the same: There are countless things worthy of love and devotion in this world, but in any event, we need to exercise restraint and moderate input to maintain the balance between entertainment and life and study and work. As a member of Tencent, Tencent paid close attention to the ever-changing age of "people who touch the net" and started to pay attention to and study on the Internet access for minors.

The party and government consistently attach great importance to attaching importance to the healthy growth of minors. Under the guidance of the competent department, anti-indulgence system, real name registration, health game announcement and parental guardianship system in the field of online games have been successively established. Tencent actively supports and responds to the decision of the competent department. As an important part of the Ministry of Culture's "Parent Guardianship Project", the growth guardian platform brings together hundreds of business lines of Tencent, including products, technology, market, safety, data and legal affairs The effort and effort of a colleague, after rigorous development, testing, verification, was introduced as a company-level strategic services independent of the game business, and continue to iterative optimization and improvement.

In the past year, the platform gradually launched the game landing and consumption of "historical inquiry", "real-time reminder", "landing time setting", "spending limit", "a key ban "And other basic functions, and gradually covered Tencent operating over a hundred games in the WeChat and QQ dual-platform have launched an online service, and timely response to national policies, began supporting multiple children's game account binding.

In 2017, the Growth Guard Platform released a total of 47 major versions, with numerous small versions, nearly 4 million bound accounts, more than 50 published parenting education articles and a total reading volume of nearly 10 million. But we know that the growth guardian platform will be a long-term systems engineering. Past work is only a small step taken by the Growth Guardian platform.

In this process, we would like to express our special thanks to many valuable suggestions and opinions from all walks of life and parents for their feedback: Through the "Internet Group Meeting with Beijing" organized by the "Moms Regiment Conference", the Growth Guardian Platform publicly listens to the true feelings of parents from parents; For the entire Internet industry are very headache "problem", enthusiastic parents in the positive feedback, the growth guardian platform formally launched in August last year, "suspected trumpet query" function; because of a mother's Take the initiative to report the case, we cooperate with the public security organs cracked the first criminal case of "helping minors to lift the guardian bond" for the implementation of fraud; the same, based on the advocacy of many parents, we have added "growth found" And "growth classroom" area, the original platform on the original simple guardianship tools, providing expert advice, health games guide, Internet security and more practical guidance, and began to enter the parent-child build 2.0 stage.

According to the current plan, the 2018 Growth Guardian platform will be fully explored in the 3.0 interactive features to encourage all parents and children to strengthen exchanges and share happiness:

The new "interactive mission" will be on-line, through the customization of personalized tasks, share the achievements made, and other families to use the health network PK;

Through on-line "family account" mode, to help parents better and more convenient use of the various functions of the platform;

In addition to the "landing time setting", plan to add "game duration setting" function to help parents more flexible and reasonable distribution of children's game time according to different background situations such as study, examination, rest and holidays;

Introduce more expert resources, and start to build an interactive quiz platform for parent-child development.

Growth Guardian platform will also introduce more features and services, is currently in the planning and demonstration stage. We are also very much looking forward to suggestions from all walks of life and parents, helping us to perfect the growth guardianship platform. We will spare no effort to promote the growth guardianship platform into more families and schools, to help children develop healthy Internet habits, and create a platform for families to use parent-child interaction.

Minor health Internet protection is a grand system engineering. As a part of the project to grow the guardian of the platform, we are deeply responsible for the arduous task. Although no one has ever done a similar exploration before, we will strive to continue to develop and make every effort to create a healthy and safe online environment for the majority of minors and provide valuable practical experience for the Internet industry in China. We sincerely hope that through their own efforts to help more parents, through more parent-child interaction and interaction, so that children grow healthy and happy.

At the dawn of the new year, we sincerely wish all families happiness and happiness.

With the vision of protecting the health of minors on the Internet, we have been on the road with you.

Tencent growth guard platform project team

February 9, 2018

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