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Netease cloud music saved?

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Today, more than five months later, the matter finally achieved landmark progress. Under the auspices of the National Copyright Administration, the two platforms "mutually authorize musical works to reach more than 99% of their respective exclusive musical compositions and agree on musical copyright Long-term cooperation, at the same time actively open music platform to other online music platform authorization. "

Officials say a word. The bright future has to be finalized: "It is conducive to the full authorization and extensive dissemination of online music works, which plays an active role in maintaining a good order of online music copyrights and establishing a good ecological environment for online music copyrights."

This is really "no money, copyright New Year" rhythm.

The news came out, cheering in addition to Netease cloud music classmates, there are a large number of users also delighted. On the face of it, the copyright pressure of NetEase's cloud music has finally been relieved in the recent year. The scale advantage of the copyright library of Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) is no longer that simple, but the fact is not that simple Piece of pie things, and how can you buy their exclusive resources diverted and indifferent thing?

Netease cloud music "saved" yet?

First, notice the first keyword phrase in the copyright office announcement: "Exclusive music".

The copyright of music works includes not only audio and video recording rights but also lyrics copyright. Take the exclusive music works bought by Tencent Music & Entertainment Group in 2017 as an example. It has the rights to both the lyrics of Universal Music and its recording rights. For the major digital music platform, the most valuable is the music library, which does not cover the cover of the recording copyright, because"Absolutely effective number of copyright "is the most worthwhile part of cloud music Netease.

The term "exclusive music piece" in the announcement of the National Copyright Administration is very interesting - among them, in addition to the most valuable recording rights, the copyright of the lyrics and cover works is also included.

Come to pay attention to the second key phrase: "99% or more".

In fact, the requirement of "99% or more" is not as hard as a strongman needs. Before Tencent audio and video official claimed that the external authorization of the original generation of music is also 96%, but this one more than a fraction. The digital music industry to 2018, practitioners one consensus is that the total size of the copyright library is not important, the effective number is the key.

Come back to do a simple calculation question:

Premise 1: By June 2017, TME has 17 million digital rights to digital music (the so-called copyright library.) Tencent never disclosed its own copyrighted copyright, but given its global presence, Warner Bros. The world's three major record companies in Sony World Digital music alone, coupled with the Emperor, Huayi Brothers, Jewell, YG and other record companies and Li Yuchun, Sodagreen, Lee Hom and other artists, the total size is not small), its unique Music library probably will not be less than 5 million first;

Premise 2: The music platform, the majority of users use the core music library size 30,000 to 50,000;

Premise 3: According to the copyright bureau's "exclusive grant of more than 99% of the exclusive copyright" requirements, Tencent Entertainment's music copyright up to 1% exclusive tracks can be retained;

Calculate: Excluding exclusive, Tencent Entertainment can retain up to 170,000; calculation exclusive, it is estimated that up to about 50,000 left to retain the music.

in conclusion:The core key library is very easy to stay within the range of 1% that is not authorized.

Do not underestimate this 1%. NetEase cloud music in 2017 from July to August shelves 1% of the songs, to a large area of ​​a large number of song list gray. And even if more than 99% of the copyright is open, it means that both sides can retain about 1% of the exclusive core music library, which is to ensure the diversity of different music libraries.

The third key word: "Mutual authorization".

This means that not only Tencent Entertainment's music library needs to be open to Netease cloud music, and vice versa. NetEase cloud music won the copyright of digital music, including Love (avex), meters Man Media, Kobalt Music, Fenghua album, days entertainment media, the overall size can imagine.

So in the "mutual authorize the copyright of the first generation of music," the request, there may be such a spectacle: Tencent Entertainment opened the first volume of the vast majority of copyright far more than NetEase cloud music.

Extra exclusive copyright, you can open, you can authorize, but Tencent Entertainment is not free license, it is impossible to make a loss. Netease cloud music can Tencent 99% of the original copyright to buy all, you have to see Ding Lei willing to pay - a comparison of the data is: Tencent in May 2017 to buy Universal Music recording copyright Exclusive agency rights, spent more than 300 million US dollars, in April 2017 Netease cloud music A-round financing scale of 750 million yuan.

Therefore, under the mutual authorization requirements, taking into account the price of buying and selling factors, even if 100% open authorization, peers may not be able to buy it all."99% or more "requirement is more like passing the stage.

A definite fact is: NetEase cloud music situation, at least not so bad in 2017, but to completely replace other music App is still more difficult. After all, there are currently millions of copyrighted music libraries such as BMG and Huayan, which are not mutually licensed by the copyright owners of NetEase Cloud Music, and copyrights of Modern Sky, Beijing Records and others.

The copyright bureau will help you to open the door of "mutual grant", but please follow the rule of market economy:Feelings have no money do not come in.

Tencent loss of entertainment it?

In this national copyright office-led transaction, Tencent did not seem to find any entertainment cheaper, it is not.

Copyright issues, the foregoing has said enough, long story short conclusion: in the past, present and future, any digital music platform will not be due to a substantial loss of user authorization to open the drain, the user may not be able to retain only a music App.

In addition, due to generous buy a large number of music, the original copyright, has a large music library size, leading Tencent audio and video even open most of the music library external authorization, will still be accused of "monopolizing the domestic market." Whether it is true or not, the accusation of "monopoly" is not a small time bomb for Tencent Entertainment, which is preparing an IPO.

but now,National Copyright Administration through soft administrative means, even help Tencent Entertainment in law and public opinion removed the last listing of a stumbling block.

Well, Tencent Entertainment to get this spree, is not much larger?

Lastly, he stressed: The copyright war on digital music must not rely on the "government mediation" with Chinese characteristics, but it must still be ended by the invisible hand of the market.

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