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Tencent music and NetEase cloud music and good but real war is still behind

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On the evening of February 9, a notice from a piece of paper of the State Copyright Administration officially opened the era of 2.0 for the development of the domestic online music platform.

According to the official news of the State Copyright Administration, Tencent Music and NetEase Cloud Music reached agreement on copyright cooperation in online music, authorizing each other's music works more than 99% of the number of their own exclusive music works and agreeing on long-term cooperation in music copyright, meanwhile Actively open music platform to other online music platform authorization.

This cooperation allows Netease cloud music won the Tencent music Canning culture, seed music, Huayi Music and other record companies copyright. Earlier, Netease cloud music has been the sole agent of Tencent Music Universal, Warner, Sony and other global record companies three music copyright.

Tencent Music Entertainment Group, told reporters on the interface, this copyright cooperation is based on the purchase of both ways, the specific number of tracks and the amount of temporary inconvenience to disclose.

Interface News reporter landing Netease cloud music found that once "lonesome" Soda Green, Li Ronghao, Wang Feng and other singers songs, now you can normally listen.

This also means that there is a series of disturbances caused by the copyright content between the domestic online music platforms and a pause is temporarily drawn.

Copyright war

In the past year or two, the competition between online music platforms mostly revolves around copyright content.

This can be regarded as the 1.0 era of the development of domestic online music platform. Ten music (including QQ music, cool music, cool dog music App), Ali music, three cloud music player led by Netease.

Tencent music is one of the more dominant.

After the merger of cool dog music and cool me music, Tencent Music Entertainment Group was formally established in early 2017. According to unofficial statistics, the company now has more than 15 million tracks. Netease cloud music in July 2016 has announced that song library song number reached 10 million first. Ali music song number is about 10 million or so.

In addition to the number of copyright songs dominate, with the important thing is that Tencent Music has exclusive sole agent of Universal, Warner, Sony, the world's three major record companies and YG Entertainment, Jowell music and other music copyright. The tracks of these companies cover half of popular music, but also give the average user a lot of songs in the Tencent solecast feeling.

In order to consolidate its own copyright advantage, Tencent has also launched a series of lawsuits against other platforms since 2014.

In November 2014, Tencent filed a lawsuit against Netease cloud music, claiming that the latter's network of 623 allegedly infringing on the platform. The verdict ruled that NetEase cloud music will be related to the work to do shelves.

By 2015, Tencent continue to address the issue of infringement, to take restrictions on Netease cloud music. In February of that year, WeChat closed NetEase cloud music sharing interface. The next day, NetEase cloud music quickly published a response article alluding to "WeChat move is to help QQ music monopoly"; and QQ music also issued a document that piracy is a micro-channel to kill Netease cloud music main the reason.

On July 8, 2015, the National Copyright Administration issued the "Notice on Commanding Internet Music Service Providers to Stop the Unauthorized Distribution of Musical Works," and ordered all online music service providers to distribute unauthorized music by July 31, 2015 Works all offline. This is also known as "the strongest copyright order in history".

The ban also allows the dispute between the platform for copyrighted content continues to heat up.

In August 2017, Tencent sued NetEase cloud music twice on the grounds that the latter distributed the exclusive copyright of Tencent Music to the public network without permission. The music involved in these two incidents includes more than 200 songs exclusively enjoyed by Tencent Music. Affected by the incident, part of the song on Netease cloud music was off the shelf.

However, there is more than litigation between platforms. It is not uncommon to see the example of using copyrighted content to transcribe copyright into jade and silk.

Shortly after the "Strongest Ruling Order" was issued, in October 2015, Tencent Music and NetEase Cloud Music announced the official conclusion of the copyright strategic cooperation. Tencent Music will transfer 1.5 million music titles to NetEase Cloud Music, and sub-license copyright The way of cooperation is similar to the contractual copyright, and the way of "prepaid + share" is carried out.

In 2017, Tencent Music and Netease cloud music in full swing, Tencent Music and Ali reached a copyright license copyright cooperation, the exclusive agent of its high-quality music copyright resources transferred to Ali music, music library in the number of millions Above level At the same time, Ali's sole agent of Rolling Stones, China Research, I believe, Media Asia and other music rights are also delegated to Tencent Music and Entertainment Group.

This cooperation complements Tencent's only shortcuts to copyright. From the time of each of the copyright "territory" point of view, Tencent music copyright basically covers all the well-known record distribution company.

Aurora Big Data launched the "2017 Mobile Internet Industry Inventory App list" shows that cool dog music, QQ music market penetration in December 2017 were 32.10%, 24.91%, higher than NetEase cloud music 9.15%. As for daily living, the data of cool dog music, QQ music and cool music are 76.9 million, 59.62 million and 19.19 million respectively, which is also higher than that of 16.18 million of NetEase's cloud music.

After the copyright era than what?

From the perspective of the Copyright Office this time, he does not expect the savage competition for copyright to become the main means of competition between platforms.

As early as September 2017, the Copyright Administration Division of the State Copyright Administration interviewed Tencent Music, Ali Music, Netease Cloud Music and Baidu Taihe Music Leader for the issues related to the copyright of online music. The key point is to avoid authorizing the exclusive rights of online music service providers, and the granting of copyright to music follows the principle of fairness and reasonableness.

The copyright cooperation between Tencent Music and Netease Cloud Music is the most complete response to the requirements of Copyright Office. Since then, each music platform will stand in the same starting line, extensive mode of siege or become history.

In the online music 2.0 era, the role of copyright is no longer being magnified. Each platform needs to focus on operations, products, ecology and other aspects of a more three-dimensional competition.

Netease this side has been a good reputation. Netease cloud music, song list and music evaluation play, won them a strong user stickiness. "Exquisite" is the user to NetEase cloud music label.

From two consecutive years of music evaluation Metro ads to package a Netease cloud music plane, and then launch music evaluation bottles, Netease cloud music in the various marketing strategies used in recent years, have won many of the user approval. In early 2018, the platform launched by the 2017 listening song summary is constantly brushing in the circle of friends.

Tencent music performance relatively flat in this area. NetEase cloud music in the report after the brush screen, the annual inventory of QQ music was late, the degree of spread Netease cloud music is not so prominent.

However, according to the interface news reporter understands, Tencent music development focus this year is not in the marketing activities, but more hope from all aspects to expand their own ecology. To the upstream and downstream of the music industry, including content publishing, original content, so that users and music content manufacturers to more direct docking.

Not long ago, Tencent Music Entertainment Group and Sony Music Entertainment announced in Hong Kong, the launch of Electronic Dance music brand Liquid State. This is the first time Tencent Music Entertainment Group launched its own music brand, but also a layout of the content production.

Earlier, Tencent Music also launched its "Original Musicians" program, which aims to help original musicians in the market to distribute and promote their work. This also means that into the upstream industry chain Tencent music will have a new attribute, that is, "music content providers".

Of course, Tencent music's overall layout is not limited to the music App. As a music social products, K-Pop has become one of the most popular products of its kind. Aurora Big Data statistics show that the market penetration rate of universal K songs is as high as 20.38%. In December 2017, an average of nearly 23.4 million people are using this application each day, which has won a lot of traffic for Tencent Music.

This multi-faceted push forward the style of play requires a strong resource capacity as a support, which is backed by Tencent advantage.

From the current situation, online music 2.0 era is likely to be one-on-one between Tencent Music and Netease cloud music. Although Ali Music has tried the possible direction of "Music + Ecommerce" with the "Panthers + Insulation Cup" topic, it is only a trifle.

Tencent Music and Netease cloud music two copyright cooperation news came out, a lot of fans of Netease cloud music online said: "Finally you can uninstall QQ music" & rdquo ;. Of course, there are QQ music diehard powder to force even QQ.

How would you choose?

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