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6 billion hits a year in advertising and marketing of mobile phone companies

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(original title: big hand entertainment marketing drag down mobile phone business?)

"Last summer, Joker endorsement Jin S10 mobile phone ads in Shanghai Jingan a commercial building

Jin chairman Liu Lirong admitted in an interview, Jin is due to funding problems in 2016 and 2017 marketing expenses and investment cost overrun, the marketing expenses 6 billion yuan. Then, Jin marketing expense is spent where? How is the effect? What are the marketing effects of other manufacturers?

The influence of supplier management Gionee arrears

O-film technology is a reply to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange inquiry letter shows that as of February 6, 2018, the company of Jin's accounts receivable balance of 626 million yuan, due to the Jin capital chain tension, accounts receivable has more than two months overdue. The company has taken measures for the preservation of property, including the seizure of Jin in the micro public bank equity, equity holdings of Jin Liu Lirong. O-film technology said that since November 2017 has stopped to Jin Jin event delivery, limited impact on the company's business.

In addition to OFI, a number of companies have been affected by Jinli's default payment. Vicko essence is the most affected and may therefore be warned of the risks of delisting. The Vicko essence announcement said on January 27th, "the existence of a eighty-four million ninety-nine thousand and nine hundred yuan receivable from the company's subsidiary, Vico Battery, may result in a negative net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company in 2017." because the company has already made a loss on 2016, so if the company continues to make a loss on 2017, The company will be warned of the risks of delisting. After investigation, recently Vicko Battery sued Jinli Communications, its largest customer and its wholly owned company, Jin Zhuo Communications, Jin Ming Electronics, Liu Lirong, and others, saying that Jin Zhuo Communications, Jin Ming electronic unpaid amounts of thirty-five million three hundred and thirty-three thousand and seven hundred yuan and forty-eight million seven hundred and sixty-six thousand and two hundred yuan, the total is eighty-four million ninety-nine thousand and nine hundred yuan.

Insiders say that first supply and settlement is also the industry practice. Especially for these big brands, they have large quantities of purchases and sufficient funds, and suppliers are in a weaker side. They usually allow brands to take the goods first. However, once the mobile phone manufacturers encountered financial problems, if all vendors come to discuss the purchase price, will bring a chain reaction.

Specific performance: in Jin Jin is unable to repay the loan, so the supplier for freezing its assets, and stop supply led to the sale of assets and Jin cannot rely on mobile phone access to return the funds, Jin is not in the short term repayment. Liu Lirong said in an interview, "in the whole process of capital chain crisis, only o-film an important supplier of technology to stop supply, under its influence, in December 2017 and 2018 January money return decrease, o-film technology off for 45 days of at least 3 billion yuan loans"

At present, the application by the o-film technology supplier, Jin seized a number of Companies in the preservation of micro public bank, Guangdong bank equity holdings, Liu Lirong and his wife, the name of the equity and real estate etc.. Jin o-film reply said "no short-term repayment plan of the company".

The main cause of the fund problem of the marketing expense overlimit Department

In January 30th, Liu Lirong told the "Securities Times" interview, the main causes of the outbreak of Jin capital chain is the 2016 and 2017 marketing expenses and investment cost overrun. 2016 to 2017, Gionee investment in marketing costs about 6000000000 yuan, nearly 3 years of foreign investment costs about 3000000000 Yuan, two cost nearly 10 billion yuan, a great impact on the Jin capital chain, resulting in money turnover difficulties.

As an old mobile phone manufacturer, it is necessary to build a new brand and impact on the return of the smartphone market. Jin in recent years in the marketing idea. The variety shows in the past two years, Jin had the title of the program include: 6 sets of CCTV "Chinese Film Premiere", Oriental TV "The Legendary Swordsman", "four famous", "help", "happy tonight paramount comedy 3", Beijing TV "crossover singer", Jiangsu TV "our fight" well, "The Brain", Zhejiang TV "voice", "really fun comedy" and "challenge the rule", Hunan TV "2017 New Year Concert" etc.. It is reported that some of the most influential programs are now more than 100 million, and the exclusive name is higher. For example, "The Legendary Swordsman" exclusive title to offer 180 million / 3 season, "happy comedy" named fee of more than 200 million, "King" title cross-border costs more than 250 million, "The Brain" naming right several years ago has reached 250 million. In addition, Jin also named the TV drama "Chu Joe biography". Here, only in the Jin sponsored variety shows, TV on the investment of at least 3 billion yuan. After Jin also said that in 2017 for the S/M two series of promotional costs about 1 billion 900 million yuan.

At the invitation of spokesperson Jin, from 2016 to 2017 has invited Feng Xiaogang, Shawn Yue, Xu Fan, Liu Tao, Ke Jie, Joker etc. as a brand ambassador; also invited "the name of the people in the play" the Secretary Wu Gang served as chief security officer experience "". Feng Xiaogang and Shawn Yue also specializes in film - class advertising, "mobile phone wick".

Jin last year sales performance is not ideal

However, such a large amount of marketing expenses did not result in a proportional sales performance. According to third party data, GIONEE mobile phone shipped about 45 million units in 2016 and only about 26 million in 2017. In in the third quarter of 2017, according to Counterpoint, only a handful of mobile phone makers in the world had a profit of more than $2 per unit, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, etc. But it does not include Jin Li. That is to say, GIONEE mobile phone's profit per unit is less than a dozen yuan, depending on the quantity of goods to ensure the manufacturer's profit, the drop in shipments also represents a worry about brand profit.

Last year, Gionee mobile phone breath launched 8 full screen mobile phone, and the main line. Insiders said that this game makes the product line confusion, each mobile phone positioning is not clear, and the dispersion of the marketing effect is very similar: "Jin advertising and product line, is' wide net ', but this regardless of the cost of play is not suitable for mobile phone market now. Jin could only pay attention to partial business, business people actually can do well. But it is too big steps towards the."

6 mainstream manufacturers use 23 spokesmen

In fact, the signing of celebrity endorsement by mobile phone manufacturers has become an industry practice. However, this expensive marketing means is far from what the mobile phone manufacturers have achieved.

In the mainstream of domestic mobile phone manufacturers, Jin can be said to be a small number of hired spokesmen, the year 2017 only two stars to play Liu Tao, Joker.

According to statistics, in the past year, 6 domestic mainstream manufacturers have selected 23 spokesmen, of which, OPPO is the largest spokesperson for 9. 去年,OPPO邀请了李易峰、鹿晗、杨幂、TFBOYS、张震、全智贤等8位明星代言旗舰机型R9和R9s,今年更是邀请陈伟霆、迪丽热巴、周杰伦等人加入代言队伍,一起为R11代言。 A mobile phone has more than 10 celebrity endorsements, and someone commented that "everyone's fans are going to buy a few mobile phones enough to make OPPO!"

Huawei's spokesmen include Guan Xiaotong and Zhang Yixing; Xiaomi's spokesmen include Wu Yifan and Liu Haoran; and glorious spokesmen include Hu GE, Sun Yang, Zhao Liying Li and Vivo, whose spokesmen include Curi, Lu Han, and Zhou Dongyu. Peng Yuyan, Ni Ni. Some people said with a laugh, "the mobile phone manufacturers look for spokesmen, the stars are not enough."

Consumers can drive the spokesperson of the replacement"

So how do these spokesmen work? According to the "2017 Mobile phone Industry White Paper" jointly released by today's headlines and JingDong, the effect of star endorsements varies from one to the other. The effect of celebrity endorsements is mainly reflected at the three levels of market volume, machine change and brand image. At present, the mobile phone market is nearly saturated, all the transformation comes from the stock market. The spokesman transformation of the stock market is divided into two parts. The other is to attract users of other brands to flow to their brands through the mouthpiece. The report makes statistics on the two transformation methods mentioned above. Jin Li's Xue Zhiqian and Liu Tao did not have a very good effect on the exchange of aircraft and the inflow of other brands. Their two scores were behind all the spokesmen. While OPPO's TFBOYS, Yang Yang, glorious Sun Yang, Huawei's Zhang Yixing, Guan Xiaotong, After Xiaomi's Wu Yifan and Vivo's Lu Han endorsed the corresponding brands, retained users and users flowing from other brands to the brand had a relatively high degree of preference for stars.

The spokesman of the market volume, comprehensive score of the comprehensive effect of replacement and transformation of the brand image, the spokesman Liu Tao, Jin Joker respectively scored 61.3 and 44.3 points, far less than the top glory spokesperson Hu Ge (scoring 78.55 points) and Sun Yang (scoring 73.4 points), OPPO (Wang Junkai scored 78.2 points, scoring 75.4 points (Yang Yang)), easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi (scoring 74.7 points), Vivo and Luhan (scoring 71.4 points).

Marketing effect of marketing driven fans

Data from Counterpoint, a market research firm, showed that in 2017, the overall sales of China's smartphone market declined slightly compared with 2016, but the total sales increased by 4%. The competition in the smartphone market is getting hot.

Due to the homogenization of mobile phone products, the investment and energy of mobile phone manufacturers in marketing is especially important in recent years. Some media claim that the mobile phone market has changed from "product driven" to "marketing driven". Last year, the number and quality of mobile phone vendors in both aspects of spokesperson, content implantation, cross-border cooperation, variety advertising, founder influence and so on are both overweight. Gionee so much marketing, is also affected by the environment now. However, Jin in other aspects of mobile phone marketing and other mainstream mobile phone manufacturers also have a certain gap.

Among them, "fan marketing" is a very critical one. Vermicelli marketing is simply the change of mobile phone users into brand fans, and then accurately marketing them, increasing the number of repurchases, and improving brand loyalty. The data of the white paper shows thatIPhoneHUAWEI, Samsung, millet and other brands, the successful marketing of fans, the mainstream series of nearly 3 models fans accounted for usually above 20%, the highest reached more than 50%, while Jin and other brand models of fans accounted for about 1%-5%, is relatively low.

The report shows that in the flagship series of each brand, the proportion of fans is relatively high. Among them, the highest proportion of fans of HUAWEI Mate10 was 50.81%, iPhone 8 fans accounted for 46.04%, Samsung S8 fans accounted for 47.40%, and millet 6 fans accounted for 49.42%. At the same time, some brands and models of the fans is low, the charm blue note6 fans accounted for 1.15%, Jin M7 fans accounted for 5.25%, S11 fans accounted for 2.22%, OPPO A7 fans accounted for 5.38%.

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