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Gionee mobile phone marketing costs 6 billion a year down mobile phone entertainment marketing business?

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Last summer, Xue Qian's advertisement of Jinli S10 mobile phone was broadcast in a commercial building in Shanghai Jing'an

Recently, Jinli's supplier Ofeid Technologies said that Golden owed more than 600 million yuan overdue for more than two months and the company has stopped shipping to Golden.

Jin Li's capital chain crisis was established. It said that due to the supplier's failure to return funds led to the withdrawal of the other party's application for property preservation measures led to the gold can not sell assets to cash in the short term difficult to repay. Liu Lirong, Chairman of Jinli, admitted in an interview that the financial problem of Jin Li was due to the over-investment of marketing expenses and investment costs in 2016 and 2017, of which marketing expenses amounted to 6 billion yuan. So, Jin Li marketing costs are spent where? How's the effect? What about the marketing effectiveness of other manufacturers?

Gold arrears affect supplier management

A reply from Ophelia Technology The Shenzhen Stock Exchange inquiry letter shows that as of February 6, 2018, the company's balance of accounts receivable from Jinli was 626 million yuan. Due to the strain of Jinli Capital Chain, accounts receivable had expired two months the above. The Company has taken property preservation measures, including the seizure of the equity interest in Jinzhong Bank and the equity interest in Jinli held by Liu Lirong. Orfe Science said that since November 2017 has stopped the shipment of gold, Jin incident has limited impact on the company's business.

In addition to orfe Technology, there are many companies are affected by gold payment arrears. Among them, the Vico essence of the most affected, it may be implemented delisting risk warning. January 27 Veken Elite Bulletin said that due to the existence of the company's subsidiary Vico battery receivables involving lawsuits 840,999,900 yuan, may result in the company in 2017 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit is still negative "rdquo; & rdquo; . As the company has already lost money in 2016, the company will be given a delisting risk warning if it continues to lose money in 2017. The investigation, the recent Vico will be the first major customer Jinli Telecom and its wholly-owned companies Jin Zhuo communications, Jinming Electronics, Liu Lirong, etc. have come to court, said the Jin Zhuo communications, Jinming electronic unpaid amounts were 35,333,700 yuan and 4876.62 Million, totaling 840.999 million yuan.

Insiders said that the settlement within the mobile phone industry after the first delivery is the industry practice, especially for these big brands, the large amount of their purchases, adequate funding, suppliers in the more vulnerable party, usually allow the brand to get goods first . However, once the cell phone manufacturers encounter financial problems, if all suppliers together to discuss the purchase price, it will bring a chain reaction.

Specifically in the performance of Jinli: Jinli unable to repay the purchase price, so suppliers apply to freeze their property and stop the supply, resulting in gold can not rely on the sale of assets and mobile phones to be withdrawn from circulation of funds, Jinli will not be able to repay in the short term. Liu Lirong said in an interview, "In the process of the entire capital chain crisis, only an important supplier of Ofento technology to stop the supply, affected by the December 2017 and January 2018 loan withdrawn from a larger decline in Europe, Europe Feicui Technology for 45 days affected at least 3 billion yuan loan back. & rdquo;

At present, the application by the Ofei technology and other suppliers, Jin Li Bank in the micro-Bank, the shares held by the Bank of South Bank, Liu Lirong and his wife's equity and property under the name of several companies were seized. Jin Li reply Orfe Technology said, "short-term no repayment plan for the company".

Excessive marketing costs is the main reason for funding problems

On January 30, in an interview with Securities Times, Liu Lirong said that the main reason for the outbreak of the Jin capital chain was that the marketing expenses and investment expenses were overrun in 2016 and 2017. From 2016 to 2017, Jinli invested more than 6 billion yuan in marketing expenses. In the past 3 years, the cost of foreign investment was more than 3 billion yuan and the two expenses were nearly 10 billion yuan, greatly affecting the Jinli Capital Chain, resulting in difficulties in the cash flow.

As a veteran mobile phone maker, to re-kill the smart phone market needs to establish a new brand and influence. Jin Li in recent years in marketing without any hesitation. In the variety show, Jin established in the past two years have been named programs: CCTV 6 sets of "national film big premiere", Dragon TV "Swordsman", "four famous", "tonight Paramount", " Happy Comedy 3 ", Beijing Satellite TV," King of Trance ", Jiangsu Satellite TV," We fight it "," strongest brain ", Zhejiang TV" True Sound "," Happy Comedy "," Challenge Law ", Hunan Satellite TV "2017 New Year's Eve concert" and so on. It is reported that some of the more influential programs current title prices are more than billion, more exclusive title to be higher. For example, "Swordsman" exclusive title quoted 180 million / quarter, "Happy Comedy 3" title fee of more than 200 million, "Cross King" title cost more than 250 million, "strongest brain" title fee A few years ago it reached 250 million. In addition, Jin Li also named the drama "Chu Chuan." Counting down, Jin only sponsored variety shows, television drama investment at least 3 billion yuan. Earlier, Jin Li also said that in 2017 the S / M two series of promotional costs about 1.9 billion.

In the invitation of the spokesman, JinLi has invited Feng Xiaogang, Shawn Yue, Xu Fan, Xue Zhiqian, Liu Tao and Ke Jie as brand ambassadors from 2016 to 2017. He also invited Wu Gang, secretary of Dakang's secretary-general, "People's Name" to serve as "Chief Security Officer" Experience Officer " Feng Xiaogang, Shawn Yue also specifically for its film-level advertising "mobile core war."

Golden last year's sales performance is not satisfactory

However, so much marketing costs did not bring a proportional sales. According to third-party data, in 2016 Jinli handset shipments of 45 million units in 2017 only 26 million units, a lot less than the previous year. Data from Counterpoint shows that only a handful of handset manufacturers in the world in the third quarter of 2017 have a single profit of more than $ 2, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, etc., but not Jinli. In other words, the profit per unit Jinlian phone less than ten yuan, depending on shipments to ensure the profitability of the premise, the decline in shipments also represents a worrying brand profitability.

Last year, Jin mobile phone breath launched 8 full screen mobile phone, and the main line. Insiders said that such a play makes the product line chaos, sections of mobile positioning is unclear, and the dispersion of marketing effectiveness: "Jin Li's advertising and product lines are very similar, are" wide spreading net ", but This cost-effective gameplay is not suitable for the current mobile phone market at all. Jinli positioning had partial business, only the business people can only be good at doing well. But it steps too far. & rdquo;

6 mainstream manufacturers together a total of 23 spokesmen

In fact, cell phone manufacturers have signed celebrity endorsements has become the industry practice, but this costly marketing tool for cell phone manufacturers, the effect achieved is far cry from.

In the mainstream mobile phone manufacturers in the country, Jin Li can be said to use a small number of endorsers, 2017 only to use Liu Tao, Xue Zhi Qian two stars.

According to statistics, in the past year, six domestic mainstream manufacturers selected a total of 23 spokesmen, of which OPPO 9 spokespersons for the most. Last year, OPPO invited R9 and R9s, eight celebrity endorsers like Li Yi Feng, Lu Han, Yang Mi, TFBOYS, Zhang Zhen and Jun Ji-hyun. This year, they invite more Invitational members such as Chen Weiting, De Rei Hota, and Jay Chou to join the endorsement team. Endorsement. A cell phone has more than a dozen celebrity endorsements, some commented that "Everyone's fans have to buy a few phones enough OPPO earned! & rdquo;

While other vendors are outdone. Huawei's spokespersons include Guan Xiaotong and Zhang Yixing. The spokespersons of Xiaomi include Wu Yifan and Liu Haoran; glory endorsers include Hu Ge, Sun Yang and Zhao Liying; Vivo's spokespersons include Curry, Lu Han, Zhou Dongyu, Peng Yuyan, Ni Someone laughed and said: "Cell phone manufacturers to find the spokesman, the stars are not enough. & rdquo;

Spokesperson can drive consumers "replacement" & rdquo;

So how effective are these endorsers? According to today's headlines and jointly issued by the Jingdong "2017 mobile phone industry white paper" shows that celebrity endorsements vary in effectiveness, the endorsement effect is mainly reflected in the three levels of market volume, replacement and brand image, of which the most critical machine change . At present, the mobile phone market is almost saturated, all the conversions come from the stock market. The spokesman for the stock market is divided into two parts, one is through the spokesman to enhance the loyalty of the original user, so that retained; the other is through spokesmen to attract other brands in the replacement flow to their own brand, the report respectively The two conversion methods to do the statistics, Jin Li Xue Qi Qian and Liu Tao on the replacement machine and the inflow of other brands are less than ideal, the two of the two scores in all the endorsers are by. OPPO's TFBOYS, Yang Yang, the glory of Sun Yang, Huawei's Zhang Yixing, Guan Xiaotong, millet Wu Yifan, vivo Luhan and other endorsement of the corresponding brand, retained users and from other brands to the brand's user preferences for the stars relative to the relative high.

Taking into account the market volume of each endorser, machine change and brand image comprehensive effect score, Jin Li's spokespersons Xue Qian and Liu Tao scored 61.3 and 44.3 points, respectively, far less than the top glory spokesmen Hu Ge (score 78.55), Sun Yang (score 73.4 OPPO's Wang Junkai (score 78.2), Yang Yang (score 75.4), Yi Yi Qian Xi (score 74.7), and Vivo's Lu Han (score 71.4) and others.

Marketing driven by the fan marketing effectiveness

According to data from Counterpoint, a market research firm, overall smartphone sales in China slipped slightly from 2016 levels in 2016, but overall sales rose 4%. Competition in the smart phone market is booming.

Due to the serious homogenization of cell phone products, the investment and energy of mobile phone manufacturers in marketing are particularly important in recent years. Some media said the mobile phone market has shifted from "product-driven" to "marketing-driven". Last year, the number and quality of handset manufacturers' marketing and sales in all aspects including spokesperson, content implants, cross-border cooperation, variety advertisements and founder influence were both overweight. Jin Li attaches great importance to marketing, but also by the impact of today's environment. However, Jin Li phone performance in other marketing and other major handset manufacturers also have a certain gap.

One of the "fan marketing" is a very crucial one. Fan marketing, in simple terms, turns mobile phone users into brand fans, marketing them precisely, increasing the number of repurchases and increasing brand loyalty. According to the "White Paper", the fans of the iPhone, Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi have been more successful in marketing their fans. The fans in the mainstream series have generally accounted for more than 20% of the fans in the last three generations, with the maximum reaching more than 50%. Jinli et al Brand models accounted for about 1% -5% fans, relatively low.

The report shows that the brand's flagship series, the proportion of fans are relatively high. Among them, Huawei Mate10 fans accounted for the highest proportion of 50.81%, iPhone 8 fans accounted for 46.04%, Samsung S8 accounted for 47.40% of fans, millet 6 fans accounted for 49.42%. Meanwhile, some brands and models accounted for a relatively low proportion of fans, of which Charm Blue Note6 accounted for 1.15% of fans, Jinli M7 fans accounted for 5.25%, S11 fans accounted for 2.22%, OPPO A7 fans accounted for Is 5.38%.

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