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Who will fill the cultural gap of rural youth?

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Young people addicted to mobile phones

At the beginning of the reform and opening up, the rapid development of township enterprises, the young town is undoubtedly the backbone of this trend of development. However, with the rapid development of economy and the basic worry of material life, some young people have lost their passion for struggle, and their minds are nowhere to be placed. What attracts their attention is only live, gossip and exciting games on cell phones.

Xihua County of Henan province Zhao Dian Cun Taobao service station owner Zhang Yongtao told reporters, the young teenagers often to recharge, recharge qq COINS game currency, or become somevideoA member of the software.

"Among them, they dropped out of school. They had nothing to do at home. They also had a part-time job in the neighborhood. Many people came to work quickly to recharge." Zhang Yongtao said that some people will also exchange all kinds of live gifts online, and in a word, everyone is willing to spend money on live software and hand travel.

The addiction of rural youth to mobile phones reflects the desire of this group for spiritual and cultural life. However, the reality that rural spiritual civilization construction and the imbalance in cultural development are not sufficient has led to their needs being unable to be fully met. As a result, some vulgar content in the mobile internet fills in their inner emptiness.

Now, the young people in the countryside almost do not know a few live video software, or they will be jokes by their peers. However, some software is full of vulgar content. A reporter survey found that many young men and women under 20 years old can browse for 8 hours or more in such video software. Most people will record videos uploaded by themselves.

Chang Qingbo, a teacher at Henan Normal University, points out that some of the contents of APP in mobile phones are not high in spiritual nutrition value, and occasionally as entertainment and entertainment. It's not a bad thing to do, but at the expense of work and sleep time, they are addicted to them, which is very harmful to the physical and mental health of the rural youth.

A reporter in a conversation with a number of rural youth in rural areas, they said the recent national policy do not understand, most people don't read, amateur life is playing mobile phone, even the young parents excitedly said: "when I play the game, children often see on the side, now than I had slipped!" The "intoxicated" mobile phone of the rural youth should not be underestimated for the influence of the offspring.

Do not play with the hand tour, what can you do?

"Do not play with the hand tour, what can you do?" In the face of reporters' questions, many of the rural youth obsessed with hand travel asked reporters. In fact, the spiritual life of the rural youth is empty and unitary, which is not only their responsibility, but also the responsibility of the society.

The general manager of Henan city Xihua County Mobile Games Network Technology Co., Ltd. Guo Chunkui told reporters: "we have done research for rural youth, the topic is" if the opposite sex friend, fitness, travel, bed, mobile phone, Wi-Fi, shopping and delicacy, choose the most love 3, you will choose what? " As a result, most people chose mobile phones, Wi-Fi, and bed.

The reason is: playing a mobile phone in bed is the easiest and most economical amateur life, exercise and travel are very tired and need cost.

Rural youth indulge in all kinds of cell phone APP, and many of the cultures promoted by these APP are not healthy. Some of them may even lead the rural youth to go against ethics, disturb public order, good morals and unhealthy minds.

In Yudong County, have more than two children of rural youth Liu Xu (a pseudonym) introduced a social APP his most love to reporters, and admitted that this is an artifact of rural young men and women exchanges "". "For us to provide a platform for communication with the opposite sex, can alleviate loneliness, some people will go to one night stand."

Who will fill the cultural gap of the young town

How to provide more excellent spiritual and cultural products and services for the rural youth? In recent years, governments at all levels to actively promote the construction of grass-roots culture, the Arts Festival to provide spiritual food for the rural people.

In this regard, many young people are not "cold", they argue that many of the theatrical festival in Chinese opera and traditional programs, more in line with the needs of the elderly, the neglect of the rural youth groups demand.

Henan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences scholar Liu Gang said that many young people in rural areas are interested in mobile phone in the vulgar culture, because the reality of life in the spiritual and cultural products can not meet their needs, only to seek stimulation, pass the time, if a city like rural library, gym, science and Technology Museum and gymnasium, rural young people's cultural life will be more colorful.

Of course, there are many kinds of network culture, and there are many excellent contents. Many rural youth are willing to create and upload network works.

Wu Jian, a professor at Zhengzhou University, suggested that cultural departments should strengthen guidance and encourage relevant APP companies and designers to take measures to help rural youth improve their creative level and appreciation level, and enrich their spiritual life.

Source: banyuetan, "banyuetan internal edition" in 2018 second, the reporter: Wang Linyuan

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