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Google associative function Bug many, is the algorithm ruthless or human nature evil?

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Wired, the American science and technology media, says the Auto Association of Google has so far been more than Bug.






What's the matter with this?

The algorithm is ruthless

This automatic association filling recommendation is, of course, not from the Google mandatory encoding, which is the result of Google scanning the entire content world on the Internet. It is also a specific assessment of people's daily search keywords.

So there are some search auto associations that look like the title party.

Although the freedom, but this problem think about the major issues issues of right and wrong if left unchecked, it scared.

Google is not without action.

In response to the automatic Association statement, Google said it would delete some of the above special search tips, but did not point out what specific search was deleted.

Other spokesmen also said that Google has been trying to improve the quality of search. Last year, a tagging automatic association result was added to users. If you find the result of automatic association is inaccurate or offensive, you can directly feedback at the bottom of the list. And it seems that the effective way is to start the people only.

This sentence is from Richard Gingras, vice president of Google news, at the hearing held in Washington last Thursday. He told us that although our algorithm is perfect, I don't believe they will be perfect forever.

The most important reason for the Google automatic association behind the reference database is a daily change in the corpus.

The people of a vast expanse of water is too large to Google technology also cannot hold.

So Suresh Venkatasubramanian, a professor of ethics in data science at University of Utah, said that if automatic association is a reflection of people's search situation, it will not have a moral bottom line.


Google isn't working hard enough?

In addition, Google is indeed encountering real challenges. Every day, new search appears, and every day there are up to 15% of the new search content. Every new problem can break through the existing solution of Google solution.

So is it not hard enough for Google? Wired thinks it is.

Wired doubts that Google has paid enough to solve the current challenges, but just to correct some of the problems. Even if the parent company market capitalization of more than $700 billion enterprise, claimed to have more than 70 thousand employees worldwide in the continuous review of search results, but just search a dozen times, can be found in seven or eight apparently unpopular automatic association.

Wired does not deny the value of Auto Association, but it needs to solve the problem that it is damaging public cognition and value.

And automatic association is more than the Google search itself. In the Google product family barrel system, there are such problems.

So is it time to manage these algorithms?

Wired finally said: Google has a series of values to provide fair and fair, but lack of arbitration for the search results.

Wired believes that the algorithm is good and should not be given the responsibility of value judgment. Because the algorithms do not know which problems are rude and politically incorrect, or do not know that Hitler is a genocidal madman. The algorithm only knows the selection from the results of the Google search, but allows the Google search algorithm creators to resist the limit.

In fact, it has been eaten early, although it is not in the English world.

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