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Do not hesitate to pop the window: Why do you want to use Baidu App?

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Take the trouble to pop the window

I believe you recently encountered such a situation, when you click on the phone webpage Baidu search box, there will be a pop-up window, reads: "Tips, it is recommended to use Baidu App, to enjoy a smoother search experience."

The user needs to click one of two options: continue to browse the web, or open the Baidu App.

According to the test,Even if the user repeatedly click "continue to use the browser," Baidu will also tire of the pop-up window prompts to download App.

Although this pop does not continue to appear, but even if the user has downloaded the Baidu App, continue to use the web version of the search, or at some time will receive guidance to Baidu App.

Baidu has also been a means of diversion to the App, which is also commonly used means of operation of Internet products, but previous practices have little effect on the user experience. The diversion is even more mandatory, a direct bullet out of the window, you do not point the search can not be used, the impact on the user experience big.

In the mobile Baidu's Web page, users want to divert to Baidu App ads everywhere. Including the most prominent place below the search box has been occupied by Baidu App ads, click will automatically download Baidu App.

Perhaps Baidu also knows the "reminder" of the difference between the effectiveness, so also intermittently adopted a more direct means. inBaidu when using the web version, of course, will also notice the "information flow" below the search box.

When you click into an article, it will automatically pop up another page - a full screen advertising page Baidu App, and if your phone is loaded Baidu Baidu App will jump directly to the If not for special attention, this process is not It is clear.

For a long time, Lei Feng Wang, who is accustomed to using a browser, had clicked on "going webpages" for most of the past month. Pop-up ads are annoying, Baidu may not really have the Web version of Baidu App easy to use, however, have to say, it has become a small habit difficult to get rid of.

Why Baidu so anxious?

In his article "Middle of the Bunch of Beijing Under the Flu," one author quotes Buffett as saying: "Habit is so light that it can not be detected; habits are so heavy they can not break free."

We all know that in marketing, you can guide the habits of consumers, but taboo want to try to change consumer habits.

Have to say, continuous banner ads, mandatory pop-up windows, greatly undermined the user experience. From this series of initiatives can show that Baidu is anxious to improve the number of Baidu App users and the frequency of use.

Baidu why so anxious? We can recall Baidu's past and present situation.

Search engine is undoubtedly the entrance of PC Internet, Baidu rely on search business and powerful advertising ability to grow into an Internet giant.

However, the mobile Internet portal is more fragmented than the PC Internet. Various super apps, such as WeChat, Weibo, today's headlines and Baidu Maps, are the entrances to the mobile Internet.TencentAli rely on social networking and payment to get online and offline, to provide more and more life service functions; Today's head by the flow of information and algorithms in the content of success, and crazy acquisitions to expand their own content platform, more and more liquidity .

With Baidu search, Baidu reading, Baidu library, love odd arts, etc. in the content of many years of accumulation, coupled with "phoenix nest" this set of perfect advertising system, Baidu can become absolutely strong content. The rise of today's headlines, Baidu somewhat by surprise, Baidu's leadership in the content of the precarious.

In 2017, Baidu started to lay out "information flow" and put more emphasis on content ecology.

Baidu has a lot of strategy in the content, for example, a comprehensive hug AI. Baidu App upgrades more directly experience Baidu began to attach great importance to mobile content.

In January 2018, Baidu mobile phone upgrade, "Baidu mobile phone" renamed as "Baidu." Its slogan "something to search a search, nothing to look at" also reflects the changes in strategy, after most users only search needs only use Baidu, and Baidu now hope that users without the search function, but also Can think of access to information from Baidu.

In January 2018 Baidu content creators ceremony, Baidu search company president to Hailong said, "Now users hear the phone Baidu these two words, the first impression is the search box, and that search is Baidu. I think the future of Baidu It should be based on Information Distribution 2.0, which provides two content - one for information search and one for information browsing. "

Web version of Baidu is limited to information search, Baidu App can achieve more ambitions in the content.

Baidu App features the main features are: voice search, AR, good-lookingvideo, The ultimate answer to the challenge of winning money, and Baidu App attached to a variety of life services: mobile phone recharge, Baidu Finance, Ctrip tickets, Jingdong for cars, tickets, glutinous rice train, gifted second-hand cars.

For users who are accustomed to using the web version of Baidu search, the most direct appeal of Baidu App may be voice search. Therefore, Baidu used in the diversion slogan is: cold weather do not want to type? Try Baidu App voice search.

In addition, Baidu also hopes to attract users to use more high-quality content Baidu App. During the Spring Festival, Baidu launched the "VIP VIP Carnival". February 10 to February 21 during the Spring Festival, Baidu joint Ichyeki, Dragonfly FM, Baidu music, Himalayas and other content platforms, will usually need to pay to watch the content free to the user, but also remove the ads. For example, pay movies "Fanghua", "cat demon biography", exclusive variety show "wonderful event", "idol trainee", and "Cai Kangyong learn to speak" and so on, can be free to watch on Baidu APP.

Than "students pull pull" allows users to leave the web version of Baidu, the use of Baidu App, to provide users with more value, apparently more effective.

Internet products have always been the most emphasis on user experience, how the company's development strategy, but also take into account the user experience is the most headache for product managers. An article is even more difficult to say directly.

Editors also heard some interesting points, to share, but also welcome everyone to discuss the message.

Some news practitioners think: I personally think that the biggest problem is that the application of Baidu is not a browser, although many people are starting from Baidu, Baidu as the home page, but totally rely on Baidu really few people Yes, I will use Baidu search, but I also want to use Google search, and my browser bookmark, I want to direct access, rather than go to Baidu.

A technology company practitioners think: Baidu App can do social, client traffic. One APP developed from WeChat contains all the services and one terminal becomes the entrance to all the Internet. Baidu App and Tencent's product line to search for each other content. In order to search the content of WeChat will go to Sogou, but you will not be in search of Baidu content to install a Baidu App?

Another news practitioners think: Baidu APP previously called mobile phone Baidu, not enough atmosphere. Renamed much better, there is enough room to play. In the past, people take the initiative to search for information, it is now passive recommended, Baidu has a hundred numbers, there are enough user data, take the precise delivery route than the traditional auction ranking ads more brilliant.

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