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The concept of VR neglected cell phone business to 21-year-old HTC days are running out

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High pride of the root cause

As we all know, HTC was the king of the mobile phone industry, and even had the banner of carrying Android camp and Apple a high, which is still many "rice noodles" relish.

"Fans have faith is a good thing, but terrible is that after the smart phone country master, HTC has always been reluctant to lower their noble head to the world." Insiders on the HTC made the case evaluation.

Why HTC high pride? From a recent introduction of a new machine will be able to peep at one or two.

January 15, HTC held a press conference in Beijing, officially released its own U series of new machines HTC U11 EYEs. From the naming and positioning point of view, the industry called the machine HTC U11 Youth Edition.

Then there are commented that HTC introduced this mid-range models, designed to strike while the hot, relying on the U series of heat to recover the end of the market lost ground. So realistic really will do it?

First of all, from HTC's sincerity on the market, the new machine HTC U11 EYEs in appearance may be able to arouse the desire of fans to recharge. Unique 3D Aqua glass body and 18: 9 full screen design, "In today's sea of ​​machines shines a trace of nobility inherited from the previous era", There are fans on the HTC workmanship and appearance feel generous words.

But first convincing, the hardware performance of a lot of consumers awake awake, because the aircraft is equipped with a Snapdragon 652 processor, which makes this phone can only be "looks good."

So that late evaluation agencies said:"In the beginning of 2018, but also stubbornly come up with Snapdragon 652 chip, sold for 3,000 yuan price, it is estimated that only HTC can do it."

After all, the same equipped with Xiaolong 652 Samsung, vivo and other brands of mobile phones, the price did not exceed 2,000 yuan.

There is no comparison there is no harm, through several online Zhongguancun online phone parameters comparison, HTC's "proud" to be revealed.

If consumers expect the price of 3,000 yuan stalls, domestic brands have more cost-effective millet 6, as well as vivo X20 and other products to choose from, the international brand this price alternative there are the next generation of Samsung's flagship Samsung S7 Edge. So in the end what to rely on to impress consumers? Perhaps HTC did not find their own answer.

If you do not show their sincerity, fan beliefs will one day be exhausted. Third-party sales platform Jingdong public data show that HTC U11 EYEs sale so far only a cumulative total of 100 + evaluation, with such market repercussions talk about how to recover the mid-market lost ground.

All told, the dismal sales for HTC itself, perhaps already accustomed to. Similarly in the Jingdong platform, HTC flagship U11 so far the evaluation of the total number of only 6800 +, while the rival Samsung S8 has 50,000 +, Huawei Mate10 is reached 180,000 +.

These are the most intuitive embodiment of HTC is no longer the exaggeration, but as previously said, HTC did not compromise on the market, still go its own way. Although it has long since retreated from a high position and has become increasingly diminished, the pride of staying high has continued into the present.

Analysis of the decline of HTC for the industry:"In the torrent of the times, HTC's limelight has long been the rising star to take away.Although the lack of marketing capabilities is one of the recognized reasons for its defeat, but the decline of the entire HTC's point of view, its own anesthesia and stubbornness may be the root cause Where you are. "

Think of VR, home phone business in disregard?

After the retreat of the smart phone business, in recent years HTC aimed at the VR market, in the eyes of many analysts, this is actually HTC desperation to make a broken arm survival move. At the same time, it can be predicted that it will be even harder for the turnaround HTC and the smart phone business to realize their rise.

This is not without trace, becauseSince HTC betting VR, cut off the cell phone business, the overall package sale of the news will never ceased. During this period HTC has also made many seemingly reasonable moves, but each action but actually poked in the heart of the "rice rolls" above.

Recently, according to Digital Trends, the head of HTC North America confirmed the news of layoffs in the local smartphone sector. However, at the same time, the official said that in the smart phone business and VR business integration process, cutting some staff is a normal move.

This news came out, "HTC is about to withdraw from the smart phone market," the rhetoric began to spread, which is enough to see:The uncertain future of the HTC smartphone business is already at stake in the world.

In the storm before the layoffs, HTC has already actually made a strategic move to the smart phone business. The most typical is in March 2017, due to poor management, HTC will be built in 2009, Shanghai HTC mobile phone factory sold, and the transaction funds obtained except for the company's operation, some analysts said most of them Used in the development of VR business above, we can see the decline of smart phone aristocrat HTC VR for the life-saving straw emphasis.

Although HTC has so far never said that VR is strategically higher than the smart phone business, but the outside world has long been taciturn, and from a business point of view, HTC did nothing wrong, because you want to continue to survive, Rely on the smart phone business is little hope, and VR can at least spell it.

In fact, these two years in the field of VR, HTC has gradually established its own status. With its reputation and market performance are good VIVE, has been able to compete with the giants in the international arena, it seems that they have regained confidence in the field of smart phones.

According to market research firm TrendForce data show that in 2017 the global VR equipment shipments of 370 million units, of which HTC VIVE shipments reached 500,000 units, second only to Sony PS VR and Oculus Rift, came in third s position.

However, the marginalization of the HTC smartphone business is in stark contrast with the achievements made by the VR business. As a result, under the guidance of the concept of rather than a phoenix, it may eventually one day HTC completely withdraw from the smart phone market Prophecy will be fulfilled.

By the time "rice noodles" they must be very complex mood, HTC survived, but is no longer the original HTC.

2018 to determine the life and death

Speaking of 2018, whether it is for HTC or other mobile phone manufacturers, it should be a special year. Because in the past year, China's smart phone shipments fell for the first time in 10 years, which throws the puzzle for all mobile phone manufacturers, some are how to achieve growth, while others are how to survive, HTC belongs to the latter.

Recently, according to "Nihon Keizai Shimbun" website reports, market research firm IDC latest data show that global smartphone shipments in 2017 to 1.4724 billion, a decrease of 0.1%, while in one of the world's largest market, has been at a high speed The same is true for China in development.

Another agency, Canalys, pointed out that for 2017, China's smartphone market showed its first negative growth in nearly a decade, with only 459 million shipments, down 4% from 2016. And some analysts said that the Chinese mobile phone market recession faster than expected.

Because after years of development, consumers have basically completed the upgrade from the functional machine to the smart phone, and cell phone life cycle is also extended, so this situation is inevitable.

Slow growth has become a fact, living space to further narrow, but as the protagonist is where the fight, the number of handset makers is increasing, followed by undoubtedly more intense competition. Everyone will make every effort to seize more living space, the cracks in the lingering HTC, can continue to arrogant attitude to live still to be tested by the market.

But look at the history of the development of the HTC smart phone business, perhaps it is better to stand dead and kneel. Baidu index clearly shows this point, HTC's search index in recent years and its actual market history basically in line.

In 2011, HTC accounted for 15% of the global mobile phone market share, solid real big brother Andrews, the market volume at this time is also the peak. However, since then, a downward spiral of the curve shows everything, the market volume of small and small, the market share plunged and then dropped, people look forward to a beautiful turnaround has not yet started.

See this horrendous, many people in the industry began to compare HTC to another Nokia, both were the overlord of the mobile phone industry, all from the altar drop, but in fact this statement is not accurate.

Nokia's strategic adjustment returns to the Chinese market in 2016 after a series of market data show that it has gradually been moving in the right direction, although the realization of the "Return of the King" is still difficult, but at least the lost fans have begun to bear fruit.

Counterpoint analyst Neil Shah said Nokia's handset sales have overtaken HTC in the fourth quarter of 2017.

However, turning to look at HTC, even in the Baidu search suggestions given "why no HTC phone to buy," "HTC phone why not fire" the moment, HTC's official website is still hanging "smart phone leader" slogan.

In view of this, in 2018 HTC's smart phone business will be completely cut off, with the exception of HTC itself, no one can give a definitive conclusion.

However, it is clear to everyone that there is not much time left for HTC.

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