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Ma Huateng Suggests Two Talks to Promote the Construction of Digital China, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, Tai Wan Area

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National People's Congress, Chairman and CEO of Tencent Ma Huateng

2018 The two sessions of the two countries will be held shortly after the meeting, and China will once again welcome the suggestions and suggestions made by the deputies and members of the NPC on "participation in political deliberations". Ma Huateng, NPC deputy and chairman of Tencent's board of directors, has brought eight written proposals for the two sessions this year. Topics include digital China, industrial internet, digital culture, financial security, medical health, training of young innovative talents, Guangdong, Hong Kong, District construction, as well as ecological and environmental protection.

The tide of science and technology and industrial revolution have given birth to historic opportunities. As a first-line representative of the Internet technology industry, Ma Huateng, in the background of the digital age, proceeded from the practical experience of science and technology innovation and development business and paid close attention to the construction of "Digital China" In the process, science and technology and economy, culture, education, people's livelihood and other areas will bring about profound changes in integration.

Speeding up the construction of digital China to enhance the well-being of people's livelihood

Mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and other new generation of information technology is widely used, "data is an important means of production" become a social consensus. My government has clearly proposed to speed up the construction of digital China so that science and technology can better serve our country's economic and social development and improve people's lives.

Ma Huateng believes that from "Internet +" to "digital economy" can be seen as the process of vertical deepening; from "digital economy" to "digital China" more like a horizontal expansion process, from the economic Expanding to all aspects of society including people's livelihood and government affairs, and launching the digital blueprint for China from different dimensions. In this process, the Internet industry plays an important role.

About Speeding up the Construction of Digital China, Ma Huateng"Suggestions on Speeding up the Building of Digital China to Enhance the well-being of People's Livelihoods"Proposed to integrate the existing data platform and push forward the construction of major digital infrastructure step by step; actively promote the openness of public data; demonstrate the establishment of public data open platform and data product circulation platform in the sectors or regions where conditions permit; and strengthen the data-related market mechanism Construct and maintain a healthy and orderly market competition. At the same time, it is suggested that social forces should be encouraged to participate in the establishment of the digital China; to promote basic scientific research, to promote the formulation of basic standards, to participate in the construction of an international cyberspace governance system and to expand China's voice and influence.

Under the theme of digital construction in China, Ma made specific suggestions on the five fields of industrial internet, digital culture, financial security, medical health and young innovative talents training.

In the field of real economy, digital technologies focus on "industrial internet" to promote high-quality development of the real economy. Ma Huateng in"Suggestions on Accelerating the Development of Industrial Internet and Promoting the Transformation and Upgrading of the Real Economy"In order to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the network and lay a solid foundation for the development of industrial internet, Encourage the acceleration of the development of industrial cloud, support traditional industries, Internet enterprises and information technology service enterprises to play their respective advantages and cooperate to build an industrial internet platform of international standard to promote the real economy cloud Upgrade, "Cloud Use" will become an important measure of the digital economy. At the same time, we must earnestly carry out industrial internet security and establish a synergistic linkage mechanism for government safety supervision, market safety services and enterprise security.

Written proposals also proposed to promote the in-depth integration of the Internet and the real economy to create a digital ecological community; actively carry out international exchanges and cooperation and elevate China's experience of advancing the industrial internet and the digital transformation of the real economy into a unique Chinese experience and program in China.

In the field of culture, there is also obviously the problem of the uneven distribution and use of cultural resources. At the same time, standing in a new position of development, digital culture also usher in the historic opportunity of the rise of China's cultural soft power.

Ma Huateng proposed to give full play to the potential of science and technology, making it a booster for cultural development. Through "innovation in science and technology", we will create a cultural IP with Chinese characteristics to promote the ecological and synergistic development within the cultural industry and between industries and various fields, and to build a digital culture with developed industry, cultural prosperity and extensive value. China "

Ma Huateng in"Proposals to Promote" Technology + Culture "to Integrate Innovation and Create Digital Culture ChinaProposed to encourage the cultural content of production innovation, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. Specifically, it supports the exploration of quality and originality of content, encouragement and inclusion of content, themes, forms and technologies by science and technology enterprises; encourages the introduction, development and production of outstanding digital cultural works; encourages digital culture and different formats, as well as digital culture and cultural industries Synergistic development in other fields; systematically promote the inheritance and activation of traditional cultural innovations.

He also suggested that we should support the application of science and technology in vertical industries and public areas and promote synergies in all fields of society. We should step up the integration of digital culture and space, promote the culture-enabled cities and towns and promote cultural inclusion. At the same time, we will innovate and upgrade policies and regulations, create a favorable industrial development environment and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

In the financial arena, digital technology not only supports business innovation but also supports risk prevention. Under the Internet environment, the financial security situation is not optimistic. Relying on the illegal financial activities of Internet channels and the accumulation of business risks of some Internet financial platforms, the financial risk management and regulatory models are continuously challenged.

Ma Huateng in"Suggestions on Guarding against Financial Risks under the Internet Environment and Building a Financial Security Line of Defense"Put forward the establishment of joint prevention and control and hierarchical response system, illegally financial business "hitting early", "hitting small", giving commercial banks and payment agencies grading authority to deal with emergency authority, found signs of illegal activities in time Use technical means to lock and deal with, to avoid causing a major crisis.

Proposed development of financial regulatory science and technology, breaking the island of information, to promote artificial intelligence and other technologies in the prevention of risk applications. Mainly the use of innovative technologies to upgrade and improve the financial regulatory system to promote data sharing, breaking the risk of data fragmentation, while promoting the regulatory authorities and Internet technology companies to strengthen close cooperation. The proposal also proposed to improve the unified regulatory rules and regulatory framework to prevent the business risks of large Internet financial platform.

In the field of health care, the status quo of health care in our country is still grim. The relative scarcity of resources for medical and health care, the accelerated aging of the population and the increase of patients with chronic diseases pose great challenges. The overall degree of digitization is low, and there are also policy and institutional barriers to the application.

Ma Huateng believes that the digital technology will help boost the implementation of "healthy China" strategies in promoting balanced development, inclusive medical care and precision medical care. he is"Proposals for the Balanced Full Development of Health and Medical Services Driven by Digital Technology"Put forward to speed up the application of digital technology and promote the balanced development of medical resources and service capabilities. On the one hand, technologies such as artificial intelligence can be the first to be promoted in underdeveloped areas of the medical industry. Through AR, VR and live broadcast, grassroots doctors can remotely consult and exchange information with experts to facilitate the balanced deployment of medical resources. On the other hand, online medical service for patients on the whole process, electronic medical record and prescription flow based on technology such as blockchain, intelligent management of hospital services on the cloud and surrounding areas will also greatly enhance the hospital's service and management capabilities.

The proposal also proposed to use digital technology as a carrier means to establish a data sharing mechanism to achieve the standard health data collection and sharing, sharing and compliance applications to accelerate all-round, full-cycle health services. Further improve the system environment and collaborative innovation mechanism for the application of digital technologies.

The essence of science lies in innovation and the key to innovation is in people. Ma Huateng called for the strengthening of young people's science education and network literacy and fostering innovative talents for the digital age. He believes that we should guide young people to receive good science education, educate them to cultivate innovative capabilities, and guide them to have the correct network literacy so as to support Germany in tackling the challenges of the Internet age. The digital generation with both ability and political integrity will provoke the future.

Ma Huateng inProposal on Strengthening Young Scientists' Science Education and Network Literacy to Cultivate Future-oriented Innovative TalentsProposed that the government should set up a "special fund for scientific and technological development of youths" to foster professionals who understand science, understand the Internet and young people, strengthen young people's science education at the basic education level, and promote the network literacy into primary and secondary classrooms. At the same time, we should encourage and encourage all social forces such as enterprises, research institutes and scientific venues to open up their own resources and participate deeply in them.

It is suggested to set up a "Cloud Lab" platform and a regional science and technology museum to systematically introduce high-quality resources of third-party society, encourage and guide companions to help solve the problem of scarcity of science and education resources in remote areas. For example, Tencent and the National Astronomical Observatory will cooperate on-line "shared observatory", let the young people around the world online view, easy access to astronomy knowledge.

The proposal also proposes to encourage the use of emerging technology and innovative teaching methods. Combine new technologies such as VR, AR and Artificial Intelligence with new cultural forms such as film, video and games to develop richer and more interactive educational content; encourage interdisciplinary education to explore, as well as youth camps, science and technology competitions, networks Programming competitions and other activities, through innovative educational methods to strengthen the training of young people.

Promote the first breakthrough in the integration and development of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and Tai Wan areas

As a nation's important space carrier for building a world-class urban agglomeration and participating in global competition, "Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions" first wrote "Government Work Report" in 2017 and rose from a private initiative to a national strategy. Within one year, the central and local governments actively promoted the profound interaction between political and business media, and the exchange and cooperation platform represented by Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Bay Area Forums was set up in succession to effectively promote the discussion and practice of development issues. Accelerate integration and accelerate development into a universal consensus. The construction of the Bay Area in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and Macao has already laid a solid foundation for the new phase of landing.

Ma Huateng inProposal on Accelerating the Construction of an U-Bay Bay Area, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and Macao, and Taking the First Breakthrough in Promoting Regional Integration and DevelopmentProposed four suggestions, one is to promote the Greater Bay Area "decision-making consultation", proposed the establishment of the central level development and coordination of the leading group by the three governments to implement the specific decision-making; at the regional and non-governmental level by the well-known enterprises, think tanks, The Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, Tai Wan Area Development Committees comprising social organizations regularly make specific demands and provide research support to form a dual track mechanism for the development of decision-making and consultation in the Tai Wan District.

On this basis, we will promote greater breakthroughs in the key areas and links in the current integration and development in the Tai Wan area. For example, the residents' life, the pilot implementation of identity card "E Sutong", to make Tai Wan District residents in a mobile phone to carry multiple documents, including ID card, home card, electronic Hong Kong and Macao pass, to achieve a machine in Hand and seamless travel; Facilitate the facilitation of entry and exit; Explore the application of face recognition technology to integrate the exit and entry requirements of the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao so as to enhance the efficiency of traffic; On the side of synergetic innovation, The first benchmark project to study the feasibility and operation path of the newly established "Bay Area University" in the region; to further expand the preferential tax policies and preferential tax policies of Qianhai and Hengqin in attracting enterprises and talents The scope of application.

The second is to encourage Tai Wan District "industry to build" to create "science and technology + finance" based international technology industry innovation center. Support Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, Tai Wan District take the lead in creating "science and technology innovation application advance zone", promote the popularization and application of new technologies such as Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and Internet of things, and explore building "Cloud on the Bay". At the same time, we should make full use of the advantages of the financial conglomeration to speed up the opening up of the financial industry in the Greater Bay Area and enhance the financial support for technological innovation, transformation of achievements, transformation and upgrading.

Third, to consolidate the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao "cultural symbiosis" and enhance the sense of belonging and participation in the development of the Tai Wan District. It is suggested that the government of the three countries in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Maucao should focus on promoting communication, understanding, and integration among young people in Greater Bay Area, further integrating and upgrading relevant youth activities and policies to encourage well-known enterprises and public institutions in Greater Bay Area to provide internships and work for outstanding young people opportunity. At the same time, the study started the special project of cultural development in the Bay Area and explored the benchmarking city for the protection and excavation of cultural resources based on new technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data.

Fourth, focus on the realization of the Bay Area "opportunity to share" to build China's capital and Chinese enterprises to the world's "bridgehead" & rdquo ;. It is suggested that the State study and formulate policies and measures to make full use of the unique advantages of the Greater Bay Area in its communication with outsiders and with the global connection to encourage and support large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in setting up international headquarters in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, particularly Hong Kong and Macao, and in the Greater Bay Area More preferential foreign capital and enterprises to enter the policy to encourage world famous enterprises to set up regional headquarters or innovative research and development centers to promote the two-way access to production resources, orderly flow.

In addition, following last year's suggestion to push forward the sponge city construction, Ma et al. This year brought a written proposal for the construction of ecological civilization & mdash; & mdash;Proposals on Encouraging Social Non-profit Organizations to Participate in the Construction and Management of National Parks.

Ma Huateng believes that as a bridge between government, enterprises and the public, social welfare agencies have natural advantages in participating in universal projects. "The establishment of the overall plan of the national park system," the introduction of non-profit organizations to actively participate in the national park as the main body of the natural protection cause, to participate in the construction of "Beautiful China" provides an opportunity.

It is proposed that the National Parks Law should be formulated to clarify the legal status and scope of work for the participation of social non-profit organizations, to establish and improve such mechanisms as public welfare donations and agreements and protection of national parks and to give full play to the role of social non-profit organizations in promoting community development and natural environment education in National Parks The establishment of social welfare organizations to participate in the incentive and supervision mechanism; the use of social welfare organizations and the power of all walks of life to strengthen national parks and public opinion guidance.

As the 12th and 13th National People's Congress Representatives, Ma Huateng submitted a total of 30 written proposals to the two sessions of the country for six consecutive years and put forward a number of development proposals on the Internet +, the digital economy, digital China, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Tai Wan areas, etc. Science and technology innovation, economic growth, culture and education, livelihood hot spots, social governance, regional development, ecological and environmental protection, internationalization strategy and security guarantee.

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