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iPhone X "Liu Haipin" was abandoned by everyone? Why manufacturers are competing to follow

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But at that time it seemed a little weird, even a little ugly, with "Designed by Apple," a dumbfounding scene - at the last MWC 2018 NoiPhoneX exhibitors, it seems that there are everywhere Apple's shadow.

These Android manufacturers are in line with "Liu Haiping."

Recently, the foreign technology media The Verge released an article entitled "those highlights and black spots on the MWC2018" report, the article said that this year's MWC quite a lot of mobile phone highlights, such as:

"It's hard to say that there is a better flagship machine than it" Samsung S9 and S9 PLUS ↓

"Let us recall the dead youth" Nokia 8110 ↓

And "Vivo Apex concept phone" due to its half-screen fingerprint unlocking technology ↓

But beyond these highlights, a phenomenon that can not be overlooked and hard to look into is that many mobile phone makers have chosen to emulate the iPhone by design (the iPhone X notch).

For example, the ASUS ZenFone 5 on the right in the picture below (iPhone X on the left).

And you may know Harry Kane, the endorsement star in the picture below, but don't know the Leagoo of mobile phone brand (S9) Pro.. Every time Xiaobian noticed that the slogan of the launch was Android iPhone X.

Another example is the Oukitel U18, which you may not have heard about yet.

At first glance this looks like a foreign Android products manufacturers, the official website of the brand is also full of English, even the price of mobile phones are also marked with the dollar.

However, the site bottom of the company address and "+86" contact phone quietly told Xiao Bian, it is actually in Shenzhen Futian Tianan Digital City ......

Also from the Shenzhen manufacturer Liu Haiping cell phone, there is a UleFone T2 Pro, the Chinese name of "European style."

All in all, The Verge commented that such an approach is "ridiculous."

"No one has tried to mimic Apple's Face ID, which is obviously the main reason for making the screen; these companies just learn Apple's aesthetic in the cosmetic products to their own."

"No one is even attempting to emulate Apple's Face ID, which is the main reason for the iPhone's notch; companies are just aping the Apple aesthetic with their own cosmetic alterations."

Why imitate Apple's "helpless move"?

As The Verge said, just because Apple wants to replace its already-mature Touch ID with a Face ID, iPhone X's "bangs" are jammed into an array of devices including infrared cameras, flood lights, distance sensors, ambient light sensors, Microphone, front camera and spot projector, including a series of components.

So "bangs screen" design, more like a helpless move. From the current (and even now) technology point of view, at the same time to discard fingerprints, to maximize the proportion of the screen, but also allows users to think than fingerprint unlock cool and safe, it is difficult to have a better solution.

On the other hand, Apple's "Liu Haiping" still has such a "failure" - late last year, as Apple is preparing to release iPhone X with OLED screen, supplier Samsung hurriedly increased capacity. But according toTencentTechnology quoted foreign media reports, and now, the market is worried about the OLED screen may be oversupplied, and the need for price cuts.

According to informed sources, due to the iPhone X sales less than the Wall Street and Samsung's expectations, Samsung supplies Apple OLED screen, the number of only half of the company plans.

In addition to Samsung S9, many smart phone manufacturers, especially Chinese manufacturers, have not followed Apple's widespread adoption of OLED screens, mainly due to price. According to research firm IHS Markit, the 5.5-inch LCD display used in the iPhone 8 Plus is priced at $ 52 a tablet, while the iPhone X uses a 5.8-inch OLED display that costs as much as $ 110. (However, this is not the main topic of this article)

I believe you have noticed that the aforementioned mobile phones which are in line with "Liu Haiping" are mostly small ones except ASUS. However, Xiaobian sort out media reports found that, in fact, recently introduced or to be launched big-name brand mobile phones, such as Huawei P20, OPPO R15, VIVO X21, LG G7, etc., are also used "bangs screen" design.

Why Apple's helpless move was still followed by many manufacturers? Perhaps the technical limitations have not yet been completely exceeded, but Xiaobian noticed that ASUS Global Marketing Director Marcel Campos explained below many times, explaining a number of issues. According to the domestic technology media "love Van children" reported:

Although using a similar iPhone X design, but ZenPhone 5 still has a wide chin, looks enough to put down a front camera, which makes "bangs" more embarrassing presence.

To this coincidental coincidence, Marcel Campos, Asustek's global marketing manager, explains: "Some people would say that it is a copy of Apple, but we can not get away from the needs of users and you have to follow these trends."

As for why Asustek will make "Liu Hai Ping" on the flagship of Danga, he replied: "Some people would say that we are copying the apple, but we have to meet the needs of the users. You have to follow this trend. "

Some people say that at this stage there is such a situation in domestic mobile phones: lack of new technological innovation, virtual marketing of mobile phones, many products finally fall into place and are not as perfect as imagined. There are a lot of impulse in thousands of machines new machine, in simple terms is almost the same configuration, and then according to the most popular models, to adjust the body shape and camera configuration can be sold, serious homogeneity today directly shows Sellers dominate the consumer market frustration.

However, this seems to be unfair to some manufacturers. For example, Xiaobian found that OPPO applied for the relevant patent in early 2017 and obtained the authorization in September of the same year. The R15 adopts the scheme of one of the many patent-pending shaped screens of OPPO.

▲ cut from the official website of the State Intellectual Property Office

However, "Ai Fan children," pointed out that there is no "bangs screen" phone came out before the iPhone X. Visible, most mobile phone manufacturers affected by the extent of Apple is still very large, MWC show is a good example.

So back to the beginning of the question, can you accept a more "bangs" on your next cellphone?

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