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Using three stars to endorse the brand, Samsung believes this is a more Chinese way of understanding.

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Gao Dongzhen, President of Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications Department

Samsung S9 series released a week in Barcelona during the MWC exhibition, March 6th, in accordance with past practice, Samsung in the country held a special conference to take place at the Guangzhou Haixinsha Park, surrounded by the Pearl River water around here, and the Guangzhou city landmarks waistline across the sea, the momentum unabated in Gubei the town of S8 was released last year's event.

Samsung S series of new products every year is called the Android camp benchmark, enough to affect the entire intelligent mobile phone industry direction, S9 this year too, this product in the hardware configuration and what seems to have a particularly large short board, the appearance is also a continuation of the previous classic design, comprehensive quality is fully deserve the king.

In terms of parameter configuration, there is basically no difference between China's press conference and the information released on MWC on the previous day. The annual Android flagship has been unveiled, and now it has been brought into the Chinese market, and three star spokesmen have been launched.

The products not only take a dangerous road, while maintaining stability

Samsung S9 released at the beginning of the discussion around the product has been rampant, many of whom are Tucao sound, a lot of old users also said at the forum, S9 and S8 last year without a qualitative leap in industrial design and experience, to say that behind one can not ignore the context is, apple last year iPhone X the advent of.

Since the beginning of the 6 generation apple iPhone iPhone 8 until last year, the four generation of products across time but in industrial design and form have changed little, even the mobile phone shell are universal, until the emergence of X iPhone changed the past Apple's impression, whether it is a dual camera, full screen or facial recognition, has become a trend.

On the other hand, Samsung S9, on the basis of inheriting the unique DNA of Samsung's Galaxy S series, did not bring a new design language, but changed the much-criticized fingerprint identification buttons of previous generation products from horizontal to vertical. In addition to the screen slightly larger version of the S 9 with a dual camera design, but also added a purple version.

Intelligent mobile phone industry has been in a highly competitive field, when the homogenization of serious, in which manufacturers are racking their brains to make the difference, for their products so that the Samsung S9 will let consumers is not so easy to change the perception of the product.

Recall that when Samsung S8 came out, it created a full-view curved screen that was once praised as

Apart from the mobile terminals themselves, Samsung is at the top level in the CPU, memory and LCD panels, and to some extent, it controls the lifeblood of the global mobile phone industry chain. It is based on its status in the industry chain that it has created a highly competitive product such as Samsung S8. The industrial design and completion degree of S8 has been very high. Its face value, performance and parameters are all the highest standards.

From this point of view, S9 has slightly updated is completely understandable, the so-called mediocrity is a relative term, all the design of a new generation of products are carried out on the basis of the S8, you know S8 series since the release of sales have reached 37 million, so if the amount of product in each generation to try new stunning design is a great risk.

Whether it is Samsung this major upgrade or change while maintaining stability, such as Apple's iPhone X has been brewing for a long time, there are good or bad, only the product of different path selection.

The ability to lift photos to the end

Small changes in product design let Samsung spend more energy on functionality, and S9 put the bet on the picture.

Samsung flagship camera has been much talked about, for taking pictures of this also has dominated the conference session, vice president of Samsung Electronics China product innovation department beam Chan said, S9 camera will redefine people communicate, share and experience of the world.

Specifically, the ability to shoot, F1.5/F2.4 intelligent variable aperture, dark beauty, dynamic adorable beat and other functions Samsung S9 with coagulation, according to professional camera evaluation agencies DxOMark released by the current score, the score up to 99 points, temporarily at all in the first intelligent mobile phone.


Score published by the professional evaluation agency DxOMark

At the press conference, he showed the dynamic video captured by full dual core sensor and independent dynamic memory, capturing 960 frames per second, and allowing super slow motion video to display 4 times slower than ordinary slow motion. In other words, if the user filmed an instant of 0.2 seconds, S9 could turn it into a super slow motion video of a length of 6 seconds.

Samsung S9 also uses iris diaphragm which is similar to iris expansion and contraction principle. It can automatically adjust when the light is too dark or too bright. The photos taken in different time and different environments are very bright and clear.

Dynamic shooting function allows users to build their own exclusive expression packets through a camera, and can be socially shared through third party software.

In fact, in addition to Samsung, many mobile phone manufacturers are taking pictures on this matter agreed, all sorts of factors in influencing consumer purchasing decisions, camera performance is that many users are most concerned about, in order to please the user, now Samsung S9 in the camera but was quite an effort.

The Jedi counterattack in the Chinese market

The part of the hardware parameters of the product has been known before, and the biggest suspense in this domestic conference is the price.

According to official information, the recommended retail price of Samsung S9 64GB version 128GB version is 5799 yuan or 6099 yuan respectively, while that of S9 64GB edition is 6,699 yuan or 6999 yuan or 7599 yuan.


Samsung S9 Announces Price

In the international market, Samsung has always regarded apple as the biggest competitor. As a contrast, the lowest price of iPhone 8 is 5888 yuan, iPhone 8 Plus is 6688 yuan, and the price of S9 is equal to that of apple.

Samsung has been in the global intelligent mobile phone industry maintained a dominant position, apple in the short term is difficult to shake, even catch up from behind the domestic mobile phone manufacturers OPPO, HUAWEI, millet this camp, performance in the international market to compete with Samsung, but in the Chinese market, that is another matter.

The Chinese market's smartphones have long been in the Red Sea, but with the world's largest number of users, no one wants to give up on the giant cheese.

The ideal is full, the reality is very skinny.

After several years of shuffling and evolution, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers already have enough product competitiveness and user accumulation, even in the application layer has been ahead of the world, high-quality product experience and cost-effective, so that the international mobile phone manufacturers to enter the Chinese market difficult step.

SONY's mobile phone business in Chinese for 6 consecutive years has been in decline, this century old SHARP with Foxconn again into China is mediocre, LG mobile phone has been out of business or even Chinese, these international brands of mobile phone business has been pressing the shipments already There is not much left., included in the other column can be neglected. All of these brands have a common feature, that is, low price and high price, and the price ratio is completely crushed by domestic brands.

Samsung's flagship machine still has a space for one person in the Chinese high-end market, can be tough opponents also many, like vivo X20Plus, a 5T configuration of these models do not lose Samsung but the price is much lower, and at the end of this month's upcoming two flagship millet MIX2S, HUAWEI P20 is not to be underestimated.

At present, the market share of Samsung Mobile has dropped to 2.2% in the domestic market, which has been raging for many years. But as the strongest player in the Android camp, only Samsung has the strength to return to the Jedi.

To adapt to local conditions and enable the celebrity endorsement brand

The decline of Samsung in the domestic market, besides price, channel and other factors, is that the way of marketing has not yet adapted to the domestic situation. Samsung is also aware of this problem and intends to solve it according to local conditions.

At the end of the S9 launch, Samsung surprised everyone.


Jing Bairan, a brand spokesperson for Samsung mobile phone in China

At the same time enabled three star spokesperson, which in the course of the development of Samsung mobile phone is the first time in the past, open star endorsement of the marketing mode in the domestic mobile phone brands have Samsung, see OPPO, VIVO from the taste of sweetness, in order to cater to the young people, also failed to escape into the camp trying to help, bursting with popularity of small meat to upgrade their product image and sales.

There seems to be a polarizing comment on the big shift in the marketing strategy of Samsung. Some netizens have expressed optimistic, think this is a move to meet the current young consumer groups, at least this play is very suitable for the domestic environment; some people think that the defect, like Jing Bairan, Hua Chenyu such a small fresh image in simple imitation OPPO, VIVO marketing, S is not suitable for the product itself high-end temperament.

Liu Zuohu, a mobile phone CEO, has expressed a view that he thinks that the core of smart phone is to make products well, to do well, and to be able to speak.

This principle may apply to most smart phones, but Samsung is an exception. On the brilliant track of smart phones, Samsung's products don't seem to have done anything wrong, but they don't know how to lose.

Samsung S9 series come out, it may help to attract more consumer groups, to restore the image of the product and maintain the once loyal users of fans, but Samsung wants by virtue of its counter attack in sales, a product is unable to turn the tide.

Strategy is trade-offs. Samsung is taking action to prove its importance to the Chinese market. Its goal in China at this stage is not to recapture market share a few years ago, but as close to consumers as possible and to launch products that users like.

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