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The other black Microsoft, Android, apple 40 years ad cool.

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Not long agoMWC 2018On the Android camp have resorted to heavy models this year opened a smart mobile phone melee.

My apple is to seize the opportune moment bursts of four guide Android users "job hopping" support to iPhone "series of adsWhy switchThe series has been updated to 12 from last year.


(apple "Why switch" series)


The prototype of "Why switch" can be traced back to the "Switch" series advertisement which appealed to PC users from the Wintel camp to Mac in 2002. Apple's attack on competitors as the theme of advertising began more than 30 years ago.

Over the past more than 40 years, these advertisements have made a great contribution to the sales of Apple products. Apple has successfully chosen some of the ridicule giants in advertising, and developed from the Shanzhai small workshop in the garage to the world's most valuable company.


(Jobs's garage, figure from:Geek Park)

Looking back on Apple's advertising in the past 40 years, you will find that this is not just about competition of advertising creativity. These advertisements reflect the competition between technology companies and market, and the industry change of consumer electronics market.

The apple 40 years of advertising vendetta, is actually a unique Apple business history.

1976: start from a rough, small leaflet

One afternoon in the spring of 1976, Wozniak a new circuit board in the Jobs frame garage fiddle, integrated 8Kb microprocessor, memory, and his BISIC language version of the program, this is Apple's first product Apple I, and Jobs had started thinking about how to sell this product.


(Apple I, figure self:Wikipedia)

Soon Jobs released Apple's first ad.

So the second year Apple II was born, and apple held the first "big press conference" in Apple's history at the first West Coast computer exhibition in San Francisco.


(Apple II)

Apple has also made two new advertisements for Apple II, one is similar to Apple I's print ads, but with color printing plus more pictures, the bold headlines have predicted Apple's product style after decades.

Simple design makes it easier to use.

Sophisticated design makes it simple.


And in this advertisement, Apple II is defined as:

Apple II will change the way you look at the computer.

Apple II will change the way you think about computers.

Another TV ads and released on June 1977, shows a different country from all walks of life have used on the Apple II scene, advertising is the beginning of a Chinese Chinese dressed in costume in introducing his apple computer.


It's Apple's first video ad, and its combination with life scenes is also used in many apple advertisements. The most impressive one is Peter Chan's three minute microfilm, which was filmed by iPhone X.


Apple will soon prove that these ads are not puff, Apple II was a huge success, sales in 1977 to 1980 years soared from $2 million 700 thousand to $200 million, by 1981, Apple has come to dominate the global PC Market23%Share.


In 1978, Apple launched a single advertisement for Bestselling, which introduced how popular Apple II is:

Since we launched Apple II in April 1997, we have become a choice for more customers, beyond the sum of the personal computers of all other brands.

More significant than sales figures, the Apple II was once synonymous with personal computers and triggered the PC revolution in 1970s. Even after that, Apple's arch-rival Microsoft boss Bill

I was just Jobs second, and before me, I was very impressed by the rapid development of the Apple Corp.


(Apple II 1980 Advertising: Benjamin, Father of the United States

The Apple II, which was born in 1977, has sold nearly 6 million units in the next 16 years, while the 17 year product cycle is rare in Apple products, and even iPhone may not be able to surpass it.

At this point, Apple has completed its reserve in the field of PC. In 1981, when IBM's first personal computer and Microsoft's MS-DOS entered the personal computer market, Apple will face more unprecedented challenges, and its advertising style will no longer be so mild.

1984: Challenge "old brother" IBM


In 1984, sales of IBM computers reached 4 billion dollars, occupying more than 50% share in the personal computer market, and it will reach 80% in second years. It has become the "big brother" worthy of the name of PC.

This year is also an important year for apple. Apple released the first computer Macintosh with graphical user interface, trying to challenge the IBM PC that used the DOS command line pure text user interface and launched the revolution of personal computer again.


Before Macintosh release, apple specifically for this product produced a 60 second ad, targeting IBM, 1984 name the advertising is advertising history ".

Apple "1984" advertising, Tencent Video:Https://v.qq.com/x/page/a01899osrth.html

Steve Jobs brought in Redley, the director who just became famous for "Blade Killer."


In Apple's "1984" ad, a screen face stiff head to the people "not to mind taking the trouble under the table sat the brainwashing, when big brother announced" we win on the screen! Suddenly a woman in a white vest and red shorts broke into the big screen with a big hammer in his hand. The screen burst, followed by a caption:

In January 24th, the Apple Com puter Inc will launch the Macintosh computer. You'll understand why 1984 won't become "1984".

In this advertisement, IBM is compared to the oldest brother and the elder brother who manipulates people's lives. Apple is a rebel who dare to challenge authority, and will save human beings from "big brother".


After the advertisement was broadcast at the Super Bowl competition, the three major television networks in the United States and 50 local television stations all broadcast news about the advertisement, and spent several weeks in the pre-screening cycle of the movie theater. It has sparked discussions in hundreds of newspapers and magazines, now known as viral screen-brushing.

The ad was later rated as the greatest commercial in the history of the TVGuide and AdvertisingAge.


However, this classic advertisement did not have any effect on the market structure of PC. Although Macintosh sold for 100 thousand dollars in half a year, Macintosh sales declined sharply at the end of 1984 due to insufficient memory and slow operation.

The big brother IBM's market share will continue to expand, while another enemy in the field of DELL PC Macintosh released soon after the birth.

Microsoft was then Apple's sidekick, and its main source of revenue came from making software for the company in 1984, when Apple had annual sales of $1.5 billion, compared with Microsoft's $100 million.


But in the autumn of 1985, Microsoft also released its own image interface operation system Windows 1, which was installed on the personal computer of IBM and quickly occupied the market.

Jobs was very angry about it, saying that Microsoft plagiarized the graphical interface of Macintosh, and many years later talked about it.Gates shameless".


(image source:Business Insider)

But Gates thought Apple's graphical interface was also modeled on Xerox PARC. Microsoft had the right to do like apple. Gates gave a classic rebuttal to Jobs in the apple conference room on the confrontation with Jobs.

I think the situation is even closer to this. We all have a wealthy neighbor called Xerox. When I break into their home to steal TV, I find you have stolen it.

1985: the failure of advertising, apple and Jobs of Waterloo


1985 is an unlucky year for apple and Jobs.

This year Apple modeled on the "1984" recorded a new advertising "lemmings" (Lemmings) is dressed in a dark suit, blindfolded corporate managers towards a cliff, the collective Dutch act, once again tried to provoke antipathy to IBM.


However, advertising is self defeating, bad reviews. It was also in this year that Jobs was forced to leave apple because of his failure in the political struggle of the company.


(Jobs and John Sculley, figure from:Macerkopf)

Apple then began to go downhill under the leadership of CEO John Sculley. Almost the most failed products in Apple history were born during this period, and many creative advertisements could not save them.


For example, the Newton, developed by about $100 million, has a wide range of functions that can't find a position in the market.


Advertisements introduce Newton through various images, such as writing like a piece of paper in Newton, and Newton can replace newspapers to read news and so on.


And Apple's first consumer digital camera, Apple Quick Take, you've probably never heard of.


The advertising "Before After" highlights the changes that Apple Quick Take 100 will bring to life by comparing the color photo and black-and-white print.

By the 1996, Apple was in a precarious situation. The market share dropped from the highest 16% in the late 80s to 4%. In the 11 years that Jobs left, apple missed the great opportunity for IBM to decline. Microsoft seized the chance and launched the Windows 95, one of the most successful operating systems in history in 1995.


Apple's CEO Michael Spixidler has hired bankruptcy advisers and is considering applying for bankruptcy and selling the company to solar Microsystems, IBM and HP.

The return of Jobs: Think Different


In 1997, Jobs made a drastic reform after he returned to apple. He first cut off 70% of the business and concentrated on a few products. IBM, the old rival, was redirected by Jobs.

Jobs quickly made the classic series of ads for IBM, "Think Different", and hit the first shot back to the apple. IBM recently put forward the slogan "Think", which is clearly intended for apple, the "Think Different" ad.

Jobs dubbing "Think Different" advertising, Tencent video:Https://v.qq.com/x/page/g0183nh7j59.html

This 60-second ad was written by Steve Jobs himself and he dubbed his voice and tribute to those maverick geniuses in the history of mankind. He began to convey the ideal of Steve Jobs’s desire to “change the world”:

Only those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world can truly change the world.

In addition to video advertising, Apple also produced a number of print advertisements with the theme of "Think Different." Einstein, John · Lennon, Charlie · Chaplin and Martin · Luther · Kim and other celebrities and Apple's logo together, there is no copy except "Think Different".


Apple hopes that these ads will allow users to associate the image of these legendary figures with Apple and it has indeed achieved great success.

In the second year after the ad was launched, Apple continued to launch the advertisement "Un-PC" for IBM, aiming to explain its difference from IBM.


However, Apple will soon know that its biggest opponent in the future will no longer be IBM, but the "Un-PC" Tantagon opponents will continue to highlight their promotional strategy.

Millennium: Black Microsoft "Get a Mac"

In the 21st century, the giants of the personal computer market have replaced the Wintel alliance between Microsoft and Intel. The alliance has intended and successfully replaced IBM’s dominant position in the personal computer market, once occupying more than 90% of the personal computer market. Share.


Apple also showed little improvement after Jobs returned and successively launched products such as iMac, iBook and Power Mac. However, it is still not an opponent of Wintel. In 2001, Microsoft released the popular Windows XP system.

So in 2002, Apple launched aSwitch"The series of advertisements, this advertisement allows different users to tell the story of their transition from the PC to the Mac, in a ridiculous manner appealing to PC users to switch to the Mac camp.


Jobs said that after the “Switch” series came out of the street, there was a noticeable increase in PC users who purchased Macs. In 2006, Apple spent $300 million to create an upgraded version of the "Switch" ad, which made the "black" computer of Windows computers decent and perfect.Get a MacThe series of advertisements came.

Each episode of this series of commercials adopts a similar model. Young and stylish Hollywood star Justin Long plays Mac, and a suit talk show host John Kellogg Hodgman represents the PC.


The format of the advertisement was for the two to start a dialogue around the advantages and disadvantages of the macOS computer and the Windows computer. The Mac attacked the PC from a series of problems such as easy crash, installation responsibility, infection, and slow networking.


The “Get a Mac” series launched 66 advertisements from May 2006 to October 2009. Although it was also criticized for sneaking competitors in this way, it was “too sluggish”, but this did not affect the advertising campaign. High popularity, the series also won a lot of advertising creative awards.

Due to the popularity of this ad, Microsoft is finally intolerable. In 2008, a series of advertisements named "I’m a PC" were shot in response to Apple, refuting Apple's stereotyped image of "Get a Mac" for PCs.


Apple relied on this wave of attacks to increase macOS's market share from 2.1 % to 5 % in the context of Wintel's almost monopolistic market.

The Wintel Alliance still looks calm, but the changes in the market have begun to quietly brewing. In addition to the “Get a Mac” series, Apple’s classic advertisements in those years were followed by the iPod advertisement that “put 1000 songs in their pockets.”


Shortly after the launch of the iPod, Apple began to become the main revenue of Apple. In 2007, it even contributed nearly half of the revenue, completely dominated the music player market.

More importantly, the iPod has laid important foreshadows for the iPhone, which later opened the smartphone revolution. Just like the "Father of the iPod"Tony FadellLater said:

Without an iPod, there is no iPhone.

The era of smart phones is coming, and the ad that mocks opponents will not change


Since the iPhone was born in 2007, the wave of smart phones has been ruined.

When Microsoft's Surface was still mimicking Apple's "Get a Mac" series and ridiculing Apple's Mac, iPad, and Siri all over again, Apple had already achieved rocket-like growth relying on the iPhone. So far, iPhone's global sales have exceeded. 1.3 billion units.


Since the iPhone was born, it may be because Apple has rapidly grown into a giant in the mobile phone industry. For a long period of time after the iPhone was released, it was no longer possible to see those gunpowder-flavored advertisements. Instead, it is a simple product introduction, or a warm micro film.

Apple finally became the "big brother" in the eyes of others. Samsung became the apple of the year that challenged IBM, and made no mistake in mocking the iPhone directly in advertisements.Galaxy S SeriesIt has always been the main force of the Samsung black iPhone.

Galaxy S3 let iPhone 5 became the "old machine", the fruit powder Tucao queuing through the night.


Galaxy S4 tells users that iPhone is not smart enough.


(Samsung Galaxy S4 sharing photos)


(iPhone user: give me a share of it, too. Samsung users: No, your mobile phone doesn't have this function.

Galaxy S5 Tucao endurance iPhone, and the iPhone user is stuck "Ironic" hold Wall family (Wall Hugger).


Galaxy S6 highlights the advantages of iPhone 6 from screen size and wireless charging.



Galaxy S7 edge black out the waterproof function of iPhone.


(Galaxy S7 edge)



After the sale of iPhone X last year, the Samsung Galaxy series of "ten thousand years of apple black" came out againNew advertisementOne minute, advertising from the original iPhone to your new iPhone X, can be said to iPhone years of resentment to show the most incisive.



With the global smartphone market falling as a whole last year, and the rise of a number of smart phone brands in China. Apple last year in advertising to open the "other people" mode, the object becomes the Android camp.

Apple "Why Switch" series ad, Tencent Video:Https://v.qq.com/x/page/g0508n4vi53.html

Last May, apple published 8 themes through YouTube.Why Switch"Advertising, each advertisement is 15 seconds long, in a humorous style to highlight the advantages of iPhone in many aspects of running speed, music, photos and security performance, called for the Android to switch to iOS camp, also updated the official website of the" Switch to iPhone "page to give guidance.


Shortly before the release of iPhone X, Samsung also mimed Apple's ads and published two new ads for Galaxy S8 to tease iPhone.


(Galaxy S8 advertising)


(Apple's original advertisement)

In the early days of MWC 2018, Apple has renewed the Why Switch series advertisements, attracting users to choose iPhone through service support, system security, environmental protection and so on.


You must have seen above have found that these ads actually is the apple in the era of the PC advertisement those old wine in a new bottle, and when these ads attacking opponents, often when Apple suffered crises and challenges, possibly even the apple the key turning point.

From PC desktop to mobile smart phone, from TV newspapers to online videos, Apple's offensive ads have left classic cases in the history of advertising, but for many people, the "eating" of such ads is too ugly.


Will these ads work today? If the smartphone cycle has come to the end, what kind of advertising will Apple take for the next generation of products? This may be more interesting than the new iPhone that is released every year.

Title from YouTube, some pictures from:Medium

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