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2017 IP animation report of domestic animation: 66 IPs went online, and nearly four became Tencent (Figure)

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It is worth noting that just last year,TencentAnimation has invested in more than 10 studios including Anime Hall, Wuzi Culture, Cross Star, Musician, Wu Man Tian, ​​Cong Xin, and Tie Shi She, with a total investment of over RMB 100 million.

38 new IPs, 28 sequels to IP

Of the 66 online IPs, 38 were new IPs, and 28 IPs were sequeled. In total, 8 IPs launched two episodes this year.

The eight IPs are the juveniles' clothes, the sword dynasty, the demon gods, the king of the tombs, the national husband, the demon god, the company of the soldiers, the front high energy, and the runaway horror stories.

According to DoNews statistics, the 2017 domestic animated drama IP presents the following features:

Screen: 2D animation dominates

In terms of screen performance, 2D animation output accounts for 64% of the total, 3D animation accounts for 35%, and stop motion animation is still a niche, accounting for only 1%.

From the perspective of production, although the cost of 3D animation production is low and it can achieve visual effects that cannot be achieved in 2D, the 3D animation production technology is not yet fully mature and it cannot replace the dominant position of 2D animation for many years in the short term.

Duration: 15 to 25 hours long accounted for half of the play

In terms of duration, IP accounts for 15 to 25 minutes and accounts for 50% of the total, and IP accounts for 5 to 15 minutes in duration, accounting for 35% of the total. For instant noodles less than 5 minutes, IP accounted for 15% of the total.

The duration of 15 to 25 minutes can better describe the performance of the plot, and often the plot of this type of plot, story strong, easier to inspire the passion of users, is the mainstream product of the animation drama market.

For the 5 to 15 minutes and 5 minutes of instant noodles, the storyline is less story-like. The repertoires set for this type of time are mostly everyday and hilarious subjects, and the plot is weak. The user's chase rhythm is not stable. , so the least production.

Themes: Fantasy, Funny, Adventure, Action, Campus, Love, History

In terms of theme and type, the 2017 domestic animated fantoms presented the following keywords: fantasy, funny, martial arts, action, campus, love, science fiction, adventure, athletics, gaming, suspense, thriller, food, sports, games, detectives , history, mechs, idols, beauty, military.

Among them, fantasy, funny, adventure, action, campus, love, history, the seven largest tags appear the most times, the number of tags appear as follows: fantasy (24), funny (20), adventure (13), action ( 9) Campus (7), Love (6), History (5).

IP source: 40% original IP, 27% IP, 21% novel adaptation IP, 12% game adaptation IP

For IP sources, the original IP accounted for 40% of the total number of animations in 2017, and IP accounts for 60% of the total. Among them, the indifference to IP was based on the original fan base and adaptation operability, which accounted for 27% of the total. Novel adaptation IP accounted for 21% of the total, and game adaptation IP accounted for 12% of the total.

Compared to original IPs with long production cycles and uncertain market response, IP adaptation has a natural fan base and development advantages. However, cartoon contrasting novels and games are adapted from different sources due to their adaptability and low trial and error. Popular choice.

It is worth noting that the "Fiction Adaptation" mentioned here mainly refers to network literature. Different from the popular light novel adaptation in Japan's animation industry, the field of light novels in China has not yet matured. There are a large number of works for fans, and in the field of web writing, the large IP reserves that can be tapped and edited are relatively rich.

In fact, last year's explosive animation IP full-time master adapted from the Internet writer Butterfly Blue serial video of the same name in the starting point of Chinese e-sport novel.

Release: 61% of works are broadcast on multiple platforms, 39% of works are broadcast alone, and 13 are broadcast on a daily basis

In terms of issuance, in the 2017 domestic animation repertoire, the number of IPs that were played on multi-platform works accounted for more than 60% of the total (26), and nearly 40% of the IP (40) were broadcast alone.

Of the 26 IPs for which the works were broadcast independently, 13 IP works Tencent videos were broadcast alone: ​​King of Tombs, National Husbands took home, Earthly Songs, Full-time Mage, Gods and Qiqitan, Guns, Jigsaw, Machines Master A, Cool Run Heroes, Rebels, Choosing the Sky, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Wu Guji

Three IP works Tencent video, station B alone broadcast: fight the sky, full-time master, take my brother away

3 IP works IQI solo broadcast: Immortal fairy, sword dynasty, spiritual domain

2 IP works B station alone broadcast: Kaifeng Qi Tan, Dragon Knight

1 IP Works Sohu Video Broadcast: Beast Superman

1 IP Works Youku Solo: Time Governor

1 IP works iQIYI, Stand B alone: ​​Scarlet

1 IP Work Tencent Video, Youku: Gorge Case Team

1 IP works Youku, b station alone broadcast: bored poetry club

The obvious advantage of adopting multi-platform playback is that the drama has more channels for broadcast and the population that can be covered is naturally wider. However, the broadcasts that are broadcast alone are mostly broadcast IPs developed by the broadcast platform. The only broadcast is to retain traffic to the platform.

In terms of overseas distribution, 13 IP works have landed in Japan. They are sent to the following locations: the fox and the little matchmaker, the former Lingshan Mountain, the ultra-world tour, the gate of Arad’s destiny, the one who took my brother away, the silver graves, and one person underneath. , the destiny of the King of Fighters, the ideal closed area, the gun mother, mech master, deformation girl, time dominator.

Producer: Tencent produces nearly 40%

In terms of products, Tencent ranked first in production in 2017, producing a total of 26 IP addresses for the show, mainly using Tencent’s intercompany cooperation or joint production with external animation companies. The details of the production are as follows: Ten products produced by Tencent, 10 penguin products, 5 text products, 4 Tencent video products, 2 Tencent game player products, and 1 Tencent game product.

Among them, although there was a former Lingjian Mountain, ideal forbidden area, and silver graves, although the production committee system was adopted, it was actually the main export product of Tencent.

The video platform is equally gratifying. Last year, iQiyi launched 4 IP works for the Sword Dynasty, Ling-Zhu, Immortals, and Monsters. Among these, except for the list of monsters that was jointly produced with Tencent Animation, the remaining three were exclusively produced by iQiyi.

In this year, Bilibili co-produced with Tencent the full-time masters, the fox mini matchmaker two hot IP animation works of the year, women to the theme of the animation IP national husband, bloody sky and instant noodles IP will quickly take away my brother. On the other hand, Youku is cooperating with Caesar's culture and Bai Yan's motion picture to produce a juvenile nurse.

In the animation company, Xuanji Technology produced the second season of Tianqi IP animation first quarter and Wu Gengji IP animation. Wuhan's two-tenth anime produced an animation theme IP. I was Xiaobai Jiang and fusion laughter and adventure elements. IP animation light is not easy to mess with.

In addition, there was a production committee's model for the animated production of the six IPs of Ling-Ji Shan, Yin Zhi Tombs, the ideal forbidden area, the rabbits of that year, the distorted girl, and the time dominator. The system comes from Japan. It is a model in which all parties participate in the work before the launch of the work and the benefits are shared.

Producers: 9 painted animation productions, 12 Chinese-Japanese productions, and the US-made classic "Full-time master" annual explosion

In terms of production, the annual production of painted dream animation, which has always been closely related to the creation of Tencent's anime content, is the largest. In 2017, the company produced a total of eight generations of fox-devils, a list of monsters, a silver grave-keeper, a descending soul, a person, and an ideal exclusion zone. , Eternal Immortals, Kaifeng Qichao, spiritual domain 9 IP drama.

Secondly, the full-time master IP animation party as the beauty classic, in the last year also contracted the second quarter of the women to the animation IP national husband, game adaptation animation IP cool running hero and harem theme animation IP Eros chocolate production in the second quarter .

It is worth noting that 12 IP works were produced for Sino-Japanese cooperation. They were formerly known as Lingjian Mountain, traveling the world, taking my brother away, the door of Arad’s fate, one person under it, the destiny of the King of Fighters, and the ideal closed area. , gun mother, mech master, deformation girl, time dominator, silver graves.

The watercress score: Super three into the play no ratings

In terms of Douban score, 23 IP scores were not scored on watercress, 15 IP bean scores were 8 points or more, 12 IP scores were focused on 7-8 points, 10 IP scores were 6-7 points, and 6 IP scores were 6 points or less.

Among them, 15 IPs with a watercress score of 8 points or more were: Three Spit (8.9), One Under (8.8), Beast Superman (8.8), Fox Fairy (8.8), Juvenile Jin Yiwei (8.4), and Heung Bing ( 8.4), full-time master (8.2), nano-core (8.2),

I am Jiang Xiaobai (8.2), Bored Poet Society (8.2), Romance of the Three Kingdoms (8.2), Wugeng Ji (8), Female Student Dormitory Daily (8), Those Rabbits That Year (8), Bump World ( 8).


The 12 IPs with scores of 7 to 8 are: Take My Brother (7.8), King of Tombs (7.8), Earth Spirit (7.7), Taiyi Immortals (7.6), Kaifeng Qicha ( 7.6) I almost believed (7.6), Kaifeng Qi (7.6), Wan Chuxian (7.5), painted rivers and lakes (7.3), ideal closed area (7.3), front high energy (7), and spiritual area (7).

According to industry insiders, domestic cartoon enthusiasts are still more active in stations A and B. Watercress is not the primary root of the domestic second-generation group, which has led to the evaluation of individual IP in the circle and fans. There are no scores for watercress.

For example, on the watercress of my girlfriend who was not rated on the watercress IP, at the B station, 1,414 users scored a score of 7.3.

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