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Should there be wireless charging to avoid the aging of iPhone batteries?

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For smart phones, the convenience of wireless charging is self-evident, but more and more customers who buy the latest generation of iPhone are gradually returning to the way of wired charging. Why? Looking at the discussion of netizens, it is not difficult to find that the faster charging speed is the biggest reason. But there are also some netizens who are skeptical that the frequent use of wireless charging is unfavorable to the long-term life of iPhone batteries. Is it really going to happen?

According to Apple's official website for the iPhone for lithium ion polymer battery, all iPhone charging battery life is limited, but the official Apple measured, in the completion of the 500 battery charging cycle (if 100%, charge and discharge capacity of the battery to complete one cycle after charging, can still keep the original) battery capacity of up to 80%. Of course, Apple also said that battery life may vary according to the situation of the device. If battery needs to be charged more and more frequently, it may be time for official battery service.

From Apple's description, the battery life certainly is clearly at the end, but use different words, do not deny that some of the iPhone after the completion of the 500 charging period, still have the original battery capacity of more than 80%, believe that the battery life more healthy than this is iPhone. Only once the 500 charging cycle is reached, the battery is less durable, the endurance is shorter, and the temperature is easily affected.

So, ideally, the iPhone on hand should replace the new battery as officially as possible after the battery has completed the 500 charge cycle. After all, the official said, the deeper the battery is, the longer the battery will continue, and the charging frequency will increase at the same time. Then again, is there anything to do with the wireless charging and line charging? Slowly below.

From the perspective of battery charging cycle, if the brand new iPhone is in use for 4 months, it will be 90 days to complete the 90 charging cycles, which is equivalent to completing 5 or 6 charging cycles a week without charging one day. But the reality may be faster, and many users have reached 7 charging cycles a week, even 8 or more. That is to say, according to this speed, it is expected that about 18 months or so, that is, one and a half years, the iPhone charge cycle will reach 450-500 times.

Even if the hands of the iPhone to the province with the actual, about 20 months, exceeded 500 times the charge cycle is an easy job to do things, because there may be affected by temperature changes affect the battery life, it may also be that Apple's official iOS update change of performance requirements, make iPhone power consumption faster than before. Therefore, although the ideal life cycle of iPhone in Apple official definition is eliminated in 3 years, it is difficult for the battery to maintain 80% original battery capacity in 3 years.

So much, now back to the problem of wireless charging and line charging. In order for batteries to have a longer life cycle, some netizens believe that when iPhone is used at a normal time, the battery is still working continuously for the device, but the load is very, very few, almost nothing, because a lot of power supply is undertaken by the cable. On the contrary, when using a wireless charging plate for iPhone wireless charging battery, the burden is heavy, the conversion work radio can not say, but also a comprehensive iPhone continuous power supply, the equivalent of a long time in the discharge state of relatively high load, and unlike the line charge as breath opportunity, edge is accelerated in the course of time a single charging cycle.

Intelligent mobile phone today has almost become a must-have for everyone, now use iPhone lightweight degree users more and more less, so when a wireless charging function, most people have to buy wireless charging plate parts, when no iPhone natural leave it to the above, it is very easy to custom behavior than before plug cable more time-saving. But, considering that wireless charging could reduce battery life and make it shorter, would you do it?

Of course, the above is just the battery charging cycle, some netizens think that it should give up the reason for wireless charging. In reality, although there is no wireless charging line charge quickly, but the convenience of the people very difficult to refuse it, especially for a replacement for a year after all users, with the new machine itself is to enjoy the new features, is not necessary with the province. So, what would you think of it?

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