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Who can continue to move with Baidu Post Bar?

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For the post-80's tail, which was sandwiched between the forums and Weibo, the post bar was once their spiritual sustenance, and a large number of users created a unique bar culture and innumerable stalks. However, with the impact of the mobile Internet, it will gradually appear to be "old style", too much advertising and short video to join, making it deviate from the original intention of the word community, became a new user to read, old users to stay Unable to "four different". However, thanks to a large user base, the influence of Post Bar still cannot be underestimated. However, the general manager of the Post Bar Business Division believes that with the resignation of the “difficult” party, who can stick with it and continue moving forward?

This switched public number & ldquo; hedgehog commune (ID: ciweigongshe), Author: Tie Lin.

Know how to "surf the Internet" after 80, basically heard an old saying after 90: Foreign Affairs asked Google, Baidu inside question.

With the strongest Chinese search engine, Baidu's many products have become the darling of traffic. Post Bar is one of them. The school's major events are posted. The latest news of Aizu is posted. The latest gossip information is posted.

Unprecedented participation in the history of users also extends to a lot of exclusive culture. “Burst it” is one of the more extreme ones. (Blast it: Sticking to non-essential content, sticky stickers, and water stickers Garbage stickers, etc., disturb the order of the bar.)

On June 21, 2007, Baidu’s largest post Li Yi and Li Yuchun’s intensification of the contradictions. At about 18:20 that evening, some people began to go to Li Yuchun to explode it. At 21:15, Baidu finally set Li Yuchun to allow browsing only. Post. According to incomplete statistics, Li Yuchun was swept over 1900 pages that night and was nearly 100,000 posts.


It is said that it was the biggest explosion event in the history of Baidu Post Bar, the era of Super Girl's retouching, and public opinion is still posted it.

In 2009, Zhou Xiaomeng, a high school student, fell in love with singer Xu Wei. He searched Baidu for the name of his idol. He entered the Xu Yi area and later became out of control. Because he was in love with Baidu Post Bar.

“Blood every day to see other people's posts in Xu Xin, are generally diving, and occasionally reply anonymously. Because the old version of the bar allowed anonymous, there was a group called the IP Party at that time. I was one of them. "Zhou Xiaomeng told the Hedgehog Commune (ID: ciweigongshe), "" It is a time for talented people to stick it out, post quality is very high, bar operation is also very simple and not commercial. ”

Baidu Tieba was launched on December 3rd, 2003. According to legend, Baidu founder and CEO Li Yanhong created an online communication platform that allows people interested in the same topic to come together. Exchanges and help each other.

That is the age of the forum, but posting is not the earliest inning.

In 1998, the computer department teacher of Nanjing Power Traffic School founded Xihu Hutong, marking the formal establishment of the BBS Forum.

In 1999, Wu Tao, a student in the Department of Physics at Peking University, founded the forum with the largest number of online users in the education network. It was a mess (closed).


The more well-known Tianya Forum and Cat Puppet Network also usher in the golden age after the millennium.

Those who have strong expressive abilities and rich knowledge reserves have become the first users of many forums. With the attraction of high-quality content produced by them, the appeal of the forum has begun to grow.

The reporter Ji Tianqin wrote a lot of similar examples in his 2013 feature "BBS Past". In "Brambles", "Young Xiaowen Ren Xiaowen used the ID of a mosquito" to serve as a version of "Sales Salon". Lord, ‘Century Salon & rsquo; There were two IDs at the time, Snoopy and Garfield, the two people sang and one, often mischievously incited netizens. Moderators have been curious for a long time: Where does the academic circle come up with such two high spirits who are also evil? —— Originally, Snoopy was Cui Weiping, and Garfield was a novelist David Lee. ”

After Zhou Xiaomeng was a 90, he did not catch up with the time when it was extremely fashionable. But at the time he entered the post bar, it is still a gathering place for quality content.

The first god he threw to the thorny monk was posted by Li Yi: "Is fat you will see this? ” Post on July 27, 2008.


The author's boyfriend suffered an accident in the 512 Earthquake rescue, and the originally planned marriage process between the two stopped. From excavating the information of posters to emotional resonance with posters, the ecology of the contents of Post Bar has shown a prosperous aspect. Up to now, the amount of commentary posted by this god has exceeded 23,000.

In the past, it will also produce God. Zhou Xiaomeng still remembers today the famous "Snow Island's Snow" quote: "He is still longing for the snow on Long Island, still eager to sing with the wind birds of Pampas. It took me a long time to realize that Changdao had no snow. ”

Is it a little familiar, it seems to be a template for many later chicken soup.

The characteristics of the BBS Forum are posting and replying. It is also an exploration of the content model of UGC (User-Originated Content) earlier in the PC Internet era. In the era of lack of social platforms and information platforms, the public expressed desire and performance for the first time. Carrier.

However, with the advent of the mobile era, microblogging, knowing and other platforms have risen, and the forum's living space has been rapidly squeezed.

  • On October 20, 2012, the light year forum was closed.

  • October 20, 2015, Phoenix Forum relations.

  • On October 19, 2016, the NetEase Forum closed.

  • On April 20, 2017, the Sohu community stopped serving.

Although it hasn't reached the end of shutting down, it has also encountered a great deal of internal and external problems when it entered the mobile terminal.

In June of last year, Tencent Technology reported that it was listed by Baidu as a "dead, stop, merge, and transfer" product. "Subsequent Baidu Post Bar publicly responded at Weibo and WeChat at the same time and stated that: The report is seriously inaccurate, Baidu Company did not "close, stop, and, transfer" any plan, Baidu Post Bar is an important part of Baidu content ecological strategy, There are currently 300 million monthly active users.


3 billion months of activity is a very dazzling number. Take Weibo, which currently sits on the top spot of social media platforms, the financial report data for the fourth quarter and the full year of 2017 shows that as of December 2017, Weibo monthly active users reached 392 million, 93% of which came from the mobile terminal. .

It seems that all are big platforms with a class of 300 million. Where are they different?

Analysys Consulting released a mobile AppTop1000 ranking for October 2017, of which Baidu Post Bar ranked 59th with monthly active users of 5.089 million. This also means that only 16.7% of the 300 million monthly active users of Baidu Post Bar have moved to mobile.


Compared with Sina Weibo, 93.7% of monthly active users are from mobile, 16.7% is very poor.

When attending the 2018 Geek Park IF Conference, Li Yanhong mentioned that Baidu missed the mobile internet era of five or six years ago. He said exactly that, Baidu Tieba's mobile products and the current social media platform is still a big gap.

Zhou Xiaomeng's appraisal of the App Store app is, "You can download a look and you will know that it's all advertising, the layout is ugly, and the experience is particularly poor." & ldquo;Now Baidu Tieba App is lying on his mobile phone, and it is open once a week on average. The single-time stay does not exceed 10 minutes.

But post it is still a monster.

On Weibo, many celebrity influential fans converged at the registration number from the official post bar. In a sense, microblogging stars can also be a bit to divert it. Such as Luhan Bar _LuhanBar, Cai Xukun Post Bar Guan Bo, Li Yuchun it microblogging.


Although compared with the past, although the amount of sound in the social events or celebrity paradox is decreasing, the influence still cannot be underestimated.

After all, there is Baidu search engine support. If you don't have a Baidu search engine, it may disappear like a myriad of closed forums and disappear into historical tunnels.

It's not a way to go after it. Over the years, Baidu Post Bar is also working hard to meet the new changes.

In the Baidu Post Bar App, the presentation of streaming content, the amplification of short video portals, and the introduction of live streaming features are all highlights. But it always seems that there is something wrong with the information density, quality, and accessibility of information.


The same is true of other reforms. In 2012, Baidu Post Bar was redesigned. "The new version of it, it has a hierarchy, experience system, new expressions package these things, but also began to appear full-screen ads, the bar's visibility is greatly reduced, I do not how to play it. Zhou Xiaomeng had a sense of resistance to posting for the first time.

The person in charge of the post is also confused.

Two days ago, Tencent’s “First Line” report stated that Hu Wei, the general manager of the Baidu Post Bar Business Unit, had left recently and people in the situation revealed that this time Hu Jin left Baidu because it was too difficult to do it and the inside could not read this product. .

The Post Bar Business Division was established on August 10, 2009 and is responsible for the technical development, product design, service operations, brand promotion, and business models of the Post Bar product line. Hu Hao's departure shows that "difficult to do" this reason, the higher credibility.

The trend of the forum is determined by the development trend of the Internet, but the lifespan of the magazine is determined by the search engine.

For Baidu, Post Bar should be its most socially sticky product, and it's not possible to give up the position easily. However, just as the information revealed by Hu Hao's departure, this is too difficult to do. The external competition is too fierce, and it must be reformed at a faster pace before it is too late.

While Hsiong-Jun was worried about the prospects of posting it, Zhou Xiaomeng who vomited a lot of money said: "It may never be uninstalled. After all, it was still playing, and the post was still there. ”

The social stickiness of the paste is still there, but who will stir up the beam?

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