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NVIDIA GPP AMD AMD graphics card is strangling policy with the "game" insulation

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In recent years, the two sides once again had friction due to the GPP policy led by NVIDIA. The impact of this event can be very small. If we follow the plan of NVIDIA, the AMD card in the future may be out of touch with the "game" brand.

What is GPP? NVIDIA dominate the game market ambition?

Earlier this month, NVIDIA announced the GPP project in the official blog, full name is GeForce Partner Program (GeForce partnership project), they said the antecedents of this plan is to experience GPU software, a huge impact on the game player, NVIDIA and graphics card manufacturers, system vendors is committed to providing the best PC game platform, this is it GeForce the meaning of the brand.

The GPP project launched is to ensure that gamers are fully transparent to the GPU and software they purchase, and can choose products with NVIDIA GeForce commitment (due experience) more confidently.

To achieve this goal, then the brand and partner of NVIDIA brand must be consistent from beginning to end, so there is a GPP project, participate in the GPP project will have the opportunity to get the latest NVIDIA technology, and NVIDIA engineer, the latest technology was presented to the consumer.

It sounds like the goal of GPP project is very good. NVIDIA is obviously doing good things for gamers, making sure that they get the experience of video cards and games.Why is it going to cause such a big controversy again? The root is that in addition to these surface rhetoric, to join the GPP project and get the support of NVIDIA, the developer may have to give up something..

NVIDIA stressed that participation in the GPP program is voluntary, but not exclusive, firms can exit at any time, look simple, is a fair trading, but foreign counterparts website HardOCP for GPP program to do the research, they learned some did not open NVIDIA blog accord

GPP graphics card manufacturers to join in, there is a limit is required to be "Gaming Brand Aligned Exclusively manufacturer With GeForce (" game with the GeForce brand exclusive, which means the corresponding) graphics card manufacturers game brands can only be used for GeForce products, which in the end will be what impact, we will have a detailed explanation.

The problem now is that NVIDIA indicates that GPP projects are free to choose, but HOP sites dig deeper protocols, which are exclusive.And the key now is that NVIDIA and vendors don't actually disclose the real GPP protocol. HOP interviewed seven video card manufacturers, but none of them openly expressed their opinions.The original name card makers are worried about this, because GPP may hinder the consumer's choice. In the NVIDIA blog article, the following reader reviews are mainly in this part of the controversy.

In addition to HOP and a few other media that still question GPP, NVIDIA and video card manufacturers are rather low-key now. They didn't talk big about it. But that doesn't mean that GPP project is no longer promoted. On the contrary, its impact may be showing up.

GPP is in effect, and A cards are gradually insulated from "game" cards

After the GPP project open, the writer has been concerned, these two days in the United States - online search the corresponding AMD card, can already see some changes.

Search MSI RX 580 graphics card, no Gaming brand RX 580 graphics card.

Search Gigabyte RX 580 graphics card, the situation is different, the AORUS brand is still, the Gaming suffix is also in.

Search for ASUS RX 580, ROG and Strix brand seems to be there. The screenshots of the above three are cut off at noon this Thursday. But the following chart is only Tuesday's screenshot at the end of the three paragraph, there is no ROG brand.

The message on the beautiful egg seems not enough, and we'll see another thing, the MSI card's official website.

MSI's global official website has no Gaming brand RX 580

The US official website also has a Gaming brand RX 580 card

It is also different from the official website.There is no Gaming brand RX 580 graphics card on the official website of the world. There are still some cards on the US official website, but the NVIDIA camps show no change.

Judging from these signs, NVIDIA's GPP policy seems to be coming into effect, and the end result is that the graphics cards of the AMD camp are decoupled from the various Gaming brands promoted by manufacturers, confirming the one mentioned above.

Do you remember the fear of NVIDIA "the way of the game"?

Does NVIDIA launch a GPP policy that is shocking? Players who have learned about AMD, NVIDIA's competitive history may remember another thing -NVIDIA's "the way to play", the foreign name is "The Way it"

The plan was launched in 2002, and officials say it "aims to get people to focus on games that are being developed on or for Nvidia graphics cards." the project allows gamers to know. Running these games using the Nvidia GPU provides a great game experience. Running games on Nvidia hardware not only achieves better picture quality, but also makes it more realistic to play. So that players can experience the game developers want to express the way the game.

Doesn't this set of words sound familiar? NVIDIA also emphasizes that their graphics card is the best game graphics card, and it can better run the game on NVIDIA hardware by playing with game manufacturers.

But the official said, The Way game dispute also many, joining the The Way games often use some NVIDIA 3D technology, and even their exclusive technology, such as GamerWorks Hairworks hair rendering and so on, especially the NVIDIA Gameworks development tools.

On the one hand it can simplify the workload of game developers, they call a variety of convenient library files, but the implementation process is closed, even a programmer cannot control code, so raises questions about some media and developers, because the use of NVIDIA development tools, the game will be good on the N card,But on the A card, NVIDIA based special effects often make A card performance seriously affected, such as Batman's PphysX physical acceleration, Hairworks effect in witch 3.

To sum up, on this issue, NVIDIA adopted the similar policies of GPP to draw cards and game manufacturers to form an alliance. It is not the first time to see an alliance, but the previous events are mostly technical. Now GPP is brand cooperation and marketing.

Join GPP NVIDIA can get all kinds of support, in addition to public relations promotion, early adopters of the new technology, optimize the graphics / outside of the game,More importantly, there are game bundling, rebate points and marketing expenses compensation, etc. The latter are especially important for video card manufacturers, especially the policies such as return points. This is an important financial compensation for manufacturers, But rebroad this marketing strategy is also the most likely to be criticized, when Intel was investigated by the FTC monopoly of the market, there is a sales rebate, Intel to draw to the majority of manufacturers, and sometimes even forced them not to choose AMD processors.

Summary: the impact or limited domestic market, the key to the AMD itself hard

The controversy about GPP is very heavy at home and abroad. There is no fierce debate in China. There is no change in the A card of the video card manufacturer. The products of ASUS still have ROG, Strix and other brand names.

For GPP events, the effect may be limited, but this with the domestic special environment also has a relationship, because of the global mainstream graphics card manufacturers, can crossover AMD, NVIDIA camp is not much, also known as ASUS, MSI, gigabyte, and domestic Lei Feng is that the two are, but the feeling is very low.

At present, gigabyte, MSI in China do not sell A card, only to sell A, N card is ASUS, so the domestic GPP Co., Blaupunkt, Dylan is the AMD camp exclusively, will not be GPP, but instead they may be beneficiaries of GPPSince GPP has strengthened its control of the N card manufacturer, it may make the consumer more biased to the A card.

In fact, AMD official seems very cold to GPP, and has not seen the way that officials come out to attack friends business, which is different from the controversy before the game and Gameworks.

For AMD, in order to change the present situation, we also have their own hardware, NVIDIA is now able to control such a strong graphics market, or cause their graphics market advantage in the game market, calculation, regardless of performance or efficiency is better than the existing AMD products, Maxwell to Pascal of the two generation of products to help NVIIDA to conquer the high-end the card market, while the AMD side although relying on 14nm Polaris architecture RX 400 Series graphics field began to recover, but they and the market share of NVIDIA is still 37, while in the high-end market gap is bigger.

A few days ago, we reported the share of VR platform in Oculus Rift statistics, AMD graphics accounted for only 8% of the total share, NVIDIA high-end card accounted for 92% of the share, and the gap was quite obvious. AMD urgently needed a powerful product to reverse the market share.

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