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Will iPhone X Plus be like the previous Plus model?

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According to various rumours, it is expected that there will be three new-generation iPhones at the Apple conference this fall. One of them will be an upgraded version of today's flagship iPhone X, and the other will be a larger version of the iPhone X upgrade, which will be called "iPhone X Plus." As for the third paragraph, it is expected that it will be a model that attracts users at a relatively affordable price. It is also a special-shaped screen with bangs. However, the LCD panel is used instead of OLED, and the quotation will be much cheaper than the current iPhone X.

In response, Guo Mingyao, an analyst who had previously accurately predicted the new iPhone several times, believes that the LCD version of the iPhone will be the most popular of the three new iPhones due to its relatively affordable price, and may even occupy three shipments. Half the amount. If this is true, then in addition, what will be the second best selling model? Inferring from past and current conditions, it is very likely that the screen is the largest "iPhone X Plus". Why?

It has been more than ten years since the iPhone was born. The trend of the entire smart phone industry has changed in the past few years, but the larger screen is always the trend. Take the iterative update of iPhone, in recent years, every time Apple launches a new iPhone, the Plus model will occupy a relatively large proportion of shipments. For example, last year's data showed that iPhone 8 Plus shipped more iPhones. Strictly speaking, basically starting from the 7 Plus generation, large size has become the iPhone user's first choice.

It is undeniable that today's smartphones have become the mobile computing device for most users, and in some cases are even almost "sole" computing devices for some people. As a result, the value proposition of the big screen has become increasingly prominent, because the big screen is easier to interact with the content of the device, and mobile phone manufacturers usually add special software functions for large screens to enhance the user experience. Of course, the price is certainly a factor that buyers usually consider. Therefore, if a device is to be sold hot, the trend will either change or be changed cheaply.

For this year's new generation iPhone, the relatively affordable iPhone is expected to be a 6.04 inch LCD screen, but it is rumored to have removed the 3D Touch pressure sensor, and it is a single camera, and the motherboard and battery have maintained a similar design to the iPhone 8 this year. The iPhone X upgrade and the larger iPhone X Plus are expected to have 5.85-inch and 6.46-inch sizes, respectively, both using OLED screens.

I believe that in the face of these three models, buyers with relatively limited budgets may choose LCD models because they can get most of the specifications of iPhone X. Those buyers who value OLED screens, demand 3D Touch, and pursue better cameras and larger memory will inevitably choose between the iPhone X upgrade and the big screen upgrade. So in terms of the conversion rate for upgrades, users who previously purchased iPhone 7 or 8 are expected to use the 6.04-inch LDC iPhone. Users using iPhone 7P or 8P prefer the same large screen 6.46 inch OLED iPhone. As for users who are using the iPhone X, it is possible to launch an offensive against 6.46 inches with the 5.85-inch optional.

Therefore, it is clear that the 6.46-inch model OLED iPhone, in addition to genuine buyers originally iPhone 8 really budget limited, the original use of iPhone 8P and iPhone X users may become the ultimate buyers. The reason is very simple. For example, they feel that the iPhone X screen is too small and itself pursues a big screen, but the key is that Apple will often provide the most advanced and complete specifications on the most expensive models, such as larger batteries and better Cameras, bigger memory, etc., so those who do not care about the budget and more like the flagship iPhone buyers will also consider 6.46 inches. After simplification:

6.04 inch LCD iPhone Potential Buyers:

- Users who have met iPhone 7 or 8, even earlier 6s users (most of them);

- Limited budget (mostly);

- Does not like the big screen itself, or pays attention to the one-handed operation (mostly).

5.85-inch iPhone X Upgrade Potential Buyers:

- Original iPhone X users (most);

- Users coming from iPhone 8 or 7;

- From iPhone 8P or 7P users.

Potential 6.46-inch iPhone buyers:

- Original iPhone X users;

- Users coming from iPhone 8 or 7;

- Users (most) from iPhone 8P or 7P;

- The pursuit of larger screens (mostly);

- Don't care about the budget (most);

- As long as the full flagship specification (most).

In short, since "iPhone X Plus" attracts more buyers, its best-selling level should also be at least behind LCD models. So, why is there a lot of buyers who choose iPhone size? The reason lies in pricing. As we have already said, today's more popular models are either cheaper or larger. As for pricing, what will be the next-generation models this year?

For a long time in the past, there was really no new news about the pricing of Apple’s new iPhone. Only a recent source from the supply chain stated that this year's iPhone X upgrade will be cheaper than last year’s pricing. However, what the news said is essentially that the cost is cheaper, about 10% lower. Does this also mean that the starting price of 8388 is 10% discount? It is still hard to say, but in terms of pricing strategy, Apple should have three options. Optional.

The first is to continue the strategy of the standard model and the Plus model. Basically, the difference is 800 yuan. If the iPhone X upgrade continues to maintain the price of 8388, then the 6.46-inch "iPhone X Plus" may start at $ 9,188. However, this is based on the fact that the 6.46-inch model is not just a larger screen, it also requires the same specifications and features as the 5.85-inch model. Because the 8 Plus is better than the 8 on the screen, memory and camera.

There is also a crazy pricing plan, which is to use iPad Pro's pricing plan, even if the features and specifications are the same, the big screen version is also much more expensive. Considering that iPad Pro 12.9 costs $1,200 more than 10.5, in this case, the 6.46 iPhone may also be worth $1200 more than the 5.85-inch model. In fact, the starting price of nearly 10,000 yuan is unlikely, as analysts said this year, high pricing will cause significant damage to sales, unless Apple really give a new position to the 6.46-inch product, such as Apple Pencil can support New iPad, or other unexpected features.

As for the third relatively reasonable pricing plan, it is natural that this year's product portfolio is almost similar to the pricing. In other words, the 6.04-inch LCD iPhone adopts the pricing scheme of the iPhone 8 and is priced starting from 5,888 yuan. The 5.85-inch model corresponds to the iPhone 8 Plus, but it is more expensive and may be sold starting from 6988, 7088 or 7188. The 6.04-inch model should remain on the same $8388 as the iPhone X.

Having said that, only by maintaining the third option, all of the above assumptions about the potential buyer conversion rate are more likely to be achieved. Finally, do you think that the 6.46 inch iPhone will be popular? And what are your own opinions on pricing?

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