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Millet MIX 2S Review: "Beginning" Full Screen But "Behind" True Flagship

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Based on the MIX's previous foundation, Xiaomi launched the MIX 2S may be more to complete the route from the concept to the flagship of the series, make up for the lack of previous generations of cameras, but also provides a different for Liu Haiping today. Select, today's article we will take you to learn about MIX 2S this product.

Millet MIX 2S real shot map

Hardware configuration: really can think of all have

Hardware, millet MIX 2S is still the flagship positioning configuration, the screen follows MIX 2's 5.99 inch 18:9 IPS full screen, the resolution is FHD level, post-fingerprint; the battery also maintains 3400mAh as MIX 2, compared The previous generation added a maximum of 7.5W wireless fast charge; the whole machine uses a combination of Xiaolong 845 platform + 6GB / 8GB RAM + 64GB / 128GB / 256GB ROM, 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM configuration for the ceramic enjoy version. The official claims that the security Bunny had more than 270,000 points of running points. This time, we sent a test model of 8GB+256GB. The actual measurement was 267,161 points, standing firmly at the No. 1 echelon of Android.

Running minutes

Support 7.5w wireless charging

Like the head is the biggest upgrade in the hardware part of the millet MIX 2S, rear dual 1200W camera, dual camera solution for the combination of wide-angle + telephoto, the main camera uses the Sony IMX363 sensor, supports Dual PD focusing technology, combined with Xiaolong 845's ISP Processing and AI technology applications; while the front camera is a 500W pixel single camera. Officially stated that MIX 2S is "the best camera phone for Xiaomi," and proofs and photo-taking will be mentioned later.

The front is still familiar with the shape of the three sides lean thin width

In the past year, the reduction in size, the change of the border to a metal material, the concealed handset, etc., and many technical compromises and improvements have made the MIX 2 a not-surprising but practical enough model. The appearance and size of the MIX 2S were almost the same as those of the previous generation, retaining the overall design of the ceramic backboard, but the all-ceramic version was canceled; the good grip of the previous generation was well inherited and used for a period of time in the MIS After 2S, Xiao Bian felt that his original Samsung Note 8 was heavy and thick.

Comparison with Samsung Note 8

Compared with Samsung's Note 8's size, the real change is in the back, the fingerprint's position is unchanged, and the original single camera was replaced by a prominent vertical double camera, the position moved to the top left of the fuselage. In the absence of bangs sensors placed on the front of the fuselage to bring inconvenient placement, the choice of such a design is easy to think ofiPhoneX, at first glance, looked like the iPhone X with a fingerprint. Regardless of this reminiscent problem, MIX 2S has a strong overall sense of the back, and the ceramic material looks and feels excellent.

Will the camera tap better?

Overall, the overall appearance of the MIX 2S continues the design of the MIX 2 and is now excellent at Liu Hai’s full screen. To say that the slot, mainly focused on the processing of the metal frame, completely cancel the full ceramic version of the metal silver matte border on the white body is very inconsistent, this inconsistency comes from the color is not uniform, but also part of the Due to the processing of the border edge curve, the metallic luster in the case of light irradiation increases the frame and the sense of splitting between the front and back sides, and this feeling may not be so strong in the black version. However, the official standard is a white protective shell. After adding a shell, this split feeling eases a lot. And this is why many people around the world are constantly complaining about exposure.

After adding a shell, this split feeling eased

Photographing: The last piece of the puzzle that complements the MIX 2S

Until MIX 2, according to the ability to scan code, can take pictures, can see, good-looking four levels, I think Xiaomi MIX series of aircraft photography can only be said to be able to take this level, Far from the standard of MIX flagship configuration. The stack of parameters such as MIX 2s, zoom double camera IMX363n1.4 μ m super-large pixel Dual PD gives the author confidence in the hard power of MIX 2S photography. And the official AI training reached the level of "shoot no P can send Moments" level, we first look at several groups of samples.

Outdoor proofs

Double shot proof effect display

Indoor proofs

Night proofs

From the proof point of view, no matter what the light conditions, millet MIX 2S can get good pictures with good color saturation, exposure, white balance stability and sharpness, dual camera and sensor upgrades are self-evident Yu, and Dual PD's focusing technology also enhances the camera experience.

And came to this part of the AI, the official claims that the application of AI technology can be subdivided recognition of the scene taken to make targeted parameter settings. The actual test, in addition to more adequate exposure in night mode, in most cases the promotion of AI mode is not much. Xiao Bian think that in the daily situation, MIX 2S's photo shoot is enough to shoot a "correct" image, the application of AI is mainly for the user to save the role of beautifying the editor in third-party applications. At present, AI photographed the phone Subversive change, or "professional adjustment" is still a gimmick. Additional features such as PPT scanning and travel translation may be the best scenario for the current AI application.


The figure above shows that the AI ​​mode is not turned on, and the following figure shows the AI ​​mode.


The figure above shows that the AI ​​mode is not turned on, and the following figure shows the AI ​​mode.

Summarizing, MIX 2S's performance in photography is remarkable, compared with the previous generation is very obvious. However, we compared the camera and Note8 photographs, proofs can be seen, MIX 2S warm colors, although the perception gives a richer sense of color, but sharpness and color accuracy compared to the Samsung Note 8 Slightly inferior, this difference is even more pronounced in the dark state. Comparing this kind of photographing ability with Apple's Samsung's first-line level may still be some distance, but in the domestic mobile phone has reached an excellent level.


Left for MIX 2S Right for Samsung Note 8


Samsung Note 8 for MIX 2S

MIX 2S equipped with MIUI9 system

Millet MIX 2S is equipped with a MIUI 9 system based on Android 8.0. Everyone must be familiar with MIUI, and this time MIX 2S's full screen gesture adaptation is also more complete. With the latest Xiaolong 845 platform and 8GB of large memory, Xiaomi MIX 2S operation experience is very smooth, power consumption and heat control is good; and game performance, do not have to worry about, Xiao Bian measured king glory high frame rate mode performance Good, compared to Note8 on the hand, the most intuitive experience is that the team rate is more stable, and there is no obvious difference on the data. After all, the performance of the game performance on the 835 is good enough. Open the gap.


System screenshot

Electricity consumption, Xiao Bian measured down from 9:00 am start to use, to 6 pm, there are still 20%, which is the result of heavy use, I believe that as long as the depth of the user's battery life is better than any one day of use, The addition of wireless charging also adds a charging and usage scenario to the daily indoor work.

AI Assistant now only "has"


AI assistants only now have "yes"

In addition to the basic experience, the official MIX 2S is equipped with a full-featured voice assistant "Little Love Classmate". When the user speaks to the mobile phone and utters the wake-up word of Xiaoai Classmate, he can interact with the voice assistant. Is asked the weather, send a WeChat red envelope, but may be the reason for the closed beta, this feature whether the success rate of wake-up or completion of the task is lower than the Bixby a lot lower; need to be noted is that Xiaoai students currently do not support offline use.

Millet MIX 2S real shot map

Sina comments: Since the first generation of "difficult" concept-like listing, MIX 2 has become a "mass control" production series last year, and then to the camera full complement of the finished MIX 2S, Xiaomi this era of full screen era, in The implementation of the MIX design language under the premise of a stable and stable completion of the MIX series to become the new flagship layout.

With MIX's stride, MIX 2 and 2S's approach to the future is certainly a smooth sailing. It can be seen in the product itself that the MIX 2S is very calm, not to change the market, the overall Say, this MIX 2S can be called a boutique from both practicality and design, and has finally made the MIX 2S a flagship machine that is reassuring; however, in turn, although MIX 2S has finally become a welcome feature” Rest assured that there is no obvious short-board flagship machine, but neither seems to be dominant in marketing or gimmicks. Today, the "full-screen mobile phone" can hardly become a category. The strength of the MIX series is weakening. Perhaps the next step is to take a step. It is the question that Xiaomi really needs to consider.

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