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Millet MIX 2S officially released: the price is the same, photography is no longer a soft rib

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The latest data from IDC show that in the fourth quarter of last year, the global market has increased 96.9% against the trend and 57.6% in the Chinese market. It has become the only mobile phone manufacturer that has achieved growth in the global market in the fourth quarter of last year.



Therefore, when it broke through the $100 billion receivable in 2017, Lei Jun had the courage to speak out loudly


Of course, because of the early preheating and exposure of millet, this millet MIX 2S release everything seems to be in the expectation.

To configure:

High pass Valon 845

6GB / 8GB LPDDR4x) 64/128/256GB(UFS 2.1) storage space

1200 1200 million zoom double-shot, main camera 1.4um large pixel dual PD dual focus, multi-frame noise reduction and 4-axis optical anti-shake

Front 5 million pixel camera, support single camera bokeh, AI beauty

Support wireless charging, support fast charging, 3400mAh battery capacity

Fingerprint recognition face unlock

Multifunction NFC

Support the global band (only enjoy the edition)

Support the ARCore platform


Millet MIX 2S can be seen as a small upgrade of millet MIX 2, dual entry, wireless charging and other functions, so that the flagship series becomes more competitive.


Of course, what's more important is Xiaolong 845 processor. Xiaomong MIX 2S is the first domestic Xiaolong 845. Compared with Xiaolong 835's millet 6, the performance improvement is very obvious.


In addition, millet said, MIX 2S's ability to take pictures, take pictures for the testing agency DXOMark hit 101 points, the score exceeds the current DXOMark all the tested mobile phone, is currently the highest score, and at the press conference, said Lei Jun a double perturbation, is the biggest change millet MIX 2S.

For their picture performance, we will test it in the evaluation.


Millet MIX 2S also supports 7.5W wireless charging, full of 2 hours and 40 minutes. Xiaomi also launched a wireless charging base, which should be very simple and compact, and its price is only 99 yuan. If the user bought the favorite version of millet MIX 2S, it will be randomly attached to a wireless charging base.


In addition, in Xiaomi AI sound box is highly praised


6GB 64GB costs 3299 yuan, 6 GB 128GB 3599 yuan and 8GB 256GB 3999 yuan.

One more thing, in addition to the mobile phone, millet finally released a game book, the specific configuration as follows:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060/GTX 1050 Ti

4GB/6GB DDR5 memory

16GB DDR4 memory, extensible to 32GB

256GB SSD 1TB mechanical hard disk, supporting dual SSD mode

Seventh generation Intel i7 voltage scaling processor


I5 8G 1050 Ti sells for 5999 yuan, and i7 16GB 1060 sells for 8999 yuan, which is nearly 10 thousand yuan lower than the price of the same configuration, which can be said that the price is very high.


In addition, millet also launched the small love sound box mini version, selling for 169 yuan, further pulling the price threshold of the intelligent sound box.

Millet MIX 2S experience: it is the most comprehensive millet mobile phone

Only half a year from the release of millet MIX 2, its iteration time is short for a flagship model.

And after our experience, we can come to the conclusion in the beginning.

Xiaomi, which was also regarded as the MIX generation of the concept machine at that time, became the reality. The MIX line 2 of the full screen 2 proved the maturity of the innovation route. This millet MIX 2S makes the MIX product line infinitely close to perfection.

This looks you I am familiar with


18:9 full screen, quadrilateral ceramic fuselage of 7 series of aluminum metal frame,

It ' s hard to say who ' s the one on the front side of Xiaomi ' s mix 2S , which looks exactly like Xiaomi Mix 2 . It ' s hard to say who is that


This time Xiaomi does not seem to be preparing an all-ceramic version for Xiaomi MIX 2S, only a top version of 8GB 256GB.


If you take it and the entire ceramic version of millet MIX 2 comparison will find that due to the metal frame, which is slightly larger than the latter measurements in a circle, with the standard version of millet MIX 2.


You can be regarded as a small change of MIX 2, so there are many similarities between MIX 2S and previous works. The voice guide receiver is still used, the upper border is slightly wider than the left and right two borders, but it is more popular than before.


It is worth mentioning that the millet MIX 2S receiver will play the sound when playing music and video, and millet MIX 2 seems to be unable to achieve the playback function.

However, due to the limitation of the guide structure, the receiver is not a real speaker, so the sound is smaller and the sound quality is general. If you don't listen carefully, you can hardly hear the voice from the receiver when it is covered by the volume of the loudspeaker, but the effect is not ideal as a double speaker.


To distinguish between it and the front, you can only turn over the cell phone to find it. Ceramic fuselage can still show a variety of aesthetic feeling in different light, but the use of double photography can affect the tidy of the back cover.


Of course, it's hard to find a suitable location that doesn't affect beauty on any cell phone. However, millet MIX 2S on this camera on the projection is not very, placed on the desktop to press the screen with hands, only a small amplitude sloshing.


The millet still provides a protective shell official original, solve zhanre fingerprint problems at the same time, can also be raised over the camera.


Of course, the exploration of the ceramic material let millet have used this technology extremely skillful, MIX 2 on the smooth and warm feel of the hand naturally is not missing.



Looking at it, the changes in millet MIX 2S are all these.

A photo short board being made up

But it also generally represents


Millet MIX 2S obviously followed the tradition of this naming. Because double is the most obvious change on the millet MIX 2S, so we also come to see, compared with the millet MIX 2 photo has not been promoted.

First, Xiaomi MIX 2S has a rear camera of 1200, 1200, 000, and the main camera uses a Sony IMX 363 with a pixel size of up to 1. 4


Compared with last year's 1. 2 of the Sony IMX 386 on the Xiaomi MIX 2


(millet MIX 2S)


(millet MIX 2)


(millet MIX 2S)


(millet MIX 2)

Under the condition of enough light, the imaging ability of millet MIX 2S is very accurate in terms of color reduction, and the exposure control is in place. Under the same light condition, the pictures taken by millet MIX 2S are higher than those of MIX 2, and the details are more abundant.


(left: millet MIX 2S right: millet MIX 2)

In the poor indoor lighting environment, Xiaomi MIX 2 will significantly enhance ISO, though the photos are gorgeous, but some are not real, and the details are also more serious. These defects have been solved on millet MIX 2S.

The following is some real proofs:





Taking pictures at night, millet MIX 2S has improved significantly, especially the ability to suppress noise significantly, but the picture seems too blue, in addition, may be due to the evaluation machine development version of the system, the response speed of the slower millet MIX 2S in the night to take pictures, picture quality due to the shake will be affected, but the system update at the back of the back will be gradually optimized.


In general, millet MIX 2S's photo capability is much better than that of MIX 2. In addition, Xiaomi MIX 2S also supports intelligent scene recognition, which can tell users what they are photographing, such as buildings, characters, animals, etc.

In addition to the enhancement of photo ability, the processor is also upgraded together. Millet has been released before the release of MIX 2S will be used to Qualcomm 845, this processor will also be the flag of the flagship model of the year.


Love fan children do this test exclusive version, bunny ran more than 26 extremely, this is before the release of our test, believe the next after system optimization should also have some room for improvement.

In contrast, the 835 millet MIX 2 runs more than 14 million points, the overall performance improvement can be seen.


High picture quality


Xiaomi MIX 2S also has the facial unlock function, and the speed of entering facial information is very fast. When you open the input interface, you have already entered it at the same time, compared with Xiaomi MIX 2, which obtained face unlock through the system update later. Xiaomi MIX 2S to unlock speed is much faster.


However, there seems to be no 2S millet MIX hand bright screen options, so if you want to use the face unlock function, can press the power button or double-click the screen light up the screen to unlock.


Although the lock speed is very fast, if you just want to watch a time, then it will directly unlock the main interface after lighting the screen, and this interaction logic may need a little improvement.


In addition, the night to unlock the success rate is not high, personal speculation except for the light, as well as the camera angle, because the millet MIX 2S front camera sensor is still on the chin, look up at the point of view is sometimes difficult to capture complete facial information.


Of course, you can also use fingerprints to unlock a lot faster than face recognition.


Also, when the glass material fuselage is about to become popular this year, Xiaomi also has a wireless charging function for MIX 2S. The wireless charging base launched by Xiaomi supports 7.5W fast charging, and it can charge 10% of the electricity in 20 minutes.


这个充电底座的质感不错,包裹了一层质地较软的硅胶,对手机的也能起到一定程度的保护作用,但它有些容易吸附灰尘,需要不时地进行清理,此外, 99 元的售价,可以一个房间放一个了。

Little love classmate and AR


In addition to the promotion of hardware, small love students also live in the millet MIX 2S from the smart sound box.


At present, some functions of Xiaomai student on Xiaomi mobile phone have not been fully activated yet, but what questions and instructions issued by users will be able to identify and execute accurately.


In addition to being a voice assistant, mobile phone on Edward can also be used as another way of operating mobile phone users, such as Edward micro letter envelopes, open a function in the program, or even directly tell the little love for students to download an application, can be used in a speech. It is not convenient to use fingers, can be very convenient.


If you want to trigger little love, just talk to your cell phone.

MIX 2S also increased the gestures, just gestures under the virtual keys disappeared, then if you want to pass by the way out of Edward, can long press the power button 0.3s, of course, you don't have to consider how long is 0.3s, press the power button to the corresponding time after Edward will occur. If you continue to press the power button, will trigger a shutdown command menu.


In addition to AI assistant, Xiaomi MIX 2S also counted the very hot AR function nowadays, and this millet is also the first batch of manufacturers to cooperate with Google ARCore platform. Millet MIX 2S is one of the first Android phones that use ARCore.


When trying out the AR game The Machines, the overall fluency of the game is very high, but the fuselage fever is very obvious. It is necessary for subsequent training to get better and longer game results.

Xiaomi's MIX generation, which proved Xiaomi's innovative ability, became the beginning of Xiaomi's counter-attack that year, while Xiaomi's MIX 2 really accepted the market and users.


So, when we talk about the millet MIX series, it may be worth more than the product itself.


To be sure, back to the product itself, facing the MIX 2 S, without the first Xiaomi MIX generation of surprise.



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