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Ali: Build blockchain rental platform, Alipay red packets reward low-carbon behavior

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A blockchain technology-based housing rental management platform, listed property information, landlord tenant identity information, housing lease contract information, etc., will be verified by multiple parties and must not be tampered with. This is expected to solve the core of the renting scene "real people, real house, real residence" problem.

In February this year, this blockchain rental application platform was launched in the Xiong'an New District. It is reported that this is the first case in which China applied blockchain technology to the rental sector.

According to Alibaba, one of the builders participating in the blockchain rental platform mentioned above, the housing is the foundation for the public in Xiong'an New District. The integrity system is the basis for setting up the city in Xiong'an New District. "The blockchain +" is The core innovation and technology will be the “good, good, beautiful” escort for the housing rental market.

Recently, the Hebei Provincial Government issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Industrial Transformation and Upgrading and Building a Modern Industrial System," and proposed to build a core area for the development of high-end high-tech industries in Xiong'an New District. It mentioned that we must actively cultivate and develop future industries such as blockchains and quantum communications.

Ali plans to work with Xiong to create a future smart city that uses cloud computing as the infrastructure and the Internet of Things as an urban neural network.

Blockchain rental logic

Xiong'an's 1+1+1” house leasing management platform model is mainly composed of three major sub-platforms, including rental leasing management platform, integrity credit system, blockchain unified platform. Among them, the blockchain rental application platform is not a public platform for everyone to log in, but as an internal management platform.

Why introduce blockchain technology?

Alibaba people told Xinhua News that ensuring the authenticity, credibility, and transparency of the data on house leasing is the key and core of digital governance. How to build a fair, equitable, transparent, and friendly leasing service platform is a matter for them to think about. .

Ali hopes that the platform will use innovative technologies to provide Xi'an citizens with convenient, credible and comfortable housing rental services, can promote the settlement of the population in the Xiong'an New District, improve social stability, enhance the credibility of the Xiong'an New District government, and increase administrative efficiency. And the level of service, and ultimately feedback the city of Xiong'an New District digital governance.

According to the Beijing Youth Daily, China Construction Bank, Chain Home, Ant Financial Services and other organizations participated in the construction of this rental mode. Among them, Ant Financial Services is a provider of core blockchain technology, and Chain Home and CCB provide services such as listing leasing information.

According to public information, as early as October 2017, Peng Yijie, VP of Ant Financial, once went to Xiongan to report on the blockchain construction plan. Peng Yijie said at the time that Xiong'an New District would be the best city for creating blockchains in the future. After the news of the strategic cooperation between Alibaba, Ant Financial and Xiong'an New District, it was also explicitly mentioned that both parties will build the digital Xiongan blockchain infrastructure platform, and they are expected to take the lead in water testing in the rental scene. Scenes such as supermarkets and credit libraries will also be launched one by one.

One participant said: "We only spent less than 4 months from the time we reported on the application to the application. ”

Ma Yun: Ali to Xiong'an is not doing business. It is necessary to help build the future city benchmark.

In Rongcheng County, Xiong'an New District, there are two inconspicuous hotels in the west from the temporary office of the New District Management Committee. On the upstairs side of the podium, a new "Alibaba Group" sign was hung. In the eyes of Alibaba Group insiders, here is Ali's "Lakeside Garden" in Xiong'an New District.

Since the establishment of the Xiong'an New District in April 2017, executives of Alibaba and Ant Financial have been negotiating with senior executives of the Xiong'an New District five times.

On November 8, 2017, Alibaba Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Administrative Committee of Hebei Xiong'an New District, becoming the first company to sign a strategic cooperation agreement after the 19th National Party Congress. At the same time, Ali announced that the three subsidiaries had completed their registration in Xiong'an, namely Alibaba Xiong'an Technology Co., Ltd., Ant Financial Xiong'an Digital Technology Co., Ltd., and Cainiao Xiong'an Network Technology Co., Ltd., with a total registered capital of 160 million yuan.

Ma Yun, Chairman of Alibaba's Board of Directors, said on the same day: “The starting point of Alibaba.com is not to do business with Xiong'an, but to use the most advanced technology and innovation resources to build the Xiong'an New District into benchmarks for future cities and Chinese samples. ”

Ma Yun said that Alibaba has the privilege to participate in the construction of the Xiong'an New District, not only as a result of Alibaba's efforts, but also because of the opportunities brought by the country's development and the Internet era. Xiong'an New District is a “million-year plan and national event”. This is a city that creates the future and represents the development trend of the city in the 21st century.

Carbon emission reductions can be traded

After the establishment of the Xiong'an New District, the first large-scale construction project, the Xiong'an Civic Service Center, completed the main structure of the project a few days ago, which is 2-3 times faster than the construction of the same-size project. In the future, this project, with a total investment of RMB 800 million and a building area of ​​over 100,000 square meters, will take on various functions such as administrative services, planning and display, and corporate offices in the New District.

According to Ali's introduction, the Xi'an New District Civic Center (Government Hall) Smart Park is a microcosm, with digital leading planning, data enablement, smart city operations, and honest social governance. At the basic level, it promotes the construction of the Internet of Things, Xiongan Cloud and block data.

According to the briefing, "Future Xiong'an Internet of Things Platform" will land at the Civic Center and connect people, vehicles, buildings, and sensors to collect real-time data from campuses. This will enable the park to connect 500,000 yuan to the city's billion-dollar devices. Expand and build a civic center digital online campus to achieve the "neverything of the Internet of Things" in the city's epitome of the future.

The entire park has 20,000 sensors, data collection points, connected to the Internet of Things, and more cross-regional office. The Internet of Things allows Xiong'an Smart Campus to embody the future of all things "data-based," and it can be said that China's leading digital office environment.

In smart parks, intelligent visitor scenarios will be constructed to provide cloud-based office intelligence applications such as cloud printing, cloud projection, cloud sharing, and cloud-based OA, as well as intelligent recording, face recognition, AI navigation, and non-inductive parking. Applications, and data intelligence applications such as video analytics, intelligent environmental control, predictive maintenance, and robot delivery.

Among them, robot delivery will be based on AI robots and intelligent control technology, explore new operating models to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and create the country's first unmanned distribution demonstration area.

Ali also hopes to help Xiongan create a green life. For example, all the carbon emission reductions caused by low-carbon behaviors are traded in the carbon market. Enterprises above the designated size are encouraged to stimulate individual and household carbon emission reductions, and can be accurately distributed to individuals (real-name users) through Alipay red envelopes; through carbon accounts. The points are used to motivate the low-carbon behavior of the users; the carbon reductions generated by the low-carbon behavior, after entering the carbon market, can be accessed by the ant forest to participate in various environmental public welfare undertakings of the ant forest.

Built“ Online & rdquo; City

Alibaba hopes to help build Xi'an New District into an “online” city.

According to the vision of Alibaba, at the level of cloud computing infrastructure, we will combine data thinking and Alibaba's computing capabilities to promote the “Digital Xi'an” project construction to provide cloud computing infrastructure for future smart cities, scientific and technological financial innovations, etc. Promote innovative services in the fields of health, social security, energy, environmental protection and other aspects of livelihood and social governance.

The Internet of Things technology will enable real-time online of urban components and activities in Xiong'an New District to build a “neural network” for transportation, energy, and water supply infrastructure. Through the perfect three-dimensional perception network in the city, we can realize the perception of male security, help the digital industry such as smart life, autopilot, and urban operations.

"The brain of the city" will become the artificial intelligence hub of the entire city. The cooperation will advance Xiong'an's "brain brain" construction by connecting the "neural networks" of the city's people's livelihood infrastructure such as transportation, energy, and water supply to the ET city brain to allow cities to self-regulate and interact with humans. Good interaction.

At present, the city's brain has been applied in many cities such as Hangzhou, through artificial intelligence technology to optimize urban public resources, reduce traffic congestion, allowing cities to consume less water, electricity and coal.

In addition, Alibaba will also build a Xiong'an block data platform to support the digital twin cities as the guiding ideology and build Xi'an City Digital Infrastructure-block data platform.

"Can be understood as the construction of two cities. From a physical world city, it is precisely mapped to a digital world city. The city of numbers is in turn intelligently optimizing the city of physics." Finally, it will realize the digitization and virtualization of urban total factors, the real-time response of urban states, the visualization of cities, the integration of urban data, and the application of smart scenes. "Ali said that the introduction.

At present, Alibaba is working with the China Academy of Sciences to use the block data cloud platform and spatial geographic information technology to cut the gap between the big data model and the artificial intelligence algorithm. Through big data-aided planning, real-time record the construction process of the new district, realize multi-dimensional planning, holographic overall planning, and optimize the planning process to ensure the "rigid management and control" and "elquo; flexible development" of the planning.

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