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Does Windows Media Player still have any significance?

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Today, many music lovers still regard WMP as a local music player and management artifact, but the fate of WMP seems to have changed.

The impression that Apple has left for everyone is that it is fashionable and dynamic.iPodApple once made this technology company cross-border to the entertainment industry. In fact, Microsoft has also worked hard in these areas. WMP first appeared in Windows 3.1 in 1992. In 2000, Microsoft added streaming media functionality to WMP. In 2001, Microsoft pre-installed WMP8 in Windows XP.

This is an important node. Prior to this, WMP was built into the Windows system as a player, plus its own performance and experience are good, has been widely recognized by users. And at the time Microsoft also launched a special soundvideoFormats WMA and WMV, trying to establish multimedia standards, are in opposition to Apple.

With the rapid development of the Internet, more and more pirated audio and video have emerged, followed by the rise of relevant standards, and companies that possess these standards have corresponding patents. Microsoft, as a strong, top-notch company, can't make patent infringements. Therefore, WMP can support fewer and fewer formats, and users are losing.

When Windows 7 was released, the WMP version had been updated to 12, and no major update was ever made. Even the latest Windows 10 system has a built-in WMP version of 12. From Windows 7, WMP has embarked on a declining path.

WMP caught patent by patent

WMP's biggest passive is patents. Since the built-in decoder can only play a certain number of formats, in the era of rmvb popular, WMP is very disadvantageous. Until now, WMP wanted to play rmvb format video, must install the corresponding decoder, very inconvenient to use.

It can be said that WMP was patented to catch the throat. As a player included in the operating system, WMP can completely take the path of IE and become the most popular player in the world. The most important is that WMP is different from IE. WMP is not weaker than the mainstream player at that time in terms of functions and performance. Do you remember super tyrants playing the same video? WMP occupies less resources than Super tyrants.

In terms of video, WMP encountered a very big obstacle. In fact, this situation also appears in Apple's iTunes, it is difficult to avoid. In the audio field, WMP has been favored by a group of people.

If a product does not work well, then gradually exit the market is a normal thing, but WMP is not the same. If you simply regard WMP as an audio management and playback software, WMP has no rival. Many music lovers regard WMP as the best audio management software.

Due to the relatively small number of patents in audio and the relatively simple format, WMP, as a local player, is linked with Windows and forms an advantage that other players cannot match. Whether you like to listen to CDs or listen to downloaded, lossless music, WMP has a good performance.

WMP has powerful media library management capabilities, but also can seamlessly interface with the Windows system library. An important reason for the popularity of iTunes is to abandon the folder concept. This idea has continued until the iPod.iPhoneAnd iPad. WMP also uses a library that discards the concept of folders and has a clear advantage in organizing music.

At the same time, WMP still maintains the management of folders, which is convenient for some users to organize. If you like to listen to music online, or download less songs, you may not appreciate the advantages of WMP. But if your number of songs exceeds an order of magnitude, WMP will be the best choice. This is why many people have forgotten WMP, but people who like WMP are reluctant to leave.

Microsoft has not gone smoothly on the road to multimedia. WMP is just a microcosm of it. In Windows 7 era, Windows Media Center (hereinafter referred to as WMC) is also integrated with WMP. WMC is not a new concept, but a large collection of Microsoft's WMP and other multimedia software that originally existed. You can listen to songs, watch movies, watch photos, burn DVDs, watch TV, and even play games such as minesweeping and playing cards through WMC.

WMC is an important measure for Microsoft's in-depth user entertainment, but we can see from Microsoft's hesitation in this regard. The WMC has too much ambition, but it has not completely let go. In foreign countries, WMC allows users to watch TV programs directly by installing corresponding hardware. In order to replace the TV, it even allows users to use the remote control. However, WMC only appeared in several versions of Windows 7 Home Premium, and it was impossible for all users to experience the fun.

The reasons for Microsoft's hesitation are simple. It just wants to compete with the best products of the moment, but it hasn't thought about how to win the market more innovatively, which is why Microsoft is always slow in many aspects. Similar to Zune. As a product that directly challenges the iPod, Microsoft also has high hopes for Zune. Zune was released in 2006 and is a very good portable media player. And Microsoft also developed the exact same software that can be installed directly on Windows.

Microsoft's intentions have been very obvious, Zune hardware benchmarking iPod, Zune software benchmarking iTunes, but the Zune release time is too late. At this point the iPod has already won the market, gradually evolved from innovation to stabilize the current market, one of the important performance is the iPod has not changed in function, but only in terms of color, style, size and other aspects. One year after the Zune was released, the iPhone went on stage and the market ushered in the era of smart phones. It can be said that Zune is also a catch-up product. It is a product that is forced to appear under the development of the market. The opposite is the iPod, which created the market, created demand, and became a classic.

From WMP to Zune to WMC, we can see Microsoft's footprint on the road to multimedia. These trails are erratic, erratic, and shallow. Microsoft's achievements in the operating system are excellent, but it is difficult for Microsoft to make Windows the only multimedia entertainment tool for users. What flows in Microsoft's blood is logic, not intuition. Microsoft has too much hesitancy and uncertainty in multimedia to gain insight and create demand. It can be said that Microsoft is a good programmer, but not a qualified product manager.

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