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Millet Henan was sacked, 40 employees were 80% unemployed, the company said normal adjustment of undisbanded team

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According to recent news, according to AI Finance News, Xiaomi dismissed a marketing team with more than 40 employees located in Henan on March 30. About 80% of the employees were dismissed, including some employees who just submitted applications for correction. . Xiaomi responded by saying: It is a normal job adjustment.

Article Source: AI Financial Club

Author: Liu Jing, Chen Fang

Millet broke news of layoffs.

On April 3, AI Finance Co. learned from multiple sources that Xiaomi dissolved a marketing team in Henan on March 30. About 80% of its 40 employees were dismissed, including Some of the employees who just submitted the correct application.

Xiaomi said on the same day that this was a normal job adjustment, the Henan team had not been disbanded, and the dismissed person had failed to meet the company's requirements and did not meet the correct criteria.

To open a monthly meeting and receive a resignation agreement

At 5 pm on March 29, 2018, Han Qi (a pseudonym) who was working received a work notice from the supervisor of the millet department and asked a number of employees including him to rush to the Zhengzhou office on March 30 to meet. The theme of the conference is "Monthly Conference and Talent Inventory." Han Qi told AI Finance, the e-mail asked employees in various regions of Henan: "The city without high-speed rail can arrive in Zhengzhou tonight, and other people will arrive in Zhengzhou before 10:00." For the 30th meeting, "a lot of people also deliberately went back to work clothes," Han Qi recalled. But waiting for them is not a simple "monthly meeting." ”


(Notice screenshots, from respondents)

What Han Qi did not think was that after the 30th arrived in Zhengzhou, they were called into the office respectively and signed a "departure agreement". The agreement gave each of them a compensation amount, "everyone is not the same There are more than 3,000 and more than 2,000. After the agreement was signed, Han Qi fell into the ranks of the unemployed.

According to several resigned employees, they signed a three-year labor contract with Xiaomi around October 2017, and the contract between the two parties will be terminated in 2020. I did not think that on March 30, 2018, more than 30 of the more than 40 employees received a letter of dismissal from Xiaomi. According to another resigned employee, Lin Quan (a pseudonym), the remaining dozen employees will be placed on the second batch of dismissal. The current dismissal message has not yet arrived.

According to reports, the establishment of this team is related to Xiaomi’s offline channel layout in Henan.

As early as the second half of 2016, Xiaomi began to lay out offline sales channels. The existing Xiaomi House, Xiaomi Authorized Store and Xiaomi Shop cover a comprehensive sales network from the city to the county to the township community. In September 2017, Xiaomi established a team of supervisors in Henan. Its main function is equivalent to offline agency and grid management of sales operations. According to the employees' introduction, Xiaomi recruited more than 40 employees in three batches and recruitment activities continued until the end of October 2017.

"In the beginning of the Henan General Assembly war, all the people who heard the news rushed to join the Xiaomi team. The half-year positive date was retired before the result was turned. As one of the dismissed employees, Yuan Lin (a pseudonym) recalled the situation at the time and was still stunned.

Lin Quan told AI Financial Services that according to the half-year trial contract, he signed the contract at the end of October 2017, and he could have been transferred to a regular employee on April 29, 2018. “The correct application was submitted, and the letter was dismissed. coming. "He received more than 3,000 yuan in compensation," according to my 60% monthly salary of more than 5000 yuan, plus some other, almost calculated.

Such a low compensation rate and such a quick dismissal rate can not help but speak loudly. "At that time, the heads were all rampant, and the leaders let them sign. After the signing, they were closed. We didn't have an agreement," Han Qi said.

According to Lin Quan, the person in charge gave some promises at the time and stated that in the next recruitment, the retired employees would be given priority. However, the promise was only made verbally and there was no text.

On April 3rd, some employees who were retired from the team under the headline of Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s chairman, reported that “dumping their own employees and disbanding the Henan team on the spot, what do they think?” "The brothers and sisters who were still fighting for your cause yesterday received a paper dismissal and considered the feelings of so many people." ”

Millet says normal work flow

For the decision to dissolve the team overnight, on April 3, Xiaomi officially released an exclusive response to the AI ​​Financial Club, saying that this is just a normal workflow.

According to Xiaomi, last year, the company carried out deep plowing on the Henan market, so in Henan, it divided the grid supervisors to perform normal business operations. After evaluation, some employees passed the probation period and they have been positive. However, some employees who did not meet the requirements did not meet the correct requirements. The company thanked them for their efforts and provided compensation.

Xiaomi also denied understanding the dispersal Henan team's claims, saying that the Henan team has not only not been disbanded, but also has a larger team than before last year. The market penetration in Henan is also deeper and wider than it was before last year.

Zhou Dao, a lawyer at Beijing Daosheng Law Firm, believes that if the two parties have signed a separation agreement and reached an agreement, the chances of the laborers completely rethinking through labor arbitration are very slim. At present, they have already missed the best opportunity.

A number of dismissed employees stated that they have not yet determined whether they should continue to seek compensation from Xiaomi or continue their duty. "Let's calm down before you say it." Yuan Lin said.

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