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After the death, how about your QQ WeChat Taobao Alipay online game account?

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Every day, we are using QQ, WeChat and other instant tools to communicate with friends. We use e-mails to handle work. In our leisure time, we share knowledge and feelings with other people. We share words, pictures, and videos on Weibo and Shakespeare. Good moments; in the game, you'll be able to get to know you; when you go out, take a taxi, order food, pay for money, and the Internet has already penetrated deeply into people's hearts, through various software tools to penetrate all aspects of our lives.

However, just after the Ching Ming Festival, we have to throw a tricky question: When we leave the world, where will these virtual digital assets go? Can it be inherited by later generations?

Digital property assets on the Internet refer to the types of property assets that are presented in a digital form independently in the network. In other words, like QQ, WeChat, Weibo account, Alipay, online stores, online game accounts, equipment, and your text, pictures, audio and video, etc. posted on the Internet are all digital property assets on the Internet.

Different from the human brain, memory will disappear with the passage of time. On the Internet, no matter what you have done or left, these traces will not disappear.

I believe most people did not think about accidentally dying when they first registered these online accounts. These records describe the digital heritage that we have existed. Therefore, when interviewing this issue on the street of reporters, people's answers were varied.

the masses: If I would like to, inheritance is a normal thing.

the masses: Give it to my family. Someone has passed on my memory.

the masses: After all, this is part of life. It is not as important as tangible property. Cancel it and it is worthless.

the masses: If the son or grandson changes the QQ signature, it is also very interesting. Because the new thing has developed to a certain vintage, I think it will have its cultural heritage.

The law does not specify

Well, ordinary people did not think too much about this issue. Does the legal profession have an answer to this? The reporter interviewed several lawyers and did not get a definitive answer.

lawyer: In the legal sense, only the legally owned property of a citizen can be inherited as an inheritance. QQ itself is not a property legally owned by a citizen. Citizens do not enjoy ownership of QQ, so it does not belong to the scope of inheritance and inheritance.

lawyer: Through your intellectual activities, in the network platform, there are some rights and interests that are of a property nature. This part of the property that I believe is personal and lawful should be inheritable.

lawyer: Our country’s “Inheritance Law” stipulates that heritage includes many types. In addition to cash assets, other commemorative properties such as photographs and blog copyrights belong to the estate. Now our country has no clear rules about photos on the Internet, such as blogs and photos in QQ.

Some countries have companies dealing with digital heritage

In countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Switzerland, there are currently specialized companies that help people deal with digital heritage. In 2013, Google first started supporting users to select digital inheritors, calling such heirs “inactive account managers”.

There are precedents for the inheritance of game accounts. In May 2017, Blizzard, a world-famous game company, announced a new policy: When a player dies, account ownership can be inherited. In China, due to the complexity of inheritance issues of network virtual products,There is currently no systematic legislation on the inheritance of digital property.

Some network platforms in China have related operations

So how will these service-provided network platforms treat this problem? The reporter dialed an e-commerce platform customer service phone and received such a reply.

E-commerce customer service: You say that inheritance is similar to transfer. This is not easy to operate. Because it was previously certified by real name. But if it is a death, this can be reported, but there is no guarantee.

The reporter noted that in 2013, Taobao has announced the launch of Taobao Store's "Divorce Transfer" and "inherited transfer" rule.

For the inherited account assets, Alipay and WeChat officials have specifically answered this question. Alipay said, "Heir people only need to call the customer service, according to the guidelines to prepare relevant certificates to the Alipay operator, you can remove the deceased's money. "Wechat operation is basically the same.

Lawyer: It is an inevitable trend to develop relevant rules in time on the Internet platform.

In the General Principles of Civil Law of the People's Republic of China passed in March 2017, “web virtual property” was officially written as a civil right, which means that Q coins, online games, and account numbers have all been included in the scope of legal protection. It lays the legal foundation for people to enjoy the ownership of network virtual property.

But Fang Zhengyu, a lawyer of Shanghai New Mai Law Firm, said:The online platform for providing services must first formulate relevant rules in a timely manner. This is an inevitable trend..

Fang Zhengyu Lawyer: Our current legal progress must be lagging behind the pace of Internet development. When something new emerges and needs to be discussed and defined legally, including legislation and procedures, it may become obsolete when it is regulated in reality. In this regard, the most able to keep up with the pulse of the times is that these Internet giants must be the ones who understand business attributes best. It is necessary to formulate a series of rules in accordance with the continuous development of the society. It can play a role in cyberspace and also protect the order of the entire network and even the real economy.

Fang Zhengyu also suggested that individuals do not evade their digital assets, and arrange them as soon as possible.

Fang Zhengyu Lawyer: I think the personal consciousness still exists. You have a widow. The related records are sent to a certain organization. After your death, your heirs can get these related information and they will further process it. Then we hope that more internet companies can provide The option to delete or destroy all data if you say you are dead. On the one hand, there is a big guide on a macro level. On the other hand, it also allows more members of the public to form this awareness. It is to know what is on the network and how to handle it. It is actually a question that should be considered.

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